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Welcome to my little corner of EPZ.

"A photograph captures a split second in time and not the many days spent patiently waiting for it."

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I love photography.. well we all do that's why we are here..
I love it when you get that adrenalin flow... that rush when it all comes together and you get the shot you want...


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Beautiful portfolio
keep up the good work look forward to see in more
Stay safe
18 Dec 2020 5:59AM
I just discovered your photos , I love your style !
Keep up the great work now a follower
Best regards
Walt Knox
Fred263 11 United Kingdom
24 Oct 2019 7:51AM
A superb PF of a variety of images.
Great photography...
Fantastic P F look forward to seeing more
Your portfolio is just fantastic .....I feel humbled ....realising I have a long way to go to attain your ability .....
jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
16 Aug 2016 3:11PM
Thank you very much for your kind comments and welcome to EPZ Smile
TpatT 6 United States
16 Aug 2016 1:55AM
I enjoy your portfolio… and the refined processing work displayed in it. I've just joined epz today, and I first spotted your "painting with light" scene and noted the subtle toning and color contrast refinements that make it exceptional. You are the first artist that I am following on this site, and I look forward to seeing more of your work.
Fenfotos 7 36 3 United Kingdom
10 Aug 2016 7:28PM
A portfolio to be proud of.
Somerled7 Plus
7 273 8 United Kingdom
23 May 2016 10:19PM
A stunning portfolio. When I want to see how it should be done, this is where I'll look. All the more encouraging as I am just a few miles down the road.
Bantu 9 7 1 India
24 Nov 2015 8:35AM
Beautiful captures,too good.

titchpics 11 7 England
3 Nov 2015 9:17AM
A wonderful portfolio, with many impressive images of the Lakes...


ericfaragh 19 149 6 United Kingdom
3 Dec 2013 9:33AM
Excellent work.
Bantu 9 7 1 India
1 Dec 2013 1:20PM
very good portfolio,alot of to learn from you.
5 Oct 2013 10:04AM
I've really enjoyed looking through your portfolio Jean.....Beautiful photography.
one of my favourites amongst many is Lavener cloudsSmileSmile

pheonix 18
11 Sep 2013 3:34PM
Creations that are in the ' I wish I could do that' category. Well done. John
LynneJoyce Plus
14 22 101 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2013 4:20PM
A very impressive portfolio.
31 Aug 2013 12:27PM
Beautiful photos jeanieGrin sarah
ColleenA Plus
10 508 11 Australia
16 Jun 2013 5:14PM
You have a stunning pf...amazing images...
silverfoxey 14 17 2 United Kingdom
2 Jun 2013 5:36PM
Super PF of great array of landscape images Jeanie. I also love your dog, he looks wonderful. James Smile
ABPhotosUK 10 26 1 United Kingdom
3 May 2013 4:00PM
Hi Jeanie, just spotted your Innominate Tarn on here and recognised you from 500px. Well done for the commendation, highly deserved, excellent image and outstanding portfolio. Andy Brown (
boov 10 2 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 6:49PM
Wonderful work here....wonderful
Meheecho 10 275 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 2:58PM
A stunning collection-- landscapes to die for
Metty 10 United Kingdom
16 Feb 2013 7:31PM
Thank you for sharing you wonderful images Jeanie you are an inspiration Smile
morpheus1955 16 3 2 United Kingdom
27 Jan 2013 4:04PM
Fabulous PF, quite outstanding, keep up the good work SmileSmileSmile
KathyW 19 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
27 Jan 2013 3:56PM
Wonderful landscapes, I love them all Smile
Jellyfire 11 41 4 United Kingdom
6 Jan 2013 5:31PM
What a superb portfolio. A real master of landscape and light
tezquirk 11 27 United Kingdom
13 Nov 2012 3:06PM
I Love your Portfolio Jeanie , I wish it was mine Wink Keep up the Great work Smile

Tez ..
BIGRY1 11 3 8 United Kingdom
6 Sep 2012 6:23PM
Stunning and inspiring pf. Keep up the good workWink
jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
3 Sep 2012 3:10PM
Thank you for your kind words and support Smile
top class photography superb PF a real pleasure to view and admire outstanding captures, ...John
Outlander 13 103
22 Jun 2012 8:37AM
How did i miss you super folio jeanie. Stonking`ly good.
deanz333 12 7 United Kingdom
2 May 2012 6:00PM
a lovely portfollio of all the places i love to photograph too.excellent work
Cor 14 Belgium
7 Apr 2012 5:53PM
All Your images deserve my vote. Top PF.
top class PF
Natzdad 14 29 2 United Kingdom
24 Feb 2012 11:25AM
A stunning portfolio,Very inspiring, glad I took time out to view.....Mick
jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2012 9:41PM
Thank you so very much Rob..what a lovely comment you have left me.. I really appreciate it.
20 Feb 2012 8:36PM
I've not been taking shots for very long and am constantly looking for inspiration. I think your portfolio is the best I've seen so far!
Many thanks for your inspiration.

jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
18 Jan 2012 9:11AM
Hi Ken and Geoff..
thank you so much for your kind words - they are very much appreciated and encouraging.
geffers7 Plus
12 53 1 United Kingdom
16 Jan 2012 7:20PM
Really love your work Jeanie - we are quite local so I look to you for inspiration! Your work has moved up a notch recently - capture and processing is fantastic and I sense that you are really enjoying your photography at the moment. Keep it up - you have set a high standard.
rambler Plus
14 1.1k 17 England
22 Nov 2011 11:41AM
What an awe inspiring collection, thank you for sharing it with us.

jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
6 Nov 2011 4:10PM
Many thanks indeed Ronnie and Claire
RonnieAG Plus
13 154 119 Scotland
30 Oct 2011 10:36AM
Just took a moment or two to refresh my memory of your marvellous have a great portfolio of images and a pleasure to browse through.
13 Oct 2011 6:13PM
Fantastic work. I look forward to seeing more! Smile
jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2011 9:51AM
Thank you Martin Smile
MartPics 17 7 United Kingdom
9 Aug 2011 9:22AM
Wonderful portfolio you have.

jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
1 Aug 2011 7:49PM
Thank you so very much for such lovely support Dougie.. your kind words mean a lot to me. Smile
Hi Jeanie

it's been some time since I commented on your folio, it just keeps getting better, your work has improved so much since you first started on here at EPZ, your colour work became more mature as you found the colours of the landscape work better naturally without much enhancement. Now that your showpage is monochrome you've advanced another giant step along the road to photographic heaven.

Keep up this grand journey through our wonderful land, and keep wowing us with your vision.

All the very best
jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
12 Jun 2011 9:07PM
Thank you very much Keith - your very kind indeed. A lot of photos yes - the oldest being when I started out seriously, and a reminder of learning along the way Smile
Niknut Plus
13 3.6k 82 United Kingdom
12 Jun 2011 5:40PM
Found time to have a look at your portfolio.....& am mightily impressed......all to a very high standard !!!!

But 52 pages ?????......don't know how you do it, & maintain that quality throughout.....amazing & brilliant !!.Grin
jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2011 4:48PM
Ha it's true though Leigh - look how long you have been here Smile
Thanks for the kind words.
leighwales 19 2 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2011 4:19PM
Gratuitous use of Eagles lyrics duly noted! But I'll let you off cos of all the terrific photos!
jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2011 10:35PM
Thank you Lesley, Pieter and John.
fudgy 12 48 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2011 4:30AM
your pf is amazing and truly inspiring .
Real good work there Jeanie Smile
JohnoP 17 2
19 Dec 2010 5:06PM
A truly stunning and inspirational portfolio Jeanie. John
mondmagu 13 75 Ireland
2 Dec 2010 11:18AM
You have a great pf Jeanie.Lovely moody detail.

Maria5 12 2 Spain
17 Oct 2010 2:15PM
This is full of beauty Smile
11 Oct 2010 12:25PM
Jeanie..Still trying to work out EPZ and just had a brief look through your PF...I must say your work is absolutely breathtaking...something to really aspire to, you should be extremely proud....truly excellent work..Smile
Niknut Plus
13 3.6k 82 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2010 8:46PM
Just looked thro' your pf. for first time, (after seeing "Posts") & well to be proud of Jeanie !!!
jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
3 Mar 2010 2:50PM
Thank you...
Cor 14 Belgium
12 Feb 2010 7:33PM
Great work. Congratulations.
paulmeyer 13 14 United Kingdom
9 Feb 2010 7:50PM
had to look at your p/f after the boulders shot, very nice , you have a lovely style. I can say the same as DaveGu.

bayliner185 16 16 1 Northern Ireland
9 Feb 2010 5:49PM
What a wonderful p/f Jeanie. Jam packed with images full of drama and interest. You oughta be proud of your work!!

fraser 19 631 14 Scotland
1 Jan 2010 7:28PM
Wonderful pf Jeanie - you have a very particular style.
lee72 13 United Kingdom
24 Nov 2009 4:21PM
you really do have a great pf here jeanie
lee 72
23 Nov 2009 11:59AM
i think u like....sunsets & sun rises....!!!!
DaveGu 16 1 1 England
10 Nov 2009 7:47PM
Just seen your pf, stunning work. I now know I have a lot to learn and a long way to go.

I will keep calling back for inspiration.

jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2009 2:33PM
thank you
dclarke 13
14 Sep 2009 4:08PM
Hi Jeanie

Your photos are amazing, landscape heaven i love them.

Kind Regards
ToothPilot 16 50 4 United Kingdom
6 Sep 2009 7:54AM
Jeanie, your work is inspiring.
The depth of colour and saturation that you achieve is commendable.
Beautiful PF.
Well done
26 Aug 2009 8:59PM
You have a truly outstanding portfolio, top quality work throughout, it's been a real pleasure spending time here. Rgds Paul
iansnowdon 13 7 2 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2009 11:46AM
Hi Jeanie
Thank you for you recent comment and award (wow)
Its amazing how my confidence and belief has grown in the last month, with the inspiration of your PF and EPZ.

Hopefully it can only get better.

Kindest Regards
iansnowdon 13 7 2 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2009 11:29AM
Hi jeanie (pardon the pun)
Your images are so crispy clean, but awesome, i just love them all...
Stunning work and a brilliant website.
Kindest regards
jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
29 Jun 2009 4:46PM
Thank you very much for your lovely thoughts on my PF.
samsalt 14 24 1 England
28 Jun 2009 9:16PM
Well Jeanie I have just gone through all 51 pages of your pf and it was a real treat. I knew from my initial browse a while ago that it wouldn't be possible to add comments to all I liked as Iit would take a week. Anyway you will see which were my favourites and my praise rests here for all of the wonderful images you have shared.
The prmier photo is one I envy as I'm sure do many others .
First class photography !

regards, Sam
Footsore 15 9 United Kingdom
19 May 2009 11:17PM
Just had a browse through some of the pages of your PF. You have many lovely pictures. Also nice to see the progress made from the earliest pages. Gives me hope!! All the best.

fentiger 21 920 24 England
30 Apr 2009 5:40PM
I have just enjoyed looking through your portfolio. It includes some very fine and varied work which you can be justly proud of.

Baz72 14 30 Scotland
28 Apr 2009 7:35PM
Some stunning landscapes hare ! nice portfolio.
23 Apr 2009 11:15AM
garymcparland 16 343 3 United Kingdom
9 Apr 2009 10:50PM
Superb portfolio of work Jeanie, consistently good.

andy210966 15 4 119 Wales
18 Mar 2009 9:32AM
Excellent and inspirational PF Jeanie. Wonderful work indeed!

srqkud 14 South Africa
16 Mar 2009 1:27PM
And the photos on your website, superb!
srqkud 14 South Africa
16 Mar 2009 1:21PM
Jeanie, what a brilliant portfolio. 10 points.
jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
13 Mar 2009 12:34PM
Thank you for the kinds words Smile
Oliverpants 14 2 2 England
12 Mar 2009 9:30PM
Your PF is outstanding, a real inspiration to me. Ann
11 Mar 2009 1:14AM
Wow, stunning portfolio, very very high class of work, can you teach me? lol Tongue
wolfy 19 36 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2009 11:06PM
Very beautiful portfolio
looboss 16 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2009 12:28PM
Fantastic PF Jeanie.

should have received many more premiers or whatever they are now Smile
Landlord 16 25 1 Scotland
21 Jan 2009 2:35AM
I have said before you have a fantastic talant, go on do something with it! produces excellent images all the time, no-one. But when you get it right, wow, you could stop the world and make heads turn. It's always a pleasure to see your work.
Haley 14 United States
19 Jan 2009 8:03AM
I love every one of your photographs Jeanie. I hope one day to photograph landscapes like you but I am only 15 years old and I don't have the ability to travel around or stay up to get the perfect night sky. One day. Mark my words. Smile I have 3 pictures up since I am new to Ephotozine - I would love it if you would comment on them. Smile
jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
8 Jan 2009 8:07AM
Thank you for your kind words of support.
7 Jan 2009 9:38PM
Hi Jeanie what a very nice pf you have. i have enjoyed my look through it very much.
jayjay52 14 2 United Kingdom
4 Jan 2009 3:20PM
Wonderful landscapes in your portfolio. Wish I could achieve the same!
RAUL 14 Italy
30 Dec 2008 2:14PM
Very beautiful portfolio.
sjteague 15 147 1 Wales
14 Dec 2008 4:21PM
Cracking Pf, some of the landscapes are gorgeous...

porty2003 19 97 Scotland
29 Nov 2008 1:51PM
Wonderful images,some absolute corkers and a joy to browse.
jealous...I mean John ! :]
jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
29 Nov 2008 3:30AM
Thank you for all your kind comments

HuntedDragon 14 118 United Kingdom
27 Nov 2008 8:24PM
i like your pictures there
xstevex 15 89 1 England
23 Nov 2008 8:06AM
since youv'e organizing the january meet just thought id have a look here WOW stunning

BernieS 14 243 United Kingdom
22 Nov 2008 8:50AM
Some superb shots here - excellent work!

allan_j 15 46 Scotland
19 Nov 2008 11:06AM
great portfolio jeanie, stunning work thank you for the votes...john
User_Removed 16 11 11 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2008 3:56PM
Great PF Jeanie and many thanks for your kind comments on my work!


Chris C
Tomaz 14 4 United Kingdom
13 Nov 2008 6:31PM
Stunning landscape shots... great portfolio.
Tony & Maz~
Ridgeway 16 222 2 Ireland
28 Oct 2008 3:48PM
You have amazing images and I have enjoyed browsing your Pf.
Lovely images,,
Ps,the one in your Pf,(you getting a close up of the dog,,) Classic !
DOGSBODY 14 1.4k 30 England
8 Oct 2008 7:15PM
Very good portfolio. Aother talented lady. Andy
Ray42 15 3 England
7 Sep 2008 11:37AM
Nice port folio especially the landscapes
NEWMANP 15 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2008 8:33PM
well, i just stumbled upon your pf, and i am delighted to have passed through .what a lovely selection of images,
jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2008 7:36PM
well done, they are very beautiful i think u should go professional. these are better than the ones that they sell in the shops very large amounts of money. although i am very biased seeing as jeanie is my sister in law, but i am allowed to be. but i do think they are very professional xx although i have used jeanies profile because i dont have one of my own, so this is written by clare, i spent the weekend here. xxxx
JONTHELENS 16 34 United Kingdom
27 Aug 2008 8:19AM
Amazing work, I will be popping back in for another look.
Landlord 16 25 1 Scotland
26 Aug 2008 2:12PM
Amazing p/f Jeannie.
Let me know when you are up here next.........want to book some time off so that I can steal some of your light.
Would most definately buy you a pint if you call in on your up North.

14 Aug 2008 11:57AM
What beautifull gallery you have ..

Yewtree 15 England
23 Jul 2008 10:24PM
A lovely portfolio Jeannie. Your compositions and use of light are magical.
GrahamNobles 15 9 4 England
6 Jul 2008 3:03PM
Lovely portfolio Jeanie. Especially Ardnamurchan, Glen Etive, Glenfinnan. You've got an eye for composition for sure.

SPARROWHALL 15 26 England
1 Jun 2008 10:44PM
Hi, thank-you for your post this morning. Thought I would have a look at your pictures and by they are very nice. I hope one day I will be able to post something as good as yours. How do you do it ? Tracey
NikkiW 16 33 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2008 7:20PM
some spectacular photos in yr pf...very enjoyable looking through.
30 Mar 2008 3:51PM
Thank you so much for your comment on "The Poser". As a 70 yr old newby to photography, it meant a lot.
Your photo's are beautiful. Glad I found your work.
Milla 15 7 2 United Kingdom
23 Mar 2008 11:22AM
Thank you so much on clicking under my picture (I wouldn't even mind if it was a missclick Smile), it made me to discover your amazing gallery. Your photography is full of magic, enough said.
ketch 15 770 50 Turks And Caicos Islands
19 Feb 2008 9:16PM
Your PF is really very imressive (how could I be so bold as to suggest a modification to a shot - absolutely outrageous). A fantastice and sutained standard, beautiful.
sniperj67 15 12 England
22 Jan 2008 2:33PM
Great portfolio,excellent landscapes
dawnmichelle 15 12 United States
13 Dec 2007 1:41PM
great PF !!!
phil87 15 United Kingdom
2 Dec 2007 12:23AM
excellent PF, love your landscapes, keep up the good work.

Valerie1 15 68 Northern Ireland
14 Nov 2007 9:41AM
I have really enjoyed viewing your amazing portfolio and look forward to returning.
Valerie Smile
20 Sep 2007 1:38AM
Only one word to describe your work. AMAZING
18 Jul 2007 10:59PM
Excellent body of work Jeanie. Love the humour too. Clive
jaspernina 16 1.0k Wales
14 Jul 2007 5:07PM
Lovely varied PF, love it.

Alison_S 17 339 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2007 3:31PM
A talented photographer who's work I always enjoy, and a lovely person as well.

Ali x
rhein75 15 Germany
26 Jun 2007 5:51PM
I'm pretty new here at ephotozine. Looking at the editors picks, i found myself admiring you pics here and at your website. I just started taking pictures again after ten years break. Also took the opportunity to move from analog to digital photography.

You have a new fan in me, Jeanie!

clevercloggs 19 251 15 Netherlands
19 May 2007 6:26PM

Like your landscape photos but I also like your new portfolio photo. It makes me smile.
LisaRose 16 172 4 United States
16 May 2007 1:38AM
So glad to have found your pf! Your pictures are top quality.
Richsr 16 91 224 England
15 May 2007 12:48PM
It a pleasure to be able to look at so many great Images.
Regards Richard
icemanonline 16 77 United Kingdom
20 Apr 2007 12:31AM
Great portfolio, No, Brilliant portfolio Jeanie. In a word MAGIC.

chazbo 16
27 Mar 2007 10:57PM
What a stunning portfolio Jeanie

stevie boy
17 Mar 2007 11:55PM
SeanyP 16 10 England
26 Feb 2007 10:20PM
You have a FANTASTIC portfolio! what more can I say! Great work And i look forward to seeing more shots from you.

13 Feb 2007 5:28PM
Really beautiful collection of art
Simon_Whitehouse 18 769 5 United Kingdom
10 Feb 2007 6:01PM
A good diverse portfolio that highlites what a talented photographer you are. A pleaseure to view.

garymcparland 16 343 3 United Kingdom
5 Feb 2007 8:21PM
Thanks for your Kind comments about my Photos, it means a lot coming from someone with such a high standard of photography themselves.

Best regards
imagio 16 12 1 England
2 Feb 2007 12:13AM
Stunning PF very professional..
Cole 19 53 16 England
1 Feb 2007 5:14PM
A very impressive portfolio and stunning showcase.
bmx_bandit 17 56
30 Dec 2006 5:17PM
Thankyou for your comment. Hopefully one day my pictures will be up to your standard! : )
waymol 16 2 United Kingdom
30 Dec 2006 3:52PM
Hi Jeanie,

Many thanks for your kind comment on my one post to date lol.

I,ve had a look through your own gallery & also your website, both outstanding by the way.

All the best for the new year,

johnc1711 19 9 Scotland
29 Dec 2006 10:47PM
Hi Jeanie, thanks for leaving a comment in my portfolio. Your own portfolio is very impressive, my favourite is the Geln Etive (square) image. Makes me think of all the times I've been up there in conditions like that and came back with nothing! Maybe I'll get out the car next time Wink


John Smile
walterL 17 2
29 Dec 2006 4:21PM
Terrific portfolio. Some wonderful images.
CaptivePhotons 19 1.7k 2 England
26 Dec 2006 9:29PM
Only one E.C.? I'd be proud to have any one of your shots in my PF, I'm sure you'll have many more to come.
elcid 18 150 England
17 Dec 2006 1:43PM
Great shots with great colours in your portfolio, and thank's for the comments. All the best, Jeanette.

JouŠo 19 56 Finland
16 Dec 2006 4:37PM
Merry Christmas, Jeanie.......

KingArthur 16 8 1 Malta
15 Dec 2006 3:40PM
Lovely inspiring portfolio Jeanie, a pleasure to view ... Joe
Benji 17 24
13 Dec 2006 11:59PM
very.. very.. impressive..
11 Dec 2006 9:07PM
Fantastic PF Jeanette !! stunning work ...
Possum 16 148 England
10 Dec 2006 11:40PM
You have a wonderful portfolio. I feel chuffed to bits that someone with such talent left a click on one of my images.
jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
5 Dec 2006 5:10PM
....hide it?? And hide your madness... what do you think???

TeresaH 18 1.1k United Kingdom
5 Dec 2006 4:04PM

hee hee, sorry couldn't resist. Feel free to hide this now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21 Nov 2006 2:02PM
A great pf. Some stunning pics. I agree with wasper above.
So many good good shots, can,t pic out a favorite!

TeresaH 18 1.1k United Kingdom
13 Nov 2006 10:40AM
I just want to say how much I have enjoyed watching your technique over the last few months get better and better.

You are such a kindhearted person, fun to be with and I look forward to meeting up with you again.

Teresa Smile
wasper 17 533 1 Ireland
8 Nov 2006 7:53PM
Jeanie, you are very talented photographer. You have a very good eye to capture the beauty of some fantastic places. Well done
26 Oct 2006 11:34PM
Hi. What an excellent portfolio. a delight to look through. so many wonderful images. it makes me jealous... Smile
Well done
Kim Walton 19 145 30 United Kingdom
19 Oct 2006 10:51AM
This PFO,if in print would be a best seller.
AlleyCatz 17 274 6 England
15 Oct 2006 1:25PM
Hello Jeanie.Thanks for your kind comment on my portfolio,very much appreciated.When I first stumbled across EPZ I was amazed by the quality and standard of some of the work.Your shot Glen Etive 2 (square)was one of the first shots I thought WOW!!!...Thats how brilliant I hope one day my work could aspire to be.Your work is an inspiration.Thanks again.

pamelajean Plus
17 1.8k 2288 United Kingdom
16 Sep 2006 9:09PM
A gallery of outstanding images with so much professionalism and creative compositioning. There is obviously a lot of thought going into the right time of day, right conditions, right place and use of foreground. It's been nearly a month since I visited your pf, feeling guilty, have missed so much. You're now on my favs list !
jken 17 1.7k 1 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2006 1:46PM
Very pleased to have found your portfolio Jeannie. You have a really special skill, hope you do very well with it.

Mikearty 17 9
12 Sep 2006 5:22PM
What a fabulous portfolio! as an ex Bolton lad now living in Germany its great to see shots of my old favourite part of the world, keep em comin! cheers Mike.
culturedcanvas 17 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
9 Sep 2006 9:10AM
Hi, just to say its been a a pleasure to browse through your portfolio this morning. Variety and thought throughout and some stunning landscape photography. A pleasure to view.
pulsar69 19 1.6k 6 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2006 9:50PM
An accomplished portfolio and one to be proud of.
imagio 16 12 1 England
20 Aug 2006 3:33PM
Great portfolio jeannie liked the south prom shots did some of that mon 14 aug but I did more of an abstract shoot.
Dennie 18 260 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2006 2:31PM
What a lovely & varied portfolio you have Jeanie.
Your show case is amazing . Ill be keeping a look out for your work in the future its lovely. Denise x
Slaterm 16 496 1 United Kingdom
8 Aug 2006 9:20PM
Great portfolio - really makes me want to get out and take better pictures. Best part about EPZ - makes you want to improve. Mark
McKenzie 16 22 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2006 4:02PM
Your gallery is a real inspiration Jeanie. You can be very proud of your work!

6 Aug 2006 5:38PM
Great portfolio Jeanie. You’ve inspired me to really go for some better shots

dazzaman 16 631 England
5 Aug 2006 8:38PM
cracking portfolio jeanie
well done.
Naturesview 19 38 Scotland
2 Aug 2006 7:25AM
A fantastic portfolio. Keep up the good work

Neil_Higgins 16 35 3 England
26 Jul 2006 9:42PM
An excellent Portfolio, its interesting to see how your photography has changed and improved since your first uploads, i notice a lot more colour and detail in your latest shots.

I'll look out for more of your fabulous work.

mark_elford 19 61 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2006 12:01PM
I am in awe, your portfolio is simply stunning.
bethcole 18 28
3 Jul 2006 6:40PM
great photos jeanie you are really good.

beth xx
gajj 19 32
22 Jun 2006 2:18AM
Absolutely beautiful portfolio, showcased images are spectacular!
Big_T 17 58 United Kingdom
12 Jun 2006 7:59AM
I've commented before, but i just wanted to say what a superb eye for a picture you have. Your work is simply stunning.
DiegoDesigns 17 117 6 United Kingdom
12 Jun 2006 3:17AM
You have a massive talent, which shows clearly through your rich and diverse portfolio. I wish I had half your vision. Excellent work and beautifully presented.

Well Jeanie, have just had a long look at your showcase, quite superb...

I have long been an admirer of your work and your good humour in all kinds of weather. You have grown in stature as a photographer from your early work on this site, and it's grand to see the creative and artistic side of you develop (no pun intended) you are a class act.

Keep up the good work and continue with fine quality photography.

All the very best
ivory 17 16
6 Jun 2006 3:27AM
Excellent portfolio. Those are just the types of photo I'd like to able to get. Very natural looking.
90125 17 3 United Kingdom
5 Jun 2006 6:26AM
Great portfolio-i'm to this game but learning all the time!!
1 Jun 2006 12:42PM
Stunning PF, Well done.
BobDM 17
1 Jun 2006 12:29PM
Great portfolio.
wyatturp 17 2 England
31 May 2006 10:14PM
All pictures in your PF are great to look at , well done you.
31 May 2006 8:56PM
You have som very nice pictures in your portfolio. Great work!
Cazi 17 United Kingdom
26 May 2006 1:17PM
Your images are stunning, atmospheric landscapes, so beautiful Im lost for words that does'nt happen often he he!
Thanks do much for your caption made me laugh thanks1
mjstead 17 14 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2006 12:58PM
I have just taken a look at your portfolio & you have taken some stunning landscape photos,and thanks for your comment on my efforts.......its inspiring to know that somebody as good as youself actualy likes one of my photos.....marty
Chriscj 17 96 1 England
19 Apr 2006 1:58AM
You have a stunning PF Jeanie. These places are now on my must visit list.
FrankThomas 20 2.8k United Kingdom
17 Apr 2006 2:02PM
I do like your landscapes. You seem to have the knack of bringing out the best in them
Toppix 18 56 1 England
12 Apr 2006 7:04AM
Just looked at you pf in the early days and compared it to the wonderful stuff being produced now. Christ!!! what a difference - you have come a long way!!!! Ian
lensmonkey 17 22 United Kingdom
10 Apr 2006 10:17AM
Awesome portfolio! The kind of shots I aspire to take!

daringdaphne 19 82 United Kingdom
4 Apr 2006 12:29AM
Brilliant port-folio I am spoilt for choice
30 Mar 2006 8:50PM
Hi Jeanie,
Totally in awe of your pf....What a Beautiful part of the world you live in, Thank You for sharing it with us!

Suzan Smile
tripodted 17 32 1 Northern Ireland
28 Mar 2006 10:51AM
Inspiring stuff! You are a very talented photographer and your portfolio is a joy to visit.
Alison_S 17 339 United Kingdom
28 Mar 2006 4:11AM
Hi Jeannie,

A beautiful portfolio....I love your Scottish landscapes so much. It must be brilliant sharing your home with those two beautiful beardies, I bet they're a real pair of characters Smile

Best Wishes,

redstag 17 101 15 United Kingdom
26 Mar 2006 8:29AM
Hi Jeannie, what a superb portfolio, I will draw a lot of inspiration from it. Thank you