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What are you doing here - are you lost too?

I though this was e-Bay - I'm looking for a cheap replacement hip for my aunt Edith....
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  • Posted on turtle1's profile

    A stunning PF and excellent reference point for anyone who wants to see how flowers can be photograped and presented to such a high standard.

    • 21 May 2006 11:11AM
  • Posted on user_absconded's profile

    I can't believe you ruined my '1' click score on my vintage car pic on New Year's Day! I had always felt smug that only I could see beauty where nobody else could, and now you have ruined it.

    And another thing. How do we know those PF pictures aren't really you? And why does the picture keep changing, unless of course you are on the witness protection programme or something?

    And another, 'nother thing. I don't believe there is such a thing as a 'kumquat' (or tauqmuk if you spell it backwards - which sounds just as mad). And why do all the people in your candids have an expression that says "I just posed for a mad woman on the witness protection programme, and all I got was these lousy tauqmuks"?

    That said, despite ruining my best worse score, I think you probably have the most colourful and interesting images and portraits on EPZ (apart from the French guy who does the hottie models). Crete looks a good place to hide out. Can't wait to see what you look like next!

    • 1 Jan 2006 1:35PM
  • Posted on thorn's profile

    A very impresive PF, Ann.
    You have a hugh variety of high quality work.
    Your helpful comments and encouragement on other people's work is also much appreciated I'm sure.

    Take care,

    • 11 Jun 2006 1:46AM
  • Posted on shane's profile

    An excellent PF of stunning images.
    The high quality of your presentation makes your work easy to identify.

    • 11 Jun 2006 12:41AM
  • Posted on mrsdaffy's profile

    Mrs Mags,
    You have an excellent PF of widely varied and well taken images. Always a pleasure to view your work.

    I still think you are comletely mad though! :-P
    • 10 Jun 2006 11:50PM

Limited to latest 30 results.