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I hope you enjoy the photo's. I'm a bit of an eclectic photographer, i.e. no particular theme.
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  • Sony A7 mkiii battery grip

    Hadnít really thought a it but dropped my Sony and Hanel batteries into my mkiii grip and itís complaining about battery incompatibility. Any one had similar. Regards Jeremy

    1 Oct 2019 8:20PM | Read


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  • Software colour effects

    I wanted to quickly print some pictures for a relative and therefore used the Windows Live Photogallery. Oddly I have found that on screen it seems to add a pinkish cast to the pictures and this is conveyed through to the final prints. I'd imagined a...

    21 Aug 2011 6:57AM | Read


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  • Film Camera

    Is it just me or when you pick up an old fiilm camera and take a shot, do you look at the back to see what the image looks like

    19 Jun 2009 7:46PM | Read


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