Revolutionising Tripods: The Benro Theta Is An Auto-Levelling Travel Tripod



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Thanks for looking - am always grateful for constructive critique.

Now about me :^) :

Recently threw caution to the wind, sold our house, chucked our jobs and, with our 3 kids (after all we were spending their inheritance), went travelling for a year in Australia (for 6 months - fantastic!), New Zealand (5 weeks - 4.5 weeks too long) and southern Africa (4 months - 4.5 weeks too short). A fantastic opportunity and experience, but one that didn't produce the kind of photographic results I was anticipating until pretty close to the end of that time (I'm obviously a slow learner).

Now we're back in the UK and finding wildlife/bird photographs pretty difficult compared to the places we've visited even when up and out before sunrise. Perhaps it says something about me but I'd rather be photographing stunning birds and big game basking in the sun than LBJs in the fog :^) . So started saving up for the next trip (have to get a job first though).


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