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Activity : Photo Comments


HI Folks Wink. Many thanks for looking at my page and for your comments, every little helps.
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  • This land is your land

    As you say, a unique place to be kept as is in a wilderness forever mode. It would have been nice to see it colour too.....WinkWinkWink
    • 9 Feb 2017 2:45AM
  • *** Doorman ***

    What a wounderful image of this ‘little person’ Sangram. Nicely sort and captured......WinkWinkWink
    • 9 Feb 2017 2:40AM
  • Cozy Bungalow

    What a super little cottage in this winter snow capped scene ......WinkWinkWink
    • 9 Feb 2017 2:36AM
  • I love coffee

    A super photo of this Macca and macaroons to go with it, what a smasher....TongueTongueTongue
    • 9 Feb 2017 2:34AM
  • Pictures at an Art Gallery

    Fantastic artistry here and a super shot of of it all.....TongueTongueTongue
    • 9 Feb 2017 2:32AM
  • Rhododendron

    Went out to lunch at friends last Friday and they cook outside with a Webber and another oven
    with a glass dome. NO heat in the kitchen at all.
    • 9 Feb 2017 12:52AM
  • Sunrise over the lake- Karri Valley Western Australia

    This is a lovely spot for cabins.
    Your reflection is captured in the lake exquisitely, well done.....WinkWinkWink
    • 5 Feb 2017 3:56AM
  • Gerberas under Ice

    This is excellent too Kate.....WinkWinkWink Well done.....
    • 4 Feb 2017 9:22AM
  • Yellow Butterfly

    This is such a beaut shot, in fact superb.....WinkWinkWink
    • 4 Feb 2017 9:20AM
  • A green landing

    So glad I cought up with these Colleen, I’m not always on the site and this is nearly a week old.
    What a beaut set and great colourful display....WinkWinkWink
    • 4 Feb 2017 9:16AM
  • Shadow blooms

    There is nothing like Bougourvillia to brighten up a dull day. This is a smasher....WinkWinkWink
    • 4 Feb 2017 9:11AM
  • Saturday Shadows 5

    So nice to catch up with you Patricia. Congrats on the novel and also on this unique capture
    of your shadows. So beaut.....WinkWinkWink
    • 4 Feb 2017 9:07AM
  • Historic old log barn

    A unique old barn Walt and somehting to be proud of and kept up to snuff.....WinkWinkWink
    • 4 Feb 2017 9:03AM
  • Look What I Found

    Wow! this is a beauty.....WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:45AM
  • Watch my back!

    Cheeky to be sure.....WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:43AM
  • Statue#3.

    Magestic splender.....WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:42AM
  • Severn Bridge

    An excellent view across the fields to this beaut of a bridge.....WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:41AM

    An excellent first shot, well done......WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:39AM
  • Stand off

    This certainly looks a dangerous and spiky set on his head.
    Well captured.....WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:37AM
  • Common Blue(f) Basking.

    What a furry little darling, beautifully captured.....WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:35AM
  • Female Bullfinch

    So lovely David with beautiful detail and clarity......WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:33AM
  • Muddy Morning Marauding!

    Into the tub when he gets home I would say.
    He is grinning at you by the look on his face, smashing capture......WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:32AM
  • Teasel with Velvet

    What a lovely capture ith you Velvet lens, keep them coming....WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:29AM
  • Showing Off

    They might only have a pea brain but know when the lens’s are out.....WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:27AM
  • European Robin - Highly territorial + vicious little creatures.

    Humanity is like that, no wonder the birds take after us.
    I think he is lovely and the capture a delight for detail......WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:25AM
  • Half in Half out

    Nice one Ron, an unusual and imganitive take.....WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:22AM
  • *** New York bag lady ***

    Poor old darling, I know how she feels.
    I’m like that myself sometimes but at home not outside a station......WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:20AM
  • Cob Webs upon Older Cob Webs

    Lovely colours picked up in this capture, nice one.....WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:18AM
  • Spotted on Dartmoor, a few years ago

    Picnic with the poney’s, smashing capture......WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:16AM
  • A Vibrant Longwing

    Wow! what a gorgeous one.....WinkWinkWink
    • 2 Feb 2017 1:15AM