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  • Commented on 'Safari Lens'

    Canon 100-400 is a brilliant lens and great for safari.
    • 27 Jun 2005 1:24PM
  • Commented on 'I Want A Good Lens To Replace The Canon EF 18-55.'

    Canon 17-40 f4 L is fantastic - try a few shots and you'll be sold.
    • 16 Mar 2005 11:54AM
  • Commented on 'Help With Choice Of Three Lens To Buy?'

    If you don't need the very high build quality of the 24-70, look at a Tamron 28-75 f2.8 Xr Di. Optically its just about as good as the Canon. Not built as well, focuses a little slower, much lighter - wouldn't swop mine for anything. Much better optically than the 28-135 IS. Then use the remaining money to buy a canon 17-40 F4 L - a fantastic lens.
    • 16 Mar 2005 11:49AM
  • Commented on 'Canon 17-40mm f4 L'

    Hi Jason

    Brilliant lens. I traded my 20-35 Canon in for it - very happy that I did. Lens is very sharp, wonderful contrast, handles flare pretty well and very quick and precise autofocus. Downside - it's a bit heavy and bulky and having used an "L" lens you may not be very happy with your remaining lenses any more!

    Optically, from all the reviews I have seen, the 17-40 is far better than the old 17-35.

    • 18 Mar 2004 3:16PM