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A quick view of Jaye's recent activity.

  • 11.45

    Hi Mark

    I haven't been in for ages and so nice to see you have posted when I checked in tonight. Hope you are well all is good with me

    • 10 Feb 2010 8:39AM
  • Port Douglas

    Lovely lighting Walter colouring gives it a very serene feeling. Jaye
    Popped in to see the holiday snap of us
    • 8 Aug 2009 2:59PM
  • Bangkok Street Vendors

    Good cross section Alan see you have "my friend" at No 4 .. I have so many of him he fascinated me so "butch" but happily working with his orchids. Often see him as he comes around on my screen savers along with all the other colourful sights of Bangkok incl. Trish laughing at the so called guinea pigs that turned out to be rabbits.. Enjoy your next trip wish I was coming too. Judith
    • 2 Dec 2008 3:13AM
  • Rama VIII Bridge, Bangkok

    Good photography Alan bought back memories..

    • 18 Nov 2008 2:46AM
  • Between 2 worlds

    Fabulous shot fantastic split second timing. large version is great.. Judith
    • 4 Aug 2008 1:29PM
  • Our Akha Friend

    Recognised her straight away Alan you "captured" her well...Judith
    • 29 Mar 2008 8:26AM
  • Looking for Lizards

    Great shot Neil....Judith
    • 11 Feb 2007 9:59AM
  • Susie just found your beautiful photos as an ex Tasmanian living in Queensland it has bought back a lot of memories..Just for interest where was Cliff Walk taken..Its a wonderful shot..As we know Tasy has magnificent scenery harder up here, scenery is not as diverse as out beautiful island..Jaye
    • Posted on rosie42's profile
    • 24 Jan 2006 1:47AM
  • P.S I was pleased to be the one to give you the 30 hope I can make that one day.
  • Hi Anne

    Thanks for your generous comments and advice your photos are truly beautiful
  • P.S Where is Roches Beach I thought I knew all the spots in Tasy is it down Hobart way??? Looks quite East Coast tho.
    • Posted on rosie42's profile
    • 24 Jan 2006 1:57AM
  • Thanks for stopping by and commenting and telling me where Rocha beach is...I lived in Launceston for 22 yrs. and toured Tasy extensively..Will keep your portfiollo in my favorites so I can have a regualar nostalgic "fix" . Judith
    • Posted on rosie42's profile
    • 26 Jan 2006 2:47AM
  • Hi Mavis Thanks for looking at my portfolio and commenting yours is truly beautiful so many wonderful photos..The photo you wondered about of the two children holding hands was taken a year ago for my Grand daughters 1st birthday..My daughter wanted an "old time" look so between us we came up with the outfit etc. I have more taken on that day which I will post at some stage..I have a close one of the little girl which is a crop of the larger portrait of her which is on my site..Thank you for your interest I am adding your portfolio to my favorites
    • Posted on Mavis's profile
    • 28 Jan 2006 5:10AM