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Jestertheclown's Gallery Comments

Jestertheclown > Jestertheclown Recent Activity > Jestertheclown's Gallery Comments
Boats of the Ligurian coast. Manarola by jerryiron

Boats of the Ligurian coast. Manarola

I really like this.
Angles everywhere and none of them going anywhere in particular!
There is a slight yellow cast to it which disappears if you convert it from Adobe RGB to sRGB, which I've done in my mod but the original's not unattractive as it is.
I also applied an 'S' curve which has also enhanced the contrast and colours.
And that's all I did.
Hope this helps.

By: jerryiron

Fun Run by Philo

Fun Run

Hi Phil,
Looks good to me too, in fact, it jumped out at me although, like yourself, I prefer the colour version.
A spot of fill flash may help?
My greatest concern with the mono one is that the face of the following runner looks to have suffered a slight mishap.
Hope this helps.

By: Philo

JUST A COUPLE OF SMILES by youmightlikethis


I've added a mod. in which I've used thresholds to increase the contrast and smart sharpened it which I think has helped a bit.
I also de-noised it and modified the border, although that's purely a matter of taste.
The first thing I did though was to convert it from Adobe RGB to sRGB. That alone made a considerable difference.
I'm assuming that it's cropped from something a good deal larger?

By: youmightlikethis

Lane by Sandipan


I quite like this.
Doubtless, you could apply various permutations of white balance to taste but personally, I'd leave that alone.
I'd lose the dark areas to each side though; in fact, it would probably have been a better idea to shoot it as a portrait in the first place.
I don't agree with the Bruce's comment re. the woman walking away. She needs to be there to provide a focal point. And preferably, I think, walking away, rather than facing us.
Hope this helps.

By: Sandipan

New Brighton seaside by xwang

New Brighton seaside

Hi Jas,
A glance, using levels, will tell you that it's underexposed by getting on for a stop at which point the lighthouse starts to become blown.
Some selective adjustments, perhaps?
Also, there's a reflection on the water in the foreground but I can't see what it's a reflection of!
Do I see some repetitive cloning beyond it?

By: xwang

Tow tows together. by xwang

Tow tows together.

Leave them in.

By: xwang

Old Car detail by Spincervino

Old Car detail

Different, certainly.
I doubt that that car's 'old' though.
These are still in production.

By: Spincervino

British Icon by 213hardy

British Icon

A little fill flash would lift this no end.

By: 213hardy

Payton in black and white by jbsaladino

Payton in black and white

Inspired by "The Afghan Girl" perhaps?
The enlargement brought about by (I guess) an extreme crop has robbed it of a lot of its quality as can be seen by clicking on it and viewing the smaller version.
A great idea though.

By: jbsaladino

West Pier by mmart

West Pier

Erm, "West Pier."

By: mmart

Single Seater Plane at Duxford by strokebloke

Single Seater Plane at Duxford

If it's a single seater, then I'd also say it's a De Havilland "Vampire".

Later versions became the "Venom" which look pretty much the same although I think I'm right in saying that by that time it had gained another seat.

Interestingly, despite it being jet powered (only the second jet to enter production), it's made of wood. The aluminium skin is only a veneer.

By: strokebloke

Those magnificent men...... by BobHPhotos

Those magnificent men......

I agree that he watermark doesn't do it any favours and is pointless but each to their own.

I'm interested to know what type that aircraft is . . . ?

By: BobHPhotos

Plane With No Name by strokebloke

Plane With No Name

Hi Jack,
It's a "McDonell F4 Phantom."
They were quite popular in Vietnam, although not with all of the locals.

By: strokebloke

From out of the Depths ...... by ctxuk

From out of the Depths ......

There's a school of thought; to which I subscribe, which says that it's never a good idea to use a frame or background that mimics the predominant colour in your image.

In other words, that brown surround really doesn't work at all.

You're much better off sticking with black or white.


By: ctxuk

Sugar Coated by Mozzytheboy

Sugar Coated

Quote: My Wife suggested it as she felt it was so so pretty.

. . . and she was dead right.

Well done Mike.

By: Mozzytheboy

The Bachelor Boys by BundleBoy

The Bachelor Boys

They were called "The Bachelors" back in the days when they were famous. Have they changed it?

"Bachelor boy" was a song by Cliff Richard.

By: BundleBoy

Charles Petillon 'Heartbeat' in the air in Covent Garden by StevenBest

Charles Petillon 'Heartbeat' in the air in Covent Garden

I was there last Saturday.

I'm not sure how this qualifies as art although I saw several small children who seemed to appreciate it.

By: StevenBest

Weekend Preserves by StrayCat

Weekend Preserves

. . . looks familiar!

By: StrayCat

Kathy by Andy_F


Nearly fifty years ago.

Wonder what she's doing now . . . ?

By: Andy_F

Memphis Belle by Clactonian

Memphis Belle

Sort of.
It's actually "Sally B," which was used to represent the "Memphis Belle" in the film.
It still carries the nose art on the RHS of the fuselage but don't be fooled. That's only her stage name!

By: Clactonian

Daseep by kathrynlouise


Don't throw the towel in with Windows 10.
It's a superb OS. In fact, I'm surprised you're not getting on with it.
Once you've set it up to suit you, using it couldn't be easier.

By: kathrynlouise



Quote: The aircraft is a puzzle

First thing that I spotted.
That engine cowling doesn't belong to a Merlin and quite apart from, as John has implied, the turret being the wrong type, the proportions are all wrong for it to be a Lancaster.
I reckon it's a Bristol Blenheim.
Was this taken at Duxford by any chance?



Childhood Buddies..Amazing Schooldays.. by Aman19291

Childhood Buddies..Amazing Schooldays..

I'll second that.

The use of mono really works well.

By: Aman19291

Edit trials 1 by JackAllTog

Edit trials 1

Hi Stuart,
To me, this is about as manipulated as I'd want it to get.
The highlights are quite strong and I'm not sure it works with the background being so dark by comparison.
I've just opened it using CS6 and backed off the contrast by a fair bit and although the difference isn't all that great, I think I prefer it.
I can see where you're going though.
Hope this helps.

By: JackAllTog

Lonely boat by Hdlarsen

Lonely boat

The Golden Ratio.

I know it's all subjective and this guys a bit blunt but he does get the point across.

As for me, you all know my opinion of the so-called rules of composition.

As John says they're only guidelines at best. Whatever you do, please don't think that you have to follow them to the letter.

By: Hdlarsen

Sunset Serenade 2 by paulbroad

Sunset Serenade 2

I didn't realise that there was any colour in him at all until I opened it in CS6.
Once you can see his left hand it becomes less of an issue.
The cutting and pasting's well done although I think I'd have feathered the edge just a touch more.
The thing that looks wrong to me though, is that the sky fills the entire background; it's as if he's singing into the sky.
It needs something solid at the bottom.

By: paulbroad

Sunset Senenade. by paulbroad

Sunset Senenade.

Bridlington and Majorca; an obvious marriage!
On more serious note, it works for me.
The inclusion of the few details is, I think, a god idea.
The pure silhouette, although I've yet to see it, might be just a bit overpowering.

By: paulbroad

The Boss by JackAllTog

The Boss

Hi Stuart,

I've been watching your other, recent experiments; if that's the right word and I have to say that I've been quite impressed.

Likewise with this one, with the caveat that her face looks, to me, to be a rather strange colour.

A result of the latest processing, or was it that way originally, perhaps the way it's lit . . . ?

Either way, I'm taking inspiration from these. I have about 150 shots from a wedding that I shot last Saturday. I reckon there's a good few among them that could benefit from what you're doing.


By: JackAllTog

Tower Bridge by xwang

Tower Bridge

I like this Jas and you've done well.
I took several shots, last summer, from the same spot but I found it quite tricky to get any shots that looked straight.
They all displayed distortion in one direction or other. You seem to have avoided that.
I might just crop a bit from the bottom though.


By: xwang

SEascape of offshore fort by gavrelle

SEascape of offshore fort

Somewhat random EXIF here.

Interesting that you've used a focal length of 102mm. here, you could have almost doubled that.

Any particular reason?

By: gavrelle