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Hello to all, Thanks for stopping by to look at my work.Please take some time to comment.Good or bad all comments are welcome.

Married with two young children,purchased a canon 350D in 2005 to get back into photography after a 20 year absence.

Sept 2006.It's been a year now since I picked up a camera again.Just upgraded to the 5D & changed my two EF-S lenses for a 100mm macro & 17-40mm L.I think my 28-135mm might be sold soon for another L-lens but I'll stick with it for now.
I'm still on a big learning curve at the moment,with the help of you guy's & lots of mag's to read,(no not that type of mag)I might start to see that light at the end of the tunnel.

A great site with great people, it's a pleasure to be onboard.


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