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Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at my portfolio.
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  • Holiday?

    Well, the time came and went. I spent Friday morning emptying my desk and making sure I'd packed up all my belongings. At lunchtime I was given my redundancy cheque and said my goodbyes to those I was leaving behind. My previous blog entries have ...

    1 Mar 2009 7:53PM | Read


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  • I'll be next

    As I've mentioned elsewhere before, our parent company are closing our site because of the financial climate. Production finished at Christmas, along with all of the production staff, which was a sad day indeed. The company, through a couple of corpo...

    30 Jan 2009 4:21PM | Read


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  • November off to a flyer

    Had a good day. Other half bought me a nice shiney electro-acoustic guitar for my forthcoming birthday and I've finally got around to releasing the shutter on my 30D for the first time in about nine weeks. I have challenged myself to produce a pho...

    1 Nov 2008 8:13PM | Read


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  • ... and now it's snowing

    Woke up today to a beautiful blue sky. I'm on a couple of days off from work so the plan was to have a lazy breakfast and then pop into town so that my wife can buy me a present for my upcoming birthday, then a spot of lunch at a local hostelry befor...

    28 Oct 2008 4:14PM | Read


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  • Where's my inspiration?

    I picked my camera up this morning for the first time since my trip to France in August, but only to change the time back to GMT :-( I have totally lacked any inspiration lately and cannot find a reason to stick a lens onto my 30D and fire off a ...

    26 Oct 2008 2:55PM | Read


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  • Long time, no blog

    It's ages since I added an entry to my blog. Not through design, or boredom, I've just been too busy. I haven't even taken my camera out of it's bag since our holiday in France in August. That's criminal. Last Friday I had my long awaited, and dre...

    2 Oct 2008 11:21AM | Read


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  • Holiday time

    I'm off to France this evening. It's the first time that I've taken my bike (a 600cc Honda) abroad and I'm really looking forward to it. My wife (being a teacher) has more holiday than me and will be travelling down with her parents in their rathe...

    13 Aug 2008 1:01PM | Read


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  • Having a lazy day - I'm done in

    It's amazing how tired you can get just sitting down doing nothing. We had a family day out at Edgbaston yesterday for the England v South Africa test match and I'm completely lifeless this morning. The truth is that the day is a little more th...

    3 Aug 2008 9:45AM | Read


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  • Frustration

    I'm already four days into my week off and there's not been much activity on the shutter-finger front. I did manage to indulge myself at last weekend's wedding but I had hoped to get out and about this week - the weather has put the mockers on that. ...

    31 Jul 2008 7:05PM | Read


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  • One week on

    A week since my last blog entry. It's not laziness, or apathy, I've just been so busy lately to have any spare time to relax with my hobbies, but that's about to change. We're off to a wedding on Saturday, a good chance for me to mill about and ha...

    23 Jul 2008 8:44PM | Read


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  • Operation Countdown

    I know I said I wouldn't mention it again, but... I have just had the date for my knee op confirmed. 26th September. I now have just another 72 potentially sleepless nights. I've got plenty to keep my mind off it though. Between now and then I'm o...

    16 Jul 2008 12:57PM | Read


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  • Attack of the In-Laws

    No, not the next Star Wars film, I've got my other-half's parents and Grandmother staying for the weekend. We had a major cleaning frenzy this week, but they still find themselves jobs to do around our house that we hadn't even noticed. My father-in-...

    13 Jul 2008 2:29PM | Read


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  • Where is the week going?

    What? Wednesday evening already? You cannot be serious. So what have I been doing to make the time fly then? Work, work and more work. Been busy in the day job, enough to require extra hours in the office. Not something I like to do too often, bu...

    9 Jul 2008 9:29PM | Read


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  • Saturday's been a busy one

    Well, it's been a day of getting jobs done. My wife has attacked the inside of the house, while I've been on the outside, and all because the in-laws are coming to stay. To tell the truth, because there's only the two of us at home, we do tend to ...

    5 Jul 2008 8:03PM | Read


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  • Thank you

    I just wanted to give an open 'Thank You' to those that have tried to reassure me about my forthcoming operation. It's only a small op, may even be under local anaesthetic, but I've never had any kind of surgery before and have been feeling quite ...

    4 Jul 2008 12:02AM | Read


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