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  • Hi all.
    I'm looking to get some large canvas prints done (24X36, or maybe slightly larger) and have been looking one the web.
    There are quite a few people that do them, but not many offer large prints.
    Does anyone have any recommendations - price/quality god/bad or indifferent?

  • Excellent article Jeff , and it just goes to show thta the taken photo is only part of the image. The image being the final product.
    For some people, the photo is only part of the final image as their creativity allows them to make something really surrealistic and/or thought provoking.
    For some people the photo is the image, and what was recorded in camera is THE image (with minor tweaks of course, oh yes, got to allow a few tweaks).
    For some people, the image is created in in software because they do not have a whole raft of different filters to carry around with them, and their camera only records in colour and not monochrome/sepia etc.
    I think if you have an image you wantto achieve, and that means using software, then go for it and inspire the rest of us.
    If you want to take excellent in-camera images with no adjustments with software, then go for it and inspire the rest of us.
    Horses for courses and each to his/her own.
  • I have a sister in the area (Pennard) so we know the area quite well from visiting.
    Try Home From Home - they seem to be the agents for several of the Redcliff Apartments, and they also have several cottages on their books if you want something else.
  • Have stayed in Redcliffe Apartments (Caswell Bay) a few times All self-catering with wonderful views of the bay. Also, east access to coastal path walks to either Langland and Mumbles from across the bay, or to Brandy Cove, Pwll Du (very pretty) from the steps access next to the apartments.
    Worms Head is a nice place to visit. Check the tide times and you will be able to walk across the causeway. Get there to catch the tide going out. Lovely rock pools to photograph - take your polariser. It can get a bit breezy.
    If you walk out toward the sea the rocks are bigger, and you get different view points - lots of 'foreground interest'.
    If you go to the top of the 'Worm' be prepared to be huffing and puffing when you get to the top.
    A walk along Rhossilli Beach is also nice but again, it's okay going down, a bit of a hike coming back up.
    Of course if you are up for it you can hike up to the top of the hill to where the paragliders launch off. (I've not done that).
    3 Cliffs Bay and Pennard Castle. You have to pick and choose your route to get there as there's no parking. Suggest park at Parkmill and walk through the valley following the river/stream that takes you to the bay, OR park in Linkside Drive, walk across the common, past the water tower (can't miss it - and you know your'e going in the right direction), part of the golf course to the castle ruins for the view down, and carry on from there. The sea can be quite warm here.
    Check Google Maps so you have an idea of where you are.
    Don't bother with Broughton - it's a drive to get there and the wind just blows and blows. I wondered why the beach was empty when we got there. After 5 minutes I knew why.
    Pub meal and a good drink? The Valley - Bishopston Road, King Arthur - Reynoldston (The Gower Inn at Parkmill gets too busy - with tourists)
    Curry? Mumbai - Mill Lane off Mumbles Road
  • Those are both wonderful images.
  • It's corruption. I had to recover data from a hard drive once and jpegs came out like this.
    But worse.
  • Pricey.

    I'll have to stick with the Mk1.
  • Taken at Jenolan Caves.
    Apparently it takes 100 years for these things to grow 1cm.

  • There's also the Black Country Museum in Dudley - but again, entrance fee applies.
    Witley Cour - again, entrance fee applies.
    Severn Valley Railway - one of the stations perhaps?
    Ironbridge Gorge
  • Nice. Well done.
  • Phi Phi Islands are supposed to be nice - and not as far as Similan. If you are going to go snorkelling, you might want to think about an Olympus Tough camera.
  • Which part of Phuket are you staying?
    Similan Island trips are nice but be prepared for a long trip out.
    James Bond Island should be on the agenda - not as far as Silmilan but it can get busy.
    Get a Dicapac housing for underwater shots and go snorkelling.
    Some interseting sights in Phuket Old Town.
    There are apparently spectacular views from Big Buddah - but we never got there on our short stay.
    There's a gig temple on the way from the south of the peninsula to Old Phuket town - but I don't know the name of it sorry.
    For evening entertainment, go see the Fantasea show. No cameras allowed but you won't be disappointed.
    Just off to the gym now, but will post some pics later.

    Anyone else?
  • I've seen something similar at a funeral wake.
    Odd to see 60/70 yer olds thinking they were Muhammed Ali and George Foreman.
    More like George Formby!
  • Happens to me in certain programs at work. Tried a reboot?
  • Not sure whether anyone has seen this, but there are some very clever photos, and a very clever technique.


    Take a look at the photos - there's a lot of clever stuff.
  • For that, I think video was the right medium and did a better job of capturing the spirit of the occasion that any photograph could have done.
  • Thanks for the info. Went to Siem Reap in March and am probably going back later this year or next. Absolutely fanastic place, lovely friendly people. Will bookmark the URL for future use.
  • Wow!

    Seen some of these before, but yes, wow!

    Antelope Canyon has been on my radar for a while. Just got to persuade the wife.
  • Okay. Here's my review of the DiCAPac WP-S10 Waterproof Case (to fit Eos 5D amongst others).
    I was initially a little concerned after retrieving the waterproof case from my luggage as the sealing strips had become somewhat crushed and creased, and no matter how I tried, I could not achieve a perfect seal - there was a gap of approximatly 3 mm at each end.
    However, I had had a look previously at just how the seal was made. As well as the pinch zip at the top of the case, the top of the case is rolled and then sealed with velcro. The surfaces that are rolled have an almost sticky quality to them to ensure a waterproof seal. So I thought that even with a few mm at the top that wasn't sealed, the 'sticky' innards would make a decent seal. And as I was only going to be snorkelling on the surface of the water, I could be extra careful (just in case) and try as much as possible not to completely submerge the bag.
    It worked - no leaks.
    However, it wasn't all plauin sailing. What you have to be aware of is that to take a photo, I was looking through a pair of goggles, the clear polyeurathane of the bag, and the viewfinder. Not an easy task, and pretty much impossible to see the focus markers in the viewfinder. A camera with live view functionality would have made taking pics so much easier. As well as the viewfinder isser, the (oversized) lens housing has a tendency to wobble about so you inevitably end up with corners of you pic being unintentionally rounded off with a black 'vignette'.
    And of course the bag is goingh to contain a certain amount of air which helps the unit bobble about on the water - not making itthe easiest thing to control.

    Another issue was that I was reluctant to take the camera out of the bag until I was happy that it was sufficiently dried out. The reason for this is that to put the camera in the bag, you have to put the body in first through the top opening, and then put the lens through the lens protrusion, and fit the two together. This is not as easy as you might imagine. And of course, to get the camera out, you have to do the reverse - disconnect the lens and remove, and then the body. Of course, if there are any water droplets on the bag or around the lens window, there is a danger they could drop right into an open camera. And of course the velcro seals will be soaking wet for quite a while afterwards. I left mine to dry in the sun fo about an hour. By whicj time the creased zip seals had softened and returned to their manufactured state - no creases - and I could seal it all the way across the top opening.

    Sorry, I won't bore you much longer. So all in all, for the price, and despite the negatives, a pretty good product. With more practice in the water, and a live view screen, getting decent picures would be much easier. I'm not saying you can't get good pics without live view, but it would definately make things easier.

  • Hmmmmm....very tempted to invest.....
  • Thanks guys.
    @ ElectricalImage - just another question - you mention 'for long exposures in breezy conditions, then you might want to look at a more robust tripod/head combination'
    Is that because of the head, or the flimsy legs (at the bottom end when fully extended) that let it down?
    The reason I ask id that I wonder how it performs on long exposures not at full height?
  • I need a travel tripod and the only two that I have been able to have a look at that are suitable in size for what I want are the Giottos Vitruvian VGRN 9255 and the Calumet own brand 7100 model with 3-way head.
    There is a massive price difference.
    I prefer the locking legs on the Calumet, bet prefer the ball head on the Giottos.
    I also like the way the Giottos folds up nice, compact, and neat - with no levers sticking out.
    But I have also read of issues with the tripod mounting plate (not being reassuringly secure), and the item on review here had the 2nd locking button fail.
    So if you use a Giottos, what camera are you putting on it, have you had any problems with the tripod plate and locking button, and how do you rate it as a travel tripod.
    Same questions re the Calumet 7100.

  • To make developing your own films/printing on paper cost effective, means managing your supply and waste. Whether to do one-shot processing or reintroduce to the supply and adjust times as necessary blah blah blah. Too much of a hassle as far as I was concerned and took the enjoyment out of it. I always did one-shot processing and to hell with the cost - photography is supposed to be enjoyable.
  • After hearing what one of the fiddlers wrote in an email ('it's amazing how much you can make by controlling the LIBOR') then yes.
  • As I understand it, long exposures on a digital camera can eventually result in stuck or hot pixels due to charge leakage.
    Does anyone know how the use of a DSLR copes with being used for video as surely the sensor is being used for long periods, and so will be more at risk of charge leakage?