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  • Some interesting points here. The reason I was going for a sling bag rthaer than a backpack is that with a back pack, you have to faff aout getting off your back, unzipping the right compartment to get your gaer out, closing it up again, loading it on your back etc. It just imagine it as a bit of unnecessary hassle. Although there is the benefit of having additional room to pack a rain coat/sandwiches/drink etc.
    The sling type bags seem less of a hassle - swing it round, open up, camera out, swing back, off you go. Esaier to pack kit away as well.
    Airline carry on is a must.
    I am now thinking of keeping the (small) bag I have (for now), and flash, filters, gorrillapod etc can travel in the suitcase. I'll just have to be ruthless with what gear I am taking out for the day.

  • Quote:I'm in Bedford which is about an hour and a half from the nec

    Well it's a good day out and an ideal occasion to get any accessories. And a lot more besides.

    Anyone else going? I won't be - flying off on holiday March 2nd.
  • I'm not sure where abouts you are in the UK Ade but if you can get to the NEC Birmingham for the Focus on Imaging show I'm sure you will find plenty of straps (and other gear) to look at and try. And there's ususally (a bit of) discount on most things.
  • What camera are you using?
    I've just ordered an Optech neoprene strap. The wife has one and it's so comfy;
  • Thanks guys.

    Coast - the Adventure 9 looks good. I just need to find a stockist to have a proper look. TBH, I hadn't thought about Tamrac. There are several in the Adventure series and a couple in particular worth having a closer look at.

    I didn't particularly want a backpack but I guess it's something I just might have to consider.
  • Thanks for the info. I tried that link to the Lowepro Bag Finder and one of the bags hat comes up is the Pro Runner 200 (they also had a 300 model). I looked at one of these yesterday and did think about this one. Maybe I'll have to give it a second look.
  • It's Lunatic Politics.

    I think the number of honest MP's is proportional to the number of wrongly convicted people in our prisons.
    There aren't many.
    And they are out to get what they can from the system. Thry have proved that with the 'expenses' scandal.

    There are 650 MP's in Parliament.
    Why don't we have 4 or 5 apartment blocks in London, with an apartment allocated to a constituency seat. Whoever is elected MP gets the use of that apeartment (at cost) for their term of office. That way rthere would be no switching mortgages and making a cool 1/2 million profit (Mr Mandelson) on the sale of a house that has essentially been paid for by the tax payer.

    I bet they'd never vote for that. They'll vote for a huge pay rise while asking everyone else to take pay cuts though.
  • I need a new kit bag.
    I was going to go to Jessops in Birmingham as they (allegedly) had one of all Lowepro kit bags - but they went bust a few days prior. So I have been looking on line, but it's difficult to decide when you can't actually see the item in front of you.
    So I have been to Calumet today and been looking at a Lowepro SlingShot 202 bag (at least I think it was the 202 - certainly one of the 20* models) - very good but just not quite big enough.
    I have a Canon 5D, 24-105 L, 17-40 L, fish eye, flashgun, and Lee Filter kit. And ideally I would like a bag with a tripod attachment.
    The L lenses have lens hoods and when put in the bag (with the 24-105 on camera) with the camera in the middle 'T' position, the side compartments for additional kit was tight on the 24-105.
    I know there is a bigger version, the SlingShot 302, and it is considerably wider when looking at the bag upright. But I'm not sure if the kit compartment is bigger so that the lenses will sit comfortably. The information (sizes) on the Lowepro site is confusing in that the interior sizes for the different models are as follows;

    200 - 8.7W X 5.9D X 11.8H in.
    202 - 8.9W X 5.5D X 11.0H in.
    302 - 11.4W X 5.9D X 10.6H in.

    So Although the 302 is the widest in the range (or should that be deepest) and the larger dimension allows a longer lens to be stored in the central compartment, either side of this there is the least space for additional kit. That does seem rather odd to me.

    Does anyone have any of these bags, and can I ask how much gear you are getting in, as I think the marketing blurb '3 to 4 additional lenses' must mean small lenses (or at least not the larger 'pro' lenses).

    And if anyone uses the same gear as me, can I ask what you use?
    And if anyone else has any recommendations, it would be much appreciated.
  • Update - bit the bullet, it arrived yesterday, and has had a good 2 1/2 hours soaking in a bath tonight.

    Yep, it's waterproof.
    Am now looking forward to giving it a proper run out.
  • Anyone any experience with these?
    Will be off to sunnier climes for a break soon and there is likely to be an opportunity for my camera to get wet. And I don't want it to.
    Would be interested to hear any reviews of these (particularly the Dicapac WP-S10), good and bad.

    I would have done a Search but I can't see a Search box.

  • I've been watching some clips on You Tube of Clyde Butcher. He has some serious darkroom stuff for large format;
  • You need to refer to TARIC codes to see the level of Excise Duty due.
    Photographic equipmebt comes under Section 18 - then drill down to the particular category the item purchased falls into.
    (Lenses attract a fee of 6.7% of the purchase price)

    See here

    After adding the rate add VAT to this total and this will be the total cost.

    I've purchased from America, but from areputable store, for something that was hard to get hold of in (at the time) the UK.

    Get the calculator out - and good luck.

  • Quote:I plan to make more use of my Thornton Pickard but I will be making prints from the negatives rather than scanning. It's just not as much fun otherwise.

    That's interesting. What size negs do you shoot and how do you make prints - contact prints or with an enlarger?
  • How does scanning the negs compare with making prints the old fashioned way? And will most flattop scanners do the job (I have a CanonScan 4400F) or are there 'proper machines' to to the job for top quality?
    Are the movements a lot to get to grips with?
    I have darkroom kit and have developed 35mm and medium format 645. I've been fascinated by movement cameras for a while and and wouldn't mind having a go.
    Ebay is going to be the best place to source a camera, and there are quite a few old Graflex models. Are these worth considering?
  • Adapters are available, I was more wondering about the quality.
  • Has anyone tried using a medium format lens on a DSLR body (via an adapter)?
    I just wondered how quality compares to standard SLR lenses and the pro's and con's of trying such a combination?
    I know there will be an effective difference in the focal length, but I would imagine (and please correct me if I'm wrong) that the image from the edge of the lens would fall outside of the sensor area so only the best bit of the lens glass would be utilised. Or am I missing something?
  • Does anyone here still shoot on large format (4x5 or larger)?
    Just wondering as I've always admired large prints from large format - they seem to have a certain quality/depth to them that other format's dont quite achieve.
  • Saw this article a while ago;

    Good luck.
  • 24.99 is a steal.

    But I wonder how many security issues will be found in the first few months.
  • Just beware of how thick the UPVC profiles are. Check with the sales people. My mom had the same done and the room was a lot darker because of it. Nearly 1/3 of the width was UPVC uprights.
    Think about how wide will the opening for the doors be. Then there has to be an upright each side for the doors to fix on to. And you will have the uprights of the frame at each end of the whole window, which will probably leave a very narrow window either side the opening doors. These narrow panes may be too small to have an opening upper window if wou want (additional) ventilation (when you dont want to open the doors).
    My mom had it ripped out and a better quaity aluminium (white coated) sliding door installed instead.

    Good luck.
  • Simple - lots of them because they were in stock because they are poular.
    Lots of Manfrotto too.
  • there's a lot of Jacobs stock going under the hammer (not literally).
    Lots of used/ex-hire stuff, but lots of ex-demo kit, and a lot of new Sigma lenses too (if anyone's interested).
  • An Olympus OM20 was my first camera - took some great pics (with the Olympus/Zuiko lenses) and was easy to use. Never had a problem with it and it's still upstairs.
    My first AF camera was the Canon EOS 600. The AF was quick and ideal for my favourite photographic subject (at the time) - motorsport. But it suffered from the sticky shutter problem. Lasted about 20 years though before it was consigned to the bin.
    I also had a Bronica ETRISi - the quality of pics was up another level and I thoroughly enjoyed tinkering in the darkroom developing both B/W and colour pics (although I never really got great results with colour printing).

    Ahh....the good old days....
  • Great link - there's some excellent stuff following the links from this site. The underwater dogs are also brilliant.
  • Love Meat Tender

    And Then He Kissed Meat

    When You Tell Me That You Love Meat
  • How The Meat Was Won

    Star Wars: Attack of the Meat

    The Girl With The Meat Tattoo

    Quantum of Meat

  • Quote:Think about it..if you are a photographer you may be a wildlife expert, travel expert, sports expert, motor expert, family expert

    But I would imagine it would be more likely that someone would get the required information from a forum where there is a concentration of people interested in that arena - after all, programming is a bit specialist and not general everyday run-of-the-mill stuff that everyone has a grasp of. Hust saying, that's all. But if the required info has been shred here then fine.
  • Sorry, but wouldn't this be better answered on a software forum?
  • I always though Birds of Prey by Wilbur Smith would make an epic movie - great story.
  • I wonder if thisis the reason it was for sale.