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Hello and welcome to a little slice of my world as I see it Smile

I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy taking them.
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A quick view of Johnny2D's recent activity.

  • Catch - A Sealion's Lunch by Andysnapper

    My favourite zoo and my favourite animals in it. Lovely shot Smile
    • 7 Mar 2013 9:57AM
  • Breakfast :) by Johnny2D

    Quote:Wow, that looks good.

    It was extremely good, it's at a cafe called Stella Maris in Santa Susanna on the Costa Brava.
    We have been in there many times and I have eaten quite a few like that...

    I wish I was there right now, especially as I have just finished a 13 hour shift and am on a punishing diet.
    • 4 Mar 2013 8:08AM
  • Monitor Lizard by HuddersfieldHil

    He's a cool looking dude Smile
    • 2 Mar 2013 8:39AM
  • Feeding Frenzy? by topsyrm

    My favourite creatures, they are much maligned and so pretty. I love to have them feed from hand and to watch the males display to the females.

    Lovely capture.
    • 24 Feb 2013 4:24PM
  • Silly Sunday by Gypsyman

    England's green & pleasant land...
    • 24 Feb 2013 4:03PM
  • Love is by oliverivorybray

    Lovely Sealions, amazing creatures
    • 20 Feb 2013 10:35PM
  • Because I'm Worth It!!! by SammyRatFan

    Looks more like Niles to me Smile
    • 17 Feb 2013 3:13PM
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