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  • 'a Beautiful Noise'

    Congrats. on the HC, Roger. Well deserved.

    • 24 Apr 2008 12:33PM
  • Ice dawn

    Wonderfully timed. Super composition with the tracks leading in to the main subject. And you got up early in the cold. The HDR has worked well but inevitably there is a very slight halo effect around the dish. I haven't cracked that one yet either!
    • 7 Apr 2007 2:12PM
  • Valleys & Mountains

    What a superb foreground, Lavneet. Also, you seem to have got a good depth of field to include the spectacular mountain ranges. My only critical comment would be that you could slightly darken the mountains & sky (a gradient would be good) & increase the contrast.
    • 7 Apr 2007 1:41PM
  • Sunday morning

    This is a nice shot, I'm surprised nobody has clicked before me. I would straighten the vertical wall (right) in PhotoShop & perhaps clone out the TV aerial.
    • 5 Apr 2007 10:17PM
  • sculpture

    This looks like an imaginative angle. It would be interesting to know a bit about the sculpture. For some reason, this sort of shot doesn't seem to do too well on EPZ. Pity.
    • 3 Apr 2007 5:41PM
  • Tango

    Well worth an RC, have it on me. Sorry it took me a while to find it ;>} I love the "over the top" expressions.
    • 17 Mar 2007 6:57PM
  • Blue Shutters

    You can almost hear the insects' drone & feel the heat of the sun! Very good use of foreground & well controlled DoF. If I was going to be picky, I'd say a strong focal point would make it even better. Pity one of the locals didn't stick their head out of the window. Or perhaps you've got another shot ... ;>}
    • 11 Mar 2007 1:09PM
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  • Anastasia, your portfolio is top notch. We visited Australia in Dec 2002 to see the solar eclipse, unfortunately we only passed through Sydney airport & didn't have time to sightsee. However, my eldest daughter saw in the New Year 2005/6 in Sydney & witnessed the fireworks as portrayed in your wonderful photograph. We must return one day.

  • Nice varied P/F Billy, so many specialists here. Not sure about your feline identity (but I'm not one to criticise ;>})
    • Posted on billyb's profile
    • 15 Feb 2007 10:18PM
  • You have an interesting & varied PF Laurence, which deserves more comment. We "Jack of all Trades" are undervalued, I reckon ;>} Also, I like your eye for composition.
    • Posted on bigLol's profile
    • 3 Mar 2007 12:40PM