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welcome to my page i hope you find my attempts at some interesting shots interesting to you.
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  • Catania dome and clock tower

    thanks Chris appreciate the comments, i put the halos in on purpose to try and add a feeling of glow - but it obviously didn't work haha i'll avoid it in future appreciate your honesty
    • 29 Nov 2018 1:47PM
  • "i've got Aces over Kings"

    Thank you for your comments
    • 7 Apr 2017 1:57AM
  • The Killing Kind

    stunning work
    • 24 Mar 2017 12:17PM
  • Marley

    I had a black lab I lost to hip displacia and arthritis 3 years ago jet looked just like this. What a fabulous photograph the lighting, texture, the eyes amazing work thank you for sharing
    • 25 Jan 2017 12:36AM
  • The Wrath of Angels

    exceptional !
    • 18 Nov 2016 2:11PM
  • lake 1

    Thank you for your user award I am very grateful
    • 13 Nov 2016 1:22AM
  • Quenching

    Great to see you back
    • 14 Aug 2016 4:24PM
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