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A quick view of jason_e's recent activity.

  • Aaaah Bisto!

    • 5 Oct 2014 10:41AM
  • Short Eared Owl

    Pleased to be vote number 30Smile
    • 10 Sep 2014 4:01PM
  • Beyond

    Excellent shot great lighting, well captured.
    • 9 Sep 2014 3:22PM
  • Wells Cathedral2

    You are probably right, its a long time since I took these shots and probably did'n't use spot focus.
    I use the Fred Miranda plugin to resize to 1400by1050 and is usually really good although it doesn't work on 64 bit.
    Will have a bit more time tomorrow so will spend some time on it and see if I can get it right, (just on my way out at the moment)
    Thanks for all your help, and I will get back to you if I need any more, if that's OK

    • 26 Aug 2014 6:31PM
  • Sunny Flypast

    Just the right amount of blur on the wings, Brilliant!!
    • 26 Aug 2014 4:16PM
  • Guitar Man

    Nice mono capture.
    • 26 Aug 2014 4:13PM
  • swallowtail & swallowtail

    Both first class shots.
    • 26 Aug 2014 4:11PM
  • Wonderful processing as usual or do you actually live in a cave!!!!
    • Posted on cattyal's profile
    • 15 Jan 2011 6:03PM