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I'm Jess, please look around my portfolio and comment on my photo's so i can learn how to improve them.
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  • Birdy by teodor

    aaww cute!
    • 12 Dec 2007 8:47PM
  • Elise by jessbu

    thanks for the comments, i was trying to portray a sad an sombre mood. hope it worked.
    • 12 Dec 2007 5:49PM
  • trampoline by jessbu

    thanks for your comments. I wanted an angelic picture and to portray innocence, and the lighting symbolises this but i agree that it is too bright as you need tyo see more detail on her face. Thanks again for your improvement comments

    • 2 Nov 2007 3:41PM
  • schools back by pony10girl

    i like the idea, may need a sharper focus but a really fun idea!
    • 31 Oct 2007 6:06PM
  • Hidden Sorrow by ashdsmit

    i like the depth of field used
    • 31 Oct 2007 6:03PM
  • 15 Minute Exposure by simplylove14

    i don't understand it but it looks really cool
    • 30 Oct 2007 8:18PM
  • Kim by Panicat_thedisco

    i'm an aracnaphobic...but apart from that it's a good shot
    • 30 Oct 2007 8:15PM
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  • Posted on MrsS's profile

    you have some really good photos! thanks for your picture comments and i am enjoying this site a lot as it is helping me to improve my photography

    • 2 Nov 2007 3:44PM

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