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A big hello to all my friends and fellow members and thanks for taking the time to visit my ePz portfolio.
Photography has been my passion for the last 13 years or so and there have been many times when it has kept me sane and during that time I have been lucky enough to work with some great models many of whom are represented in my postings
With over 500 pictures now displayed in my portfolio I hope you can all see that I'm happy to work in many locations, including outdoor (my favourite), my own and friends studios, commercial studios and models homes. However I'm sure that many of you have realised by now that my first love is working with the female nude and of late I have been very lucky to work with some models who are happy to shoot erotic nudes. I feel adaptability is one of my strengths and when visiting a new studio or location I believe I can quickly size up the photographic possibilities and make the best of them

Also a very big thanks to all those members that take the time to, leave comments or vote on my photos, it is very much appreciated and all comments good or bad are read and digested.

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After 30 years of working in Civil Engineering all across the UK, I find that now, due to the current economic climate, I am in the position of being a youngish retiree based in SE England. Photography is my passion not my business and as such I get to pick and choose who I work with. I specialise in new model development and love to see the positive effects of taking a brand new model from their first shoot through the learning process of modelling and seeing their confidence grow and preparing them for the dog eat dog world of modelling.

I started photography using film around 25 years ago but became frustrated with waiting for the results to be processed. So when the first digital point and shoot cameras came along I soon bought one and although the quality was not good I loved the instant results and since then have owned a succession of cameras. My first digital SLR was a Canon 350D and have purchased a succession of Canon digital SLR cameras (and numerous lenses of course) since then, so that now I use the brilliant 5D MkII and see no reason to consider moving up to the 1D

My Main camera is a Canon EOS 5D MkII usually coupled with my favourite lens a Canon EF24-105mm 1:4L. I also have a Canon 40D for backup

I am also experienced at using Photoshop CS3 and I am now getting to grips with Adobe Lightroom and all my photos displayed here have to some greater or lesser extent been processed through this software.


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