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A quick view of Jestertheclown's recent activity.

  • Pairc Life

    I too remember those!
    I've just been to look and this is my favourite.
    Strangely, opening this to download it with a view to a mod., the version in the download window is lighter and the shadows less dark than the image here.
    Subsequently opening it in CS6, they're lighter still.
    A casualty of the Epz. upload process perhaps?
    • 13 Feb 2016 9:07PM
  • Südzentrale(south central)

    It's OK to skip the thirds "rule," period.
    I thought that this might be a little underexposed but opening it using levels tells me I'm wrong. A gentle increase does it no harm though.
    I'm not sure that the desaturation actually makes the image look any older but it does add to the mood of desolation and destruction, so, in that respect, I reckon it's worked.
    I'd be inclined to get rid of that branch in the top right; there's a very small one on the top left as well. Easily done in software.
    Names/logos are a subjective erm, subject and there are champions for and against them. Personally, provided they don't dominate the image, I've nothing against them but others will tell you otherwise.
    It's your choice.
    Overall, I rather like this.
    • 13 Feb 2016 8:39PM
  • The next Picaso ?

    A true story . . .

    Years ago, when I was an apprentice compositor, I was tasked with delivering, on my way home, some proofs to the editor of a small arts magazine that we printed for him.
    On his living room wall was a framed paper napkin which looked very much like your image.
    I asked him what it was supposed to be and his reply was that some years earlier, he'd met with Picaso at a street café, somewhere in Paris.
    During the conversation, he somehow asked for, or at least hinted that he'd like, an autograph.
    Picaso, who by this time of his life was as mad as a bucket full of frogs, took a napkin, scribbled randomly all over it, signed it and handed it over.
    My man, who was probably equally unhinged, now had a genuine work by Picaso.
    In truth, of course, any three year old with a ball point could have produced an equally worthless piece of junk but this one had the signature.
    • 8 Feb 2016 7:59PM
  • Open Window

    Quote:unless entering a competition in which case rule of thirds is mandatory...

    It is . . . ?
    • 29 Jan 2016 10:58PM
  • winter shopper

    He's left handed . . . ?
    • 23 Jan 2016 8:18PM
  • Untitled


    Not quite the original "hooligan" two stroke but a liively enough machine, in its day.
    • 9 Jan 2016 8:13PM
  • camden

    A spot at which I've spent many happy afternoons!

    Although I'm no fan of coplour popping; or any kind of selective colouring, for that mater, this does appeal.
    The overall black and white priocessing has worked well and the distortion and crooked angle all add to it.
    I'd like to see the colour original.

    • 9 Jan 2016 8:08PM
  • Hi Kathryn,
    I don't comment on your stuff much these days, as there's no longer anything much for me to say. The occasional social call or email is much more pleasant.
    Although, having just said that, you've got some outstanding images here, images to be proud of.
    Well done.
  • I've just found your pf. John; there's some excellent work on display here.
  • Hi Steven,
    I've just come here from your "Bandstand" upload and what I've found here is some excellent work.
    Some of these shots are really first class. Likewise the contents of your website.
    You obviously have an analytocal eye as much of your work includes exact symmetry and precise composition and positioning within the frame.
    Not something that's essential necessarily but it certainly helps!
    Well done.

  • What an incredible portfolio!
    Absolutely brilliant work.

  • This is excellent work Tim.
    You are to bee congratulated.

  • Great pf. Ian.
    • Posted on iancam's profile
    • 21 Jan 2009 11:01PM
  • Hi Peter, Small World!
    I've come to your portfolio after you uploaded a comment on one of my offerings (a squirrel with a crunchie!) and I've found myself looking at a collection of steam images, most of which I've studied and probably voted for in the galleries!
    Great work.
  • 'Lazy and unenhanced'.
    I like the sound of that.
    I find that manipulation can so easily become overdone.
    Nicely varied portfolio you have here and good to see that Eliza's got the bug!
    Hapy new Year,
  • What a great, fun portfolio!
    Keep it up!
    Best wishes,
    • Posted on bunbeam's profile
    • 31 Dec 2008 11:30PM