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Welcome to my portfolio, I hope you enjoy the images. If you would like to comment please do so. have a look at my website, there are many more images there.
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As a landscape photographer the image that I produce is not a record of the place, it is a record of one persons emotional response to that place.

When I produce landscape photographs I am not trying to produce a topographical record, but trying to covey my reaction to the environment that I am working in. Many things will influence this – the weather, the temperature, my mood, how tired I am, etc.

I try to immerse myself in the activity, I can’t go out for the odd day, I need to spend time in the landscape. This means that I spend days on my own camping and walking in the Lake District with just my camera.

I studied under John Blakemore who encouraged us to almost meditate in the area that we were working in, he talked about ‘the spirit of the place’. In a way I suppose walking on my own is my way of doing this.


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