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14/03/2012 - 7:16 PM


VoyeurThis is weirdly so much more "dark" than the others for me, simply because the image is a lot more "realistic" in its presentation. The detail, the pose, the visuals give this a real "Seven" feel to me....something sinister has or is about to happen here and its quite disturbing....brilliant image....
13/03/2012 - 9:01 PM


VoyeurGood work again, although if I may, I feel this one isn't "quite" as strong as the others as there is a much more obvious "processed" feel to the image....the others do look like you are looking through the steam and glass in a shower, yet this one looks like its been deliberately processed to look like that....does this make sense? I still like it, and as Bill said, does seem to have a great, classic pose behind the idea. But for me, the rest work better....even though I still do like this Smile
13/03/2012 - 8:55 PM


VoyeurI for one think this is brilliant....the feeling of vunerability, the sadness in it, the claustrophobia, darkness and an underlying mood of....not sure what, but its mildly disturbing....the conveyance of the mood is what this shot is all about....has something just happened? Is it about to happen? Do they want it to happen? Did they want it to happen? Are we supposed to know? So many questions come out of this....superb work....
08/03/2012 - 2:54 PM


VoyeurI have come to this series late and forgive me if I don't comment on every photo in the series, but I will say that its some of the most imaginative, clever, well constructed, innovative and interesting photography I have seen on this site in a long time. Its not "polished" in any way, but thats what gives the series its mood, its "edge" and thought provocation. Its not saying much with any of these photos, and there isn't that much on view either, but the images definitely live up to the feeling of the titles.....Voyeur is a perfect way to sum these up. I am no prude, I think a good "art nude" is one of the purest and most beautiful forms of photography there is and something I strive to be able to do myself, properly, at some point. The human form is an incredible thing to look at. But there is no denying that, as much as there is an "art" element to a well shot, creatively "different" image that shows a little bit of skin, you cannot help, whoever you are, want to weirdly see a little more.....but doing so would completely shatter the illusion. Your images give that feeling of teetering on the precipice.....you KNOW there is something sensual, erotic, SEXY even, going on behind that glass or steam and the animal in us all wants to see whats going on.....the aesthete in the intelligent is just curious as to what is there and doesn't want to spoil things......

You have created that "divide" in the mind brilliantly, whether it intentional or not. This is a clever, interesting and thoroughly entertaining set of shots....keep them coming! I don't get on to this site as often as I used to due to the new baby taking up a lot of time, but when I do, I shall keep an eye out for your uploads......good work!
12/02/2012 - 10:36 AM

Messy, Arty

Messy, ArtyGreat shot...love the porcelain look, the pose, the desaturated feel to this.....but I think the milk is a little pointless and unnecessary. It would stand as a beautiful bit of art on its own without that. Its an idea thats been done a lot of times and there is nothing wrong with that, but it has to be done with conviction to work and I am not sure this quite does. I would love to see this with NOTHING changed, but without the milk....would be a proper wall hanger....its beautiful....
29/09/2011 - 8:50 AM


LaraLovely tones and eye contact in this Richard.....

If I may get technical slightly here though (and forgive me on this as you already know the parsity of my PS skills....lol!), but there does seem a bit of a broken halo around her where I guess you have enhanced the background tones and colours or have altered her to make her stand out a little? The most obvious part would around her left (our right) hip and down that same side under her arm.....the shadow shouldn't be broken there I am guessing as she is close enough to the wall for her body to overlap her own shadow, so guess this is a slight process artifact maybe? If I am wrong, then please, forgive me.....like I said, I can see things, I can't DO things.... Smile But other than that, as I said on that "other" site, I think this is a cracker for the tones, the look, the pose, model and light....all spot on!
17/08/2011 - 11:08 PM

Windy Gisela

Windy GiselaBeautifully airy image, very summery, very british seaside....such fantastic colour balance, the dress with the hair particularly....lovely, simple idea, really lovely work again John....absolutely lovely....
05/08/2011 - 9:03 AM

Sand Sculpture

Sand SculptureAbsolutely fantastic work John, this is quite superb. Has a real 60's feel to it, really do like the treatment, the pose, composition, model and light are all spot on and very much of "a time" and the whole feel of this really does take you back to the glamour days of the first 60's supermodels.....quite brilliant!
01/08/2011 - 8:06 PM


AvengerWhat a great idea! Superb stuff, she looks great in the outfit and the idea is bang on. Just a little thing though...the noise from the high ISO you must have used is coming through a touch and she is just a tiny, tiny bit out of focus. But the angle, the idea, the action, the movement and the setup is spot on....I love this! Really dynamic image! Good stuff!
31/07/2011 - 4:21 PM

With The Dark

With The DarkStrong, powerful, menacing shot and the idea of framing the face with the arm and the hat is a very good one. I like this a lot. Nicely done with the light to prevent shadows on her face too....excellent work...
20/07/2011 - 5:37 PM

Smile and pounce

Smile and pounceAgain Darren, the light is perfect, the location spot on, I like your conversion....and of course, brilliantly shot and a beautiful model. But for me, if you don't mind me saying, this isn't "quite" as successful as the previous uploads as there is something about the pose that doesn't quite work for me. It looks a little awkward and unnatural and the placement of her arm on her leg has lifted her elbow to make it look like she has a bit of a hunchback....it still has a lot of impact and I love the smile, but the pose is the thing that lets this down compared to the previous uploads....still a cracking image for all the good things, but thats not quite there for me. Would loved to have seen one from this series wit the same kind of light but with her standing up. I know the shape and pose is all about the action thing that is in Twilight, but a standing or alternative pose to a crouched one would work with this outfit and her look and the light.....but, client always knows best eh? lol! Wink Well, so they think anyway....lol! Cracking series Darren, you have a good muse here, keep hold of her and shoot agian, she is a cracker and seems like she knows what she is doing....and you have the light thing going on spot on....nice one!!!
19/07/2011 - 10:56 PM

Miss F - no3

Miss F - no3Nice to see her completely in the frame, good stuff. Like her pose (the thumbs under the bra straps are a good touch Smile lol!), but not sure about the over all pose and angle as anyone upside down will always look a touch odd....its not her or you, far from it...but humans brains are not wired to decipher and process images that come into the eyes upside down simply because we never spend that long upside down...its why kids are fascinated by looking under their legs and so on. So, when you see someone upside down, it just looks very strange (have you ever seen the optical illusion of the upside down face with the smile upside down too....you just can't tell....very strange)....and this gives that illusion. Whats more, with gravity doing its thing, it slightly distorts the face, giving it a slightly unflattering look, stretching and moving cheeks and lips about from their usual place.....I might have suggested that if she wanted something similar to this, I would have moved further onto the bed so her head wasn't completely hanging over, keep the pose and then maybe just look to the camera with a slightly turned head instead, so she can still look "up" at the camera, but do it with hair over then end and have a more flattering neck and head position.....I hope you see this as constructive rather than negatively critical as I think she is beautiful, the husband to be will love the shots and she has done a good job....not easy when you aren't a model. Good work!
16/07/2011 - 11:06 AM

Miss F no2

Miss F no2I think this is lovely....the DOF is spot on, the light is well balanced and well exposed...lovely soft control of that too. Gorgeous model, simple, pose, lovely angle.

Criticism? Well, I am all for leaving images as natural as possible, I hate over photoshopped images. But the moles and marks on her legs might be, for some, a little distracting, so might be worth looking to clone those out? Also, I might have had her a little bit more right in the frame so legs weren't so cut off...its a lovely pose truncated slightly. Pan out, maybe stand back a bit more and get her in the frame completely, or follow in and get tighter in the crop and make a feature of her upper body more....but both of these things are small bits that can be a personal choice or something to remember for the future. On the whole, this is really a very, very lovely image indeed......
21/06/2011 - 9:44 PM

This back ache is killing me

This back ache is killing meYeah, she stands out a mile with that light and contrast and the shapes juxtapose brilliantly with the surroundings. I know what you mean, but still a very, very compelling image. Like it!
08/06/2011 - 10:40 PM

Looking Out

Looking OutBeautifully controlled light and tones, love the pose and set up...this is really very nice indeed.....
05/06/2011 - 4:34 PM


BLUE VELVETMay I be so bold as to offer a couple of words of constructive criticism and advice?

You have a lovely model, lovely smile and like you said, the colours are really nice with the hair and the necklace to go with the dress....that all works really well. I like her smile and fun pose too....really lovely. The basis of a very nice image.

But, a couple of things. Firstly, the shot is very underexposed, probably by about a stop and a half I would say. Might be worth checking the histogram in your processing software as I would imagine that the curve is way down on the left or the middle. You have a white background, so the curve should be much further to the right.....bring this up and those colours would really scream off the page I reckon. At the moment, they are very muted and a touch grey and its a shame as they, like I said and you have yourself, are really nice.

Secondly, the image is focused in completely the wrong place. The focus with 95% of all portraits should be on the eyes and the focus on this is on the hand BEHIND her, so everything in front, including the face and eyes, it out of focus....which then in turn loses the detail of those lovely eyes and makes it look quite blurred. You have a nice camera there (the 1000D is a lovely bit of kit, I have its bigger brother, the 7D and most of the electronic internals are quite similar), so getting the correct focus point shouldn't be a problem. Either focus, half press and recompose or move the focus point around the viewfinder to the point where you want and shoot away. If you have a chance to shoot with this lady again, do so and recreate the image, but take into account the use of the histogram....never rely on the screen on the back as it will always give you a false impression.

This is the basis of a really nice, fun and lovely image, but with a few tweaks, you would have a killer shot. Hope you don't mind as I can see real potential in this Smile
16/05/2011 - 4:00 PM

Fundamentally Loathsome

Fundamentally LoathsomeReally quite lovely work....this is superb. I am not entirely sure about the cigarette, reckon it would work without it as I know it works with the title, but the claustrophobia and the feel you have produced would have got the mental juices flowing with or without it.....either way, thats a personal preference, its still a really quite lovely and mildly disturbing image.....I love it!
03/05/2011 - 5:36 PM


GemmaI would tend to agree with the above a little....this is a lovely attempt and still a nice image, but just a couple of things would make a difference....the advice on the hands is very good. If anything, I might be tempted to bring the leg around and be a touch more "head on" to the camera as when you have large expanses of flesh like the side of the thigh, if its not entirely in frame, it can look a little out of proportion. Bringing it around would eliminate this a touch, as well as giving your model more choice when it comes to hand positioning. On the top of the legs, holding the knee, maybe just resting on the side of the thigh, all in frame....just a few pointers, hope you don't see them as too critical, I like to try and be as constructive as possible.
The eye contact doesn't bother me....I quite like the expression, although she does look like she has been caught on the hop a little, which actually adds a nice touch of fun Smile But the shadows are a little distracting. Not sure how it was shot, but would possibly get the lightsource a little closer and adjust camera and light accordingly. If unmodified, shoot through a soft box close in, or maybe an umbrella and if this isn't an option, there are a million "tricks" that can be found on the web to soften the light e.g. cloth over the light, tissue over the light, bouncing the light closer to the model, try and shoot natural or available light with a reflector etc etc. You have a nice camera with decent ISO performance, so might be worth taking advantage of that a little.....I am no expert, but hope you get what I am trying to say to hopefully point to small improvements to get this from being a really nice image to an absolute cracker.....
03/04/2011 - 10:35 PM

Clinging onto the film

Clinging onto the filmInteresting and different pose with this kind of idea, brave model who has pulled off the mood with the good light and excellent creativity. I like this a lot for its oddness.... no bad thing! Smile
02/04/2011 - 11:04 AM

Viktoria Boudoir

Viktoria BoudoirFantastic treatment to this image John, there seems to be a lovely melancholy to her gaze....really lovely and simple image that works very well. I like this a lot for its simplicity and softness. Really nice