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A quick view of jdanzola's recent activity.

  • Acacia sunset

    Quote:Brings back memories of Africa

    Yup, it was shot in Kenya.
    • 11 Jan 2008 10:35PM
  • Self portrait

    Quote:Maybe this should have been framed tighter? Too much empty space around you but a good idea.



    You think so? that is actually one of the features I like the most about this shot, I think it emphasizes the lit areas, but I'll follow your advice, crop it and see how it works. Thanks.
    • 18 Oct 2007 4:29PM
  • Venetian window (reprocessed)

    Quote:This I like a lot. Thankyou.

    I took your advice, this one is much sharper than the orginal experiment.
    • 12 Oct 2007 4:41PM
  • Thanks a lot for you attention, lesson learned: don't push it too far with the PS processing.

    You have a very nice portfolio (I love the contre-jour in your Shadow Men), I'll keep an eye on it to learn a bit more from you.

    • Posted on Joline's profile
    • 13 Oct 2007 4:00PM