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Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at my portfolio.
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  • A couple of model/photographer websites to try:

    Purestorm (UK based)
    Model-Mayhem (US based)

    I look forward to seeing your results.

  • The whole world has turned upside-down for us Bluenoses.

    In the 106 days since the Carling Cup Final win, we won just two of twelve league games, got relegated on the last day of the season, lost a large handful of players due to contracts or loans expiring and now our manager has quit, despite signing two players just last week. Add to that our best players will now be picked off by Presmiership teams for bargain basement prices.

    Do I regret renewing my season ticket for the 20th year, before the end of May to take advantage of a 16% discount? Hmm, I'm starting to think I do.

    That's it, steam has been let off, I'm going to sit in a darkened room now to calm down.
  • Good Morning World
  • I can't get this smile off my face today Grin Grin Grin,
    can't think why...
  • I'm surprised that no-one has yet mentioned the con we have with fuel prices in that the duty is added BEFORE VAT, therefore when VAT is added we are paying tax on a tax.

    The motorist will always be an easy target as a cash-cow for whichever government is incumbent at the time. We need to get where we're going and will pay for the fuel whatever the cost.
  • Isn't Ola Jordan up for a gong?

    If not, she should be.
  • My mantra for 2011:

    'Buy less, sell more'
  • Looks like you've got Alan Pardew heading north. Does he realise just how cold it gets up there ?


  • Quote:...Its their country, They can do what the heck they like...

    Shame that's not the case in the UK.
  • I noticed there were no Chelski fans posting last weekend

  • Quote:No S in Gwent / Newport yet. We usually get S here.

    Good. Hope it stays that way until Monday at least. We'll be down in Newport for the weekend visiting the in-laws. God forbid we can't get home on Sunday evening ready for work on Monday.
  • I worked with the lovely Monika.T last Wednesday, here's one of my favourites from the shoot...

    ... and here's another...

  • Quote:Its been mentioned Grin

    Who by K ??
  • Good performance from our 'reserves' last night. Smile

    Looking forward to the 4th round draw on Saturday now.
  • I'd agree with the Cat, single light source, low key effect. Just concentrate the viewer's attention on the details you want them to see rather than those you don't.

    ... or ask her to model a burkha for you Wink
  • This has just reminded me I'll have clocked up six years tomorrow (hope that rumour about Pete is false).

    I'd have thought I'd have found the way out by now.
  • By Saturday afternoon we will be pitched up at a campsite somewhere in the Picardy countryside, so I'll be giving this a try if the French skies are still clear.
  • I use Purestorm a lot, there's a free membership level if you want it, but you'll need a couple of 'model' shots to get your profile approved. You'll be able to find some group shoots in the forum to get you started.

    Most of the models and photographers I've met on shoots I am now linked with on Facebook as well, another good vehicle for networking.
  • I'm in too. I probably won't be able to play about with my team for the first couple of weeks as I'm going away this Friday and don't come back until 29th Grin so if I can't get any internet access I can use that as an excuse for my poor results Wink

    Oh, re: The Vile & Martin O'Neill, gutted, really really gutted Tongue
  • All of what Big Bri said, especially 6, 8 & 10, but not 12 until he pulls out in front of me.

    Toonman, that was not nice. I might just have to shout for Man.Utd at the weekend now Tongue
  • 1. Aston Villa
    2. Eastenders (half an hour of cockneys shouting)
    3. Tomatoes (the Devil's work)
    4. The London-centric attitude of 'those in charge of the country'
    5. Five day weeks at work (gets in the way of what I really want to be doing)

    I might have another five later...
    [Insert grumpy-faced emoticon]
  • I know this isn't really answering the question but...

    Quote:John Bonham - drums
    John Paul Jones - bass, keyboards
    Robert Plant - vocals
    Jimmy Page - guitar


    Vocals: Peter Gabriel
    Keyboards: Tony Banks
    Guitar: Steve Hackett
    Bass: Mike Rutherford
    Drums: Phil Collins

    To add in a variation (and potentially hijack the thread), a discussion I have had many times is based around those that have 'passed on' ie. Gods own rockband. I'd go for...

    Vocals: Freddie Mercury
    Lead Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
    Rhythm Guitar: John Lennon
    Bass Guitar: Phil Lynott
    Drums: John Bonham

    Plenty of decent backing vocals there too.
  • I'll get one in soon, still thinking of who to pick...
  • Ok, let's try to get in on the 'Photos from Jas's attic' thread Wink

    This is from early 2009, me with my 30D & 100-400 L taken with my old 10D. I've just had some business cards printed from Moo, using this shot with a lowered opacity and text over the top as the front side and various examples of my other rubbish on the back.

    I'll try to dig an old one out since that what the thread was asking for Smile

  • Quote:Presumably Ferrari consider the reported 100k fine money well spent?

    I think it was $100k, approx 64,500 based on Friday's FT. Just a tickle on the wrist to a company like Ferrari.
  • You're not a Geography teacher are you Jas ??
  • As far as I am aware (and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong) the 5DmkII batteries have a chip in them that means you can view the battery status as a percentage on the LCD, but the non-Canon ones don't have this facility.

  • Quote:but surely the way to go is for the teams & governing body to get rid of/change the rule rather than simply break it with impunity!

    ...or to keep the rule as it is and make the penalties for breaking such rules more severe.

  • Quote:If they are only interested in the constructor's title, it wouldn't matter to them which order their drivers finished.

    What Bri said.

    The fine is not even a slap on the wrist to Ferrari. How many road cars do they need to sell to get $100k ??

    The profit they got from their cheating was to have Alonso gain more championship points, so the fine should be in line with that, ie. take the points back off Alonso so that their little exercise gained nothing. He should then be made to start the next race from the back of the grid as a penalty.

    Just my two p's worth

    Edit: I'd just like to congratulate Valentino Rossi on his remarkable comeback yesterday gaining a podium spot just seven weeks after breaking his leg as Mugello.

  • Quote:not likley to happen in Brum but you never know

    I don't know. The rumour is that there's some weird stuff in Edgbaston Reservoir and the last time I was in Canon Hill Park the lake had a few less ducks on it so there must be something lurking under the water there... Wink