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    Red Kite (from back garden).
    • 25 May 2020 8:28AM
  • Commented on 'Not very happy with my camera'

    I mainly use the 15-85 F3.5 IS with a Zeikos circular polariser (all I could get at the time) but I also have access to the bottom end CANON 75-300, Canon 100 F2.8 macro and CANON 400 F5.6 L, none of these are equipped with IS. The zoom and the 400 had 'cheap' polarisers on them which I've since discarded. I'm upping the ISO (used to use 64 ASA) to around 200+ and on the lookout for a decent tripod.

    I do cup the camera in my left hand but don't automatically take a spread feet stance. Got to work on that. Look forward to more comments.
    • 26 May 2012 4:14PM
  • Commented on 'Not very happy with my camera'

    Just an update for those that took the time to reply previously - all comments for which I'm thankful. I never did get to grips with the camera so I sold it, and the buyer loves it! Maybe, sometimes, people and devices won't work together whatever.
    So I bought an EOS60D. Despite it being supposedly more 'technical' I find this a much easier camera to use - the quick info screen is a godsend - and the whole thing seems much more closely aligned to how I remember my old OM2 / ST801 cameras. I joined a local camera club and put a few shots in an in-house competition, and learn't a bit about composition.

    What I have found out is that I seem to get camera shake much more than I used to. Whether this is an age thing or shutter mechanism differences between analogue and digital designs I don't know. I've also found out that filters can have much more effect with the digital camera and will in some cases be the cause of severe degradation of the captured image - cured by removal of the filter.

    When the new PC comes (this one is "$%^&) I'll get around to photoshopping and hopefully move from there.

    thanks all.
    • 25 May 2012 8:24AM
  • Commented on 'Not very happy with my camera'

    Thank you all for your time and replies.
    SHERLOB - I'm sure improvements could be made to the way I use the camera, I don't profess to be an expert. I'll run a few more shots off soon and upload a few just as soon as I've worked out how to.
    INDEMNITY - Tried comparison shots with my neighbour but we don't have the same lens. However, I lent him my 18-55 whilst he awaited delivery of a SIGMA 17-70 and the resulting shots look a lot sharper than mine.
    SNAPPER - I'll try and arrange something with him one evening this week.
    JUSTIN C - I'm not blaming the equipment, but reserve it as a possibility.
    OVERREAD - I'm not so interested in composition or content (though I hope to learn more on this as retirement looms). I don't enter competitions or belong to a club. But I like to do the best with what I see. That's why I had the ST801 (fantastic camera) & OM2 / OM10.
    HAZLEMOUSE - I'm shooting in RAW + L/JPEG, usually on AV at 100 ISO.
    MIKE RC - I understand the ratio between ISO / F-STOP / SPEED. Most of these pictures are shot at a speed that should be adequate for handheld. The IS should be a banker.
    I don't think this is a speed / shake issue as there is no double image. Just a lack of detail in any edge resulting in a blurred outline on infinity settings. This lack of detail appears to be consistent over all of the image, no better or worse from centre to edge.
    When I've a little time I'll sort out some representative shots and await the comments of my peers.

    thanks again

    • 24 Jul 2011 6:24PM
  • Commented on 'Not very happy with my camera'

    I've got an EOS500 and I don't seem to be able to use it (properly). Previously I've had an OLYMPUS OM2 and FUJICA ST801 and whilst not a snapper of any great skill I thought I understood a few of the terms etc.
    Whether or not the camera has worked as well as it should have I guess I'll never know, but I never got on with it a well as I thought I might. My snaps were wishy washy (despite using a circular polariser) but didn't seem to bad in duller light. The resulting pictures looked O.K.ish (but nothing to write home about) on the small PC screen. The camera found it's way to the back of the shelf with just occasional outings as I mainly used my PENTAX W60 (I do a lot of kayaking) compact.
    Roll on to the present day and it's a different story. A colleague at work has a 550 and a neighbour a 60D and I'm learning more about all the settings etc. I can use on the camera. I'm toying with saturation and exposure (but I'm still not convinced it's right) and beginning to enjoy the camera. But all my landscape pictures are fuzzy. They still look O.K. on the screen but when blown up to 100% there is not a sharp point to be seen. Everything appears out of focus. I've tried the AUTOFOCUS (poor on infinity, but seems O.K. on closer images) and MANUAL FOCUS (worse) and I can't get a sharp picture. The lens is the kit lens 18-55.
    I've access to some class glass and despite using a tripod I still seem to be having problems. I did complain to CANON online helpdesk who offered a few suggestions but by then the camera was on it's way to the back of the shelf.
    I've read a few replies to questions similar to this on other parts of the forum ref. infinity and have to disagree with some of them. This lens has no INFINITY indication on it, and infinity does not appear to be the opposite end of close, by which I mean a scene appears O.K. in the viewfinder but the lens can be wound out further.

    Some questions;

    How sharp should a picture look at 100% enlargement on my PC screen? Am I expecting to much from the camera.
    Are there any known problems with this camera / lens either as a combo or individually?
    Where can I confirm a problem with the camera?
    Should I consider a different camera? (I'm not keen to sell this as I feel it might be a pup).
    Some reccomendations as to what to do next in an effort to nail these 'problems' once and for all?

    I've rambled on a bit and hope I've not bored you too much. But the situation is getting desperate. I may get a chance of an extended holiday soon and want to be on top of this before I go. Otherwise it'll all be down to my wife's LUMIX compact (not bad) and whatever I buy to replace the 500.

    Many thanks.

    • 24 Jul 2011 9:07AM
  • Commented on 'EOS 500D exposure query'

    I've been back to John Lewis with the camera and the 'expert' there played about with a few settings and the camera will now produce better images in the fully manual setting. I still need to check it throughout the other settings though - going away for a few days next week so this might be the opportunity to try them all out. Incidently, the W60 continues to perform better in terms of the finished 'snap' but is clearly not on a par in definition. I might borrow my sisters 350 and compare exposures side by side.
    Also, I got a PDF of the camera manual which I've printed of in A4 size so that I can at least read it. Perhaps that will help. Never yet managed to post a photo on any PHB forum so more learnig to do.
    I'm almost resigned to accepting I'm an analogue person in a digital world, the camera is not the only thing I have problems with - phones, GPS, MP3 etc.,

    Thanks for correspondents help so far and maybe we will get to te bottom of this - eventually.
    • 8 Aug 2010 7:32AM
  • Commented on 'EOS 500D exposure query'

    Please accept my apologies for placing my question in ambiguous English. It looked O.K. to me.
    The scene I'm about to take looks O.K. through the viewfinder. Verdant greens and deep blues - everything you'd expect from a polorasied shot. The stored image, whether viewed on the LCD screen (camera) or Monitor (PC) is a pale washed out rendition of what I'd hoped to take, indeed when viewed on the camera I am getting the black flashing pixels indicating overexposure. I'm not sufficiently advanced to read the histogram properly (even at all) so it's not a lot of help to me at present.
    I was not using a tripod at the time. My reference to tripod use was to take an identical picture with my eye to the eyepiece, then again with the viewfinder covered by the attachment on the strap. This I have done this afternoon, getting an identical exposure for both shots, these shots being taken when the sun was higher in the sky and light diffussed slightly due to some scudding cloud cover. Mostly I'm using the camera on auto. As for me, I'm more of a snapper than a photographer and appreciate that in my hands a 500.00 camera is likely to trump a 100.00 camera, though my PENTAX W60 which I take when I'm canoeing is currently producing much better shots in bright light.
    When the CANON rep is back at John Lewis I'll have a word with her and see if I've messed something up. I hope that clarifies the issue a little and I hope someone is able to give some useful pointers. This weekend I'll mainly be coaching paddlesports but I'll take the camera anyway on the chance I'll get something.

    Thanks again

    JN (John)
    • 25 Jun 2010 7:07PM
  • Commented on 'EOS 500D exposure query'

    I finally got around to buying a DSLR. The EOS500D (with the standard 'kit' lens). Main reason for this was that my sister has a no. of good CANON lenses that I have access to. It also provided a way back in to photography without spending megabucks. Having acquired a HOYA PRO1 circular polariser I went out to take a few snaps around a local nature reserve, it was bright weather and i rather like the polarised enhancements to an image.
    Disappointed or what! Images that looked O.K. to me in the viewfinder are washed out when viewed on the monitor or on the PC. So I read the manual. It doesn't seem to offer a solution other than to mention that light can get in around the eyepice and upset the exposure reading if you are not looking through the viewfinder. I'm using the standard eyecup and wonder if light is indeed getting through.
    Before I go out with a tripod and start firing off shots through the viewfinder / then with the eyepiece cover in place / then with liveview (if I can get it to work) does anyone have any other suggestions.
    Thinking back many years, I always thought my OM2 failed to produce as good a colour rendition as my earlier fuji ST801 and maybe that camera's smaller size contributed to a similar cause?
    I want to resolve this as it was always my intention to get a better camera / lens once I'd got the hang of it, but sad to say, I'm slow in getting around all the options the camera offers and this problem isn't helping any.


    • 25 Jun 2010 12:31PM
  • Commented on 'First digital SLR?'

    I'd like to purchase a DSLR. I'm beginning to get to grips with lens focal length differences between different camera's but what I really need to know is what are the most important aspects to consider whilst viewing prior to purchase of a model around the 4-600 range to include a zoom lens with a wide facility. I believe a big chip is better than a little chip and a low 'crop' ratio is better than a high figure. Where can I find all this and more explained in a simple manner that my non-digital grey matter can cope with.
    • 8 Dec 2007 11:09AM