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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Strand Beach, So. California by john_w168

    Thanks a lot for all your comments. Much appreciated.
    • 16 Feb 2019 1:42PM
  • Together by Granddad

    Lovely pair of Mandarins.
    • 13 Jun 2016 6:18PM
  • Hummingbird by john_w168

    Thank you, all, for the wonderful comments and encouragements.
    • 1 Jun 2015 5:43AM
  • YOSEMITE GOLD by sehrbrock

    That's a beautiful shot. I was there 3 weeks ago but didn't catch that golden light.
    • 22 May 2015 6:49AM
  • Butterfly by PjPhotography49

    Beautiful detailed composition. Artistic placement of the butterfly too.
    • 27 Nov 2014 12:16AM
  • Heart of the Canyon - Upper Antelope Canyon by john_w168

    Thank you, all, for the positive responses. It was quite tricky indeed to be pointing the camera upward with long exposure and without using a tripod. My gratitude to our photo guide and the native Navajos gave this sacred part of the canyon its appropriate description.
    • 16 Sep 2014 12:59PM
  • Double vision by john_w168

    You are funny, Bert.

    The tide went only so far ashore so don't worry about the birds. They are more intelligent than we gave them credit for.
    FYI they can even dive for their fish food every now and then.
    • 19 Nov 2013 5:08AM
  • Twin Beauty by john_w168

    Thank you, all, for the positive feedbacks.
    • 16 Sep 2013 1:15PM
  • Peach by john_w168

    Thanks a lot, Lynne.
    • 19 Aug 2013 1:13PM
  • Fawn Pair by tonyguitar

    The timing is perfect, Tony. Incredible shot.
    • 11 May 2013 2:37PM
  • McWay Falls, Big Sur CA by john_w168

    Thanks a lot, Tony.
    • 11 May 2013 1:30PM
  • San Diego, California by john_w168

    Thanks a lot for your comment, Mike.

    Yes, it was sunset here in Southern California and the creature was a California Harbor seal. They are smaller, more mellow and shy than the sea lions up north. February is the climax of their birthing season.

    We were planning to arrive at the location within 2 hours but ended up taking 4 hours because of the traffic. It was right at the Golden hours when we arrived so I just took advantage of the light shining on their bodies and water.

    Glad the day was not wasted.
    • 26 Feb 2013 3:51AM
  • Fall Color at June Lake, California by john_w168

    Thanks a lot, everybody, for the constructive comments. Yes, Frank, I did used a tripod. I usually concentrate and focus on the foreground. I sure will try your technique next time, Willie.
    • 25 Nov 2011 3:56AM
  • One night bloom! by tashi

    Tashi, this flower is called Queen of the night. I have one exactly like it. I waited 3 years and it bloomed two months ago. Superb capture by the way.
    • 8 Oct 2010 11:10PM
  • Como Lake by Trojan

    You can download Picasa for free and straighten the horizontal and vertical lines like Dennis said. Very nice scene and lovely colors.
    • 6 Oct 2010 5:12AM
  • The Three Butterflies by samlw68

    Your patience paid off, Sam. Fit for a Hallmark card. Excellent.
    • 1 Oct 2010 5:58PM
  • M6 sunset by NeilWigan

    Wow! The whole sky seemingly was on fire. Another beautiful shot, Peter.
    • 1 Oct 2010 5:55PM
  • Good Bye Summer !! by PauloNascimentoPhotography

    Very life-like, Paulo. Excellent theme and composition.
    • 1 Oct 2010 5:52PM
  • SISKIN by jeb2012

    Love all your bird shots. This is the best, I think. Clarity and colors really amazing.
    • 1 Oct 2010 5:50PM
  • Hello by sweetpea62

    Here is another vote for you, Linda. Excellent post-processing. Lovely model, too.
    • 25 Sep 2010 10:17PM
  • Sparrow by samlw68

    Very good steady hands, Sam. It's sharp and clean. The sparrow really stands out against the blurred background. Keep it up.
    • 25 Sep 2010 4:58PM
  • MAPLE LEAF !!! by PauloNascimentoPhotography

    Thanks for the reminder, Paulo. Now all the Fall color peepers will get ready for the next adventure. Beautiful golden color and composition. Simple and elegant.
    • 25 Sep 2010 4:52PM
  • Two sleeping ducks by xwang

    Very sharp capture, xiaoli. Maybe concentrating only on one of the ducks and its reflection would be more interesting, I guess.
    • 25 Sep 2010 4:44PM
  • READY FOR THE RUT ! by Imagephotographics

    All the fine comments have been posted already for this shot so I will just say they are all true. Magnificent shot, Chris. We are not allowed to go nearer than 50 feet from any wildlife in the National Park System.
    • 25 Sep 2010 5:51AM
  • Stonehenge by akhtarkhan

    You really captured the mood of the scene. I can feel the mystery of the place through your photo. Excellent.
    • 25 Sep 2010 5:35AM
  • Snow leopard by akhtarkhan

    That's one ferocious-looking animal. So life-like. Great capture.
    • 25 Sep 2010 5:32AM
  • wonder will she notice me[ill pretend i havnt seen him] by NeilWigan

    We are part of the animal kingdom, so we act in similar manner. Very nice capture of their intimate moment, Neil. We have a town here where they roam around the neighborhood in great numbers, on rooftops and swimming pools, in addition to their mating calls, they are considered pests.
    • 25 Sep 2010 5:28AM
  • "ARAZI" Grazing by LexEquine

    I hope I would have the life of Arazi when I retire, LOL.
    What a fine-looking stud. Love the background color and composition.
    • 25 Sep 2010 5:15AM
  • "Siamese Twins" by LexEquine

    Timeless shot, Peter. Beautiful sepia tone, too.
    • 25 Sep 2010 5:07AM
  • Big Stopper At Work by achieverswales

    Wonderful landscape shot. Wide-angle lens really did justice to the scene. Nice color and perspective.
    • 25 Sep 2010 1:20AM