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  • Yes I know the photographer still retains the copyright. I am wondering how photographers feel about this using or stealing, one of the people that shot back used the "the internet is public if you don't want folk to see your images don't post them online" also stated that "if its in public view it is fair game to take the image". If that is true then if i walk along the street in PUBLIC is it fair game to say take someones car cause like joe public thinks online is ok to use it cause it is public surely therefore on the public street should be fair game to?
  • Morning all here is a question id like to put to you all and get your reactions and comments. I have wondered why do you post photos online? I had a wee spat with some people last night on faceache who TOOK or in my words stole another photographers image and said it was ok cause it was online therefore ok to use it without giving him credit. Do you agree with that or do you like me think that they are out of order?
    Some of them think that cause it is online it is free to use any image cause "the internet is public if you don't want folk to see your images don't post them online". This got me thinking and if that is true why do photographers use fliker, facebook, picassa and yes even Ephotozine or even have there very own websites. I'd like to know how you all feel about it and what you think the non photographers think is acceptable to use (or steal) cause it is in public view?
  • Check out [][/link] get it at the best and cheapest price. hope this helps you and happy shopping you lucky person you Grin
  • Okay folk, a quick update. Went and bought a new camera canon 650d. Cashback and a freebie from calumet photography. Will hold out till next year before getting a 7D or the 7D mkii.
  • Last few hours to grab one of the lightpainters superb light tools
  • Good question and the simple answer is NO, it is a lightwand that gives out R,G,B light mixing them together to produce 7 different light colours. What you are showing is a LED programable thing with many LED's in it
  • Still up for auction
  • For all you light painters out there I have a superb LED Lenser V24 light wand for sale on ebay. This is a must have for any lightpainter to have in there arsenal of lights. LED Lenser V24
  • Very true Monster very true
  • Yea I noted that also but The price drop of the 7d was what got me interested in going for it. I know it is a superb HD video machine (mate has one and he rents it out for HD video work)
  • Hey all, so as the topic states What camera should I go for? Right now I am doing lightpainting and loving it so mostly night photography and I am wondering right now to buy or wait. I have a 800 budget but can be pushed up a little right now or build on it until next year. I have it down to 3 cameras. Do I go for the 7d body only and keep using my lenses that i have, do I buy a 650d with two lenses in a kit. Or do I hold off for a bit and keep adding money to the pot until the new 70d is out sometime next year. I have been doing my research and the 650d is great for video and the new DIGIC 5 processor, low image noise & I can get a lens or two with the price.
    The 7d is one I have loved for ages and it would be the one if it was not for the fact it is now 2 years old and looks to have been over taken by the 650d with its faster DIGIC 5 processor, sliding picture view and touch screen. The same stuff is reportedly being rolled out in the 70d. So what do you all think 650d with lenses 7d body only or wait for the 70d? Opps also forgot I have been checking the prices on this site
  • Okay just read this and had to check the date nope not april the 1st. Ok J012 here goes the 650d is an ok beginners camera to get into digital photography, it gives good work rate and will not let you down, the only thing that may let you do is the squishy thing behind the back of the viewfinder. What ourdayphotos might have been trying to point out is you have asked a question that leaves you open to ridicule and satire.
    Lets look at it in a more direct approach:
    1. what experience do you have?
    2. what lighting set up will you use?
    3. what pricing have you got in mind for weddings, portraits etc?
    4. do you have a portfolio?
    5. do you have a shop/studio?
    6. do you have insurance both for damaged to your equipment and public liability?
    7. do you have back up equipment if your main equipment fails when at a wedding or outdoor event?
    once you have answered all those questions then maybe you can ask about an entry level camera to start a business.
    Personally 3 years at college and an HND in photography and digital imaging later, I know I would struggle running my own business and I know the cameras to use and the equipment etc to get me from one job to the next. But If you can make it with a 650d and a lot of luck go for it. Once you make it big come back and rub our faces in it until then I for one would say look at youtube for photographers videos on equipment etc before you dive in feet first on a job you may not be suitable to do.
  • Agree with THEWILLIAM, That's one reason I now watermark all my images with a copyright logo not to big but so folk know. I learned the hard way and well epz & Pete were very helpful in giving me advice. The old saying is true once bitten twice shy.

    The fact that Braehead has CCTV all around the place. What makes me laugh is the fact the image would have been seen by him and a few of his friends on his facebook but now its gone GLOBAL and ther PR at Braehead has gone to pot
  • I never enter it despite having a HND in photography and digital imaging. I feel having a qualification in something makes you sort of semi pro if not pro. I will now however be entering the comp next year cause I am unemployed and not making any money from my photography. I just thought i would throw my 2p into the forum. Also I like the fox and weasel pics, the haystacks are a no no for me and NielM's ladybird has me confused now I did like it as they showed it but now seeing it as Neil wanted it shown it has swayed my idea. Sorry Neil if your reading this
  • Thank you for once I Agree with everything you have said, your letter so right also. The landscape on the west coast of scotland can change from one county to another and as you have stated it is not right to advertise a county by county comp and then change it to county & county in England and leaving the last three countries as one single area. Do they not know the landscape of the UK?

    Let us know how you get on with this please
  • Like BFGSTEW says I think the site migration is giving them some headaches so don't think its been as easy as they hoped to migrate the new stuff over.
  • First time I have heard of this, did once go into a kick photo shop and heard the woman behind the counter say that the copyright was only for pro photographers work and she could copy some school photos without any hassle. After almost wetting myself with laughter I put her and the customer right.

  • Quote:I wish he'd hurry up and win Wimbledon for England

    LOL thanks for that
  • BBC speak...
    Scots win = British; Scots lose = Scottish
    English win = English; English lose = British.
  • I see good old unbiased commentating aint dead. Andy Murray today before he hit a single ball was BRITISH and now after losing he is Scottish again thanks BBC thats BBC spelt ENGLISH Broadcasting Corporation. I bet come the USA teniss he will be British there till hes beat to. Come on BBC get a grip

  • Quote:Dont disgree with this I think he has been a credit to himself, football and the country -- more than one can say about some other awards. Colin

    Ah the English the short term memory loss nation, what happened when you all wanted to kill him for tripping up the Argentine footballer and lost you the world cup despite the fact you were no where near the final game.Wink
  • Not the smartest robbers are they? after all they got caught is 1st point 2nd piont is they stole Nikon crap why not get some good gear like Canon LOLTongue
  • clever, very clever
  • Hey Gary, just read your message. I used to have a Tamrac 5549 adventure 9 backpack, Like you say it soon fills up with items. I bought just after xmas last year a new Tamrac 5587 expedition 7x backpack. It has more space more pockets and best of all i think a centre space for your tripod. Used it up in Glencoe a few times and it sits perfect and has a waist belt for extra comfort when walking with it. If your sure that you need a bigger bag then this may be the one for you. i have 2 camera bodies 4 large EOS 1ds batteries in it and 5 lenses. there are pockets on the outside for cards and normal AA batteries etc, aswell as internal platic areas for filters. hope this helps.
    Tamrac bag
  • Does anyone ever think that MP's listen once they are elected? They promise the earth to get your vote then once they are in the club it's a case of "voters ah ignore them for 5 years" The lib-dems have proved that with the student fees pledge.
    I do find it strange that riots in France and Greece get a little post script on the bbc and sky as in " oh those foreign johnnys are not happy" patronising way sky and the beeb speak about foreign issues at times. Then yesterday they spent hours showing the smashing of windows, fires etc on a looped video segment by a minority and then blaim everyone for it.
    But the best quote was from the reporter from ITN whos said "i'm no expert but I could see there was going to be trouble" thats trouble that caught the police by surprise classic
  • Hey all just found this thread (wish i had found it before i ordered from them), I had a phone call with there sales dept nice english speaking person and explained the problem was told to call the customer complaints dept. On calling then i got a person of asian origin on the other end who could not speak very good english and could not understand my Scottish accent.
    I then did a quick whois search and found that there website is registered to here link information so its now 16.40 on friday and i guess they will be away home. However on monday they will here me on there non 0844 number which is +44 (0)115 871 4466 and will be in no doubt that i aint a happy customer.
    If anyone else is wondering if they should order from them i have a simple one word answer DON'T
  • Funny you should ask that. I don't actually take many pics on my camera phone and never realy have. even thou i do go for the best reviewed camera phone before getting my upgrades. strange that

  • Quote:So the same place that I linked to then, Wink lol

    OPPS sorry Tongue
  • on his twitter page he put a link for them here. jon bentley tshirts