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Hello and Welcome! My name is Jeff. I live in SW Idaho USA. Though I have a moderate amount of experience making photographs, I hope to improve my skills through this web-site as well as enjoy the photographs posted by the other members of this site. I have been a member for enough time now to have really come to appreciate the eye's of others, the skill exhibited in making whatever equipment the photographers have, work and most very often the ability shown to capture the "moment", whatever the subject. It's said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is true, but I believe that it takes a certain ability as well to see the beauty that is there already. : ) I seek to also improve my own eye for beauty. JCA
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  • Steeplechase

    Wow look at them go!!! GREAT Shot JCA
    • 13 Mar 2018 7:17AM
  • Callanish Standing Stones

    Hello James Grant! Thank you for the photo of the standing stones. Fantastic is all I can say! I, myself, have never seen some in person and regretfully, probably never will, so, photographs like this one mean a lot to me. As the photograph goes, you nailed it1 Composition and execution are perfect to my eye. Simply, beautiful. JCA
    • 23 Feb 2018 2:20PM
  • First Dance

    Hello TonyD3! Who are you kidding? Even if you're "just" getting past being a beginner, I don't understand your desire to "hang-up" the lens! Your photographs are outrageously excellent, all through your portfolio! Though it may have taken you 100 times as many "duds" to get the excellent ones in your collection of photos, I dare say that most photographers would "gladly expire" to have made even a fraction of the photographs you show in your portfolio, in thier entire lifetime! I would. : ) JCA
    • 23 Feb 2018 1:57PM
  • Hutch

    Hello Mr. KingArthur! I like this photo, Excellent! I'm envious of your skill. JCA
    • 21 Feb 2018 6:21PM
  • Frozen

    Hello Deavilin! Pretty cool photograph and artwork! : ) JCA
    • 20 Feb 2018 2:05PM
  • ***

    Hello Shibram, I LIKE this photograph! What a fantastic example of a great monochrome image... Especially considering the lighting you must have been working with! I am impressed, and envious of your work. JCA
    • 20 Feb 2018 2:01PM
  • My cat benny showing off

    Hello Danielle! Great pose! We're especially fond of cats at our house! How about some extra pats for Benny?! JCA
    • 17 Feb 2018 10:19PM
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  • Dear Lady Newbury, I've perused some of the photo's in your gallery and it's very very evident that your photo's are crafted with love and attention to detail! Keywords, "love" of the craft and attention to "detail" which you have an incredible talent for portraying! Thank you for sharing these photo's and please keep up the good work!