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  • Big savings then Wink
    Lee are good, but I have always thought them overpriced.
  • How often have you had to use the warranty service on your existing kit?
  • Have had a few calls recently and been asked if I am the home owner. I always reply 'Who's calling?' and then the caller (usually foriegn) clears down.
    Didn't relly think much of it until I read a similar article to this;

    So togs beware!
  • Too many to choose ha ha , but selecting the ideal power to use when using some fill-in flash.
  • A few from Cambodia a few years ago;

  • Smartphones have their purpose but give me an SLR any day. The problem is that the rate of technobabble improvements keeps prices high.
    Are we ever going to see prices for new camearas fall? Probably not. We just end up paying for additional features that most of us will never use.
    I would love to upgrade my 5D but to what? I want full frame the usual exposure modes, bulb, and a decent ISO. Other than that I'm sorted. Will I really see the difference in a marginally bigger rear screen? Do I really need a zillion custom functions?
    To be honest, I am losing my photography bug - and that's one reason I'm back playing with my ETRSi.
  • Can recommend the Durst M605 - I have one and it's a nice poece of kit. Will take negs up to 6X6.
  • Why not shoot various films and see what you like Wink
  • Not 35mm but 120 - a few months back.
    Film is fun.

  • Quote:Oh well, there's always next year!

    That's what I said last year.
    And the year before that.
    And the year.....

    Still. There's always next year.
  • Ah yes - see it now.
    Thanks very much.
  • I'm sure this feature used to exist but can not find it. Has it been removed?
    I often look at (landscape) photos and wonder where the viewpoint was.
  • This may seem odd, but....

    Noticed afer we had a power cut, when trying to boot the PC it wotld try and boot, and fail, and retry, and fail, and retry etc etc etc. A never ending cycle of trying to boot and fail.
    Purely by accident I discovered that if I disconnected the monitor from the back of the pc and booted, it would start up and NOT try to reset. I plugged the monitor in during the boot up process and vwah-la! PC went through normal boot process and did what PC's do. Problem solved.
  • I can't help thinking that some developments that are included are a sort of halfway house to what the ultimate goal is - but the incremental steps are added for two reasons; to see if they work in the real world, and well, if they launch a new model they have to give you something extra. Look how far autofocus has come on since its first inception. And noise reduction, ISO sensitivivity, and the Holiest of Holy Grails - M E G A P I X E L S. And if it means losing some more obscure feature, then so be it. Development. Wonderful. Always makes you wonder what's around the corner. And how much it's going to cost. To be honest I can't keep up with who is making the greatest strides.
    Hence I've tidied the darkroom and am back to my Bronnie at the moment currently shooting film.
    Progress. Wink
  • If going to thr Jewellery Quarter, have a look at the catacombs in Brookfields Cemetery.
  • I like the 'fully automated' feature.

    Now that's a development.

    Sorry - couldn't resist this time.
  • I have ssn somewhere where someone made an adapter from som white aircon/plumbing ducting/pipe.
  • I think the adapter should have come with the Ezybox. Just looked on the lastolite site and there's nothing listed for the Ezybox 1.
    The bit you need can be seen here , but you need the Elinchrom version - the aluminium ring has an outside flange with a recess all the way around. The Ezybox panel ends just pop into the recess.
  • Aren't they expensive!
    Just purchased a L-758D for a great price on eBay and have been looking at the Profiling Targets. Seems to be an awful lot of money for what you actually get. Considering the price of the meters new it seems Sekonic are holding people to ransom.
    Anyone know where I could hire one of these?
  • Just been looking at the prices for BT and their Infinity 1 package. Cheapest deal is 17.99 per month line rental, and 7.50 per month for Broadband. Works out to 84p per day. Not a bad price really considering what you get access to and what you are able to do. After all, how much is a newspaper these days and what can you do with that?
    But they do do cheaper - and more expensive. Depends what calls package you select.
    You just have to compare deals from providers, see what's available and what works for you.
  • Hmmm...

    Nice to see a refresf but not sure I am keen on the way the Gallery looks. I think you've missed a trick here.
    Not keen on continuous scrolling. Would have been good to include the ability to select multiple filter (so a user could select the genres (plural) they are specifically interseted in). To change a filter you have to go back to the top of the page.
    Alternatively, have the gallery pics in a scrollable window so that the options/filters are still visible. Like in Excell (View/Freeze Panes/Freeze Top Row).

    Just because it mirrors what other sites do, it doesn't mean it's better. Remember Betamax and VHS? VHS flooded the market to get market share. Betamax died. But Betamax was better quality.
  • Consulo - I am in the same boat. Would love to have a go at large format and the Chamonix seems to get good reviews if you are looking to buy new. Check YouTube as there are several users who have favourable comments. For inspiration check out Clyde Butcher and printing massive from his 10x8 enlarger.

    As for the Horseman, I think I read that some users have had to modify the lensboard? to accommodate the rear of certain lenes. But you might want to check up on that. But the Horseman is a camera I have considered as there seem to be a good number available (albeit mainly from Japan).

    I have also had a look around at large format hire (try before you buy) but the only cameras I see available are Sinar monorail (or similar) - and I would prefer a field camera.

    Let us know what you decide.
  • Have only used Albelli and found the quality and turnaround time very good. The onlything I didn't like is that you have to go into the settings to turn the Spell-check feature on. I suggested to Albelli that it should be switched on as a default.
  • Hope you got the number plate. Or part of it.
  • Good to see some innovation, but looking at the pics in the website...well let's say I wasn't blown away by the quality.
  • I will be having a look later - at the moment a biy cloudy in Kidderminster Sad

  • Quote:TBH, my first thought on reading the article is that the writer just came across as being bitter at not having been asked to do them himself.

    Totally agree..
    Nothing wrong with the pics at all. I'm not a Royalist, or an anti-Royalist, but I think he should also consider that yes there may be a lack of spontaneity and the pics may look rather formal, but perhaps that is a certain standard that the Royal Family expect, as these are the pics that get published to the masses.
    Who knows what other pics taken in a perhaps less formal setting.

    I wonder if he needs corrective shoulder surgery from the massive chip on his shoulder.
  • Thanks all

    Sherlob - I had looked at acrylic originally and this was my preferred option, but some of the prices (forthe size I am after) put me off. I was also unsure about how they mounted to the wall.

    Saxon Image - I looked at but thet aren't offering the size I am after. However, I may have a rethink.

    Thanks Capto, gaelldew, Alanj - I hadn't come acoss these before. Will check them out.