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18/06/2010 - 11:29 AM

The Scene - April

The Scene - AprilHmmmm this is a tough one.....

Knowing your "style" with this kind of processing, I would say its another very good shot, but for me, maybe a touch TOO far away from "real" to go to a magazine. I would possibly tone it back, but the light, pose, model and colours are, as always, really great. But its starting to look a tiny, tiny touch overdone. Pull it back a touch to fall in line with your other shots like this and I reckon you will be onto a winner.....but this is a personal thing. Others may disagree. Its up to you regarding the advice....will be interested to know what you think when advice comes in....
26/05/2010 - 5:10 PM


VulnerableHey Paola.....she is kind and brave to let you post and I definitely think this was worth it. Beautifully done, has an innocence about it that marks out her nervousness and vunerability and the tones work so well on both versions as to make it stark enough to accentuate that feeling. She is a good model and you have got good work out of her here........really rather lovely.

As for posing, well, there are a few "classic" poses that will always show art nude styles, but show very little. I used poses which are taken with the models back to the camera, with a slight twist in the body, or side on with the light hiding the models modesty. There are also poses which you can do which have legs and body parts covering the intimate areas, such as crossed legs, or lying face down, but on one side. But these come with comfort and when you have your model comfortable with what you do, you can have the time to try things out with both the light and poses.

As for making them comfortable, always try and keep the mood light and humourous. Have a laugh and try and keep the topic of conversation (which you must keep up at all times) AWAY from the fact your model is nude (unless THEY talk about it, then thats Ok). Keep them warm, always give them time to get used to it bit by bit instead of getting them to take off their clothes all in one go. Always work up to it. But just be you, direction will come naturally when you have poses and ideas in your mind and if you have a willing model, they will go along with that. Just shoot as if they weren't nude, make it like its a "normal" thing to do and both of you will soon very much get used to it.

I hope this helps a little? With this image, it looks like you don't need much advice.... Smile
21/05/2010 - 11:10 AM

Inside Maternity

Inside MaternityHmmmm.....a tough one as I love the simplicity and beauty of the V2 (original), without the manipulation. She (and most pregnant women) can look beautiful in their own right and not sure they need the enhancement. For me, the added shadow looks just that...added. Kind of detracts from the natural beauty of the model. She is relaxed, very well lit, nicely posed, has a lovely space and feel to the original, but the V1 looks a bit overdone without achieving anything by adding much to her beauty. I am going to vote this up as I love V2, its a really, really pretty well constructed and beautiful image. V1 doesn't quite work for me this time. Sorry to sound down. I love V2.....
20/05/2010 - 12:43 PM

Suzanne in just about enough

Suzanne in just about enoughNicely done. Like the pose and light. Might be my monitor, but looks a touch burned out around her shoulders, but like the tones this produces, so swings and roundabouts I suppose Smile
16/05/2010 - 7:44 AM

Choose me...

Choose me...The dark area is too picky.....its not always possible to remove every shadow...especially in this kind of image. Also, if everything was completely flat, it would have no life to it or would look so like every other shot, the character would be lost. She looks very natural in this shot, beautiful model, nice use of the space and composition and its just lovely to see that everyone sees something different in an image. We will never all agree, hence what makes photography such an intriguing art....love this image. Beautiful
28/04/2010 - 10:59 AM

The sound of light

The sound of lightAnother trully stunning image Wayne....good to see you back here and producing some seriously top notch quality, yet again. This has amazing light and tones, such wonderful sharpness and clarity, the form and lines are exquisite, the colours, the light and model are beautiful......just extraordinary work, yet again....wonderful stuff. Really quite wonderful.....

Now, far be it for me to ever criticise your work as my stuff doesn't even come CLOSE to this quality, I have one tiny, tiny gripe with it and thats the way she is "playing" the violin.....she doesn't look like she really is. I know you can suspend disbelief on these things, but the way she is holding the neck of the violin itself, the way she holds the bow, the shape of her arm....its just not how you would actually play a violin....the elbow would be more up in the air, the hand would be more "above" the bow, the hand would be further around the neck of the violin and over the strings......its such a tiny thing, I know and I can't fault this image, but as a muso type bloke myself, these things do stand out to me. Its not quite there......but as something to look at, something to behold as a work of beauty, this really is right up there with the very best you have produced Wayne, a true stunner. Wonderful stuff
23/03/2010 - 6:12 PM

Alice V

Alice VI agree.....the off centre composition works a whole lot better as its more towards the natural minds composition of thirds....gives space and feel to the image. A square crop would be more of a traditional portrait shape, but definitely not for this kind of photograph. Much prefer the negative space....
12/02/2010 - 8:37 PM


Smile.....!This is a really nice, happy image that should have more votes and attention...such a shame some good images get so little attention on here sometimes, yet some really mediocre stuff gets loads....so wrong....

Anyway, lovely light, like the angle, pretty model....just one "tiny" crit though....the vignette is a touch to heavy for me really....makes it look definitely artificial...I would be inclined to tone that down and make it look a touch more natural. I like the vignette, use it myself a lot too, but this is very strong....draws you away from the subject slightly, whereas a vignette, if used on purpose, should drag your eyes and focus them IN on the model.....but the main shot.....definitely lovely! Really put a smile on my face!
22/01/2010 - 2:02 PM


Me!The idea is great and you're a very pretty lady, nicely posed with the backdrop you have used, but I agree with Kot....the light is way too full on. Not sure you needed the two lights and I would probably have shut the aperture down a little to bring in some shadow and bring in some definition. The light at 45 degrees to you is spot on idea, but you also need to be relative to this otherwise your light will cast shadows. Nice idea and nearly there, but a couple of things take this away somewhat. You may be pale, as you say, but even pale people can look natural and this somehow doesn't....sorry to sound so down, not a bad idea at all.....
20/01/2010 - 8:53 AM

Give us a chip

Give us a chipThis is a brilliant capture and works superbly....the look on the guys face and the eye contact is a picture in itself and the stark contrast of nothing and no-one else around really brings this out. Cracking shot
13/01/2010 - 10:44 AM


LeviGood light, but think the crop is a bit TOO tight on this. Sorry. Not meaning to offend. She is a lovely model so you need to give her space to breath in the image....I think if you want to keep to this crop, then maybe position her either further to the right or left in the frame? Get some space in the image. Does this make sense?

Oh and there looks like a dust spot top left corner too. Easy fix Smile
12/01/2010 - 9:29 AM

Winter Fashion

Winter FashionI like that you are thinking out of the box and its good that you want to try something different. But, you definitely have a "style" and I don't think that should be abandoned as its what makes a photographer stand out. Styles are what makes a photographer and what makes a career in it too. But good on your for trying....as this still looks like one of your images, for definite. But......the flare definitely looks added in post production and unreal, as well as not quite right on a mono image. If it was a natural flare that was then converted to mono when the original shot was, then this really would work. But unless you are going to go to town totally, then I wouldn't actually "add" anything to your already super strong images. You have style and class dripping from your images, so you don't really need to flower them up anymore. Its a nice idea, but not sure it works....

Hope this isn't taken too badly as the rest of the shot is superb. I really like it. Cracking fashion shot. I am no Rankin or anything, so you don't have to take my words to heart, but I hope you can see I was trying to be constructive Smile
11/01/2010 - 10:55 PM


WaitingAhhhh!!! I see! Then, if thats the case, and this is only a suggestion, I would have possibly have made more of a feature of the window and actually have more of it in the frame instead of taking it out, as its not clear what it is. This way, you could open up your zoom a little more, get a slightly wider angle and then she would have a focus at what she is looking at. Does this make sense? This image could be done both ways and both would work I reckon. But go with what you are happy with! Smile Its still a cracking image....
10/01/2010 - 9:27 AM


DisturbiaAnother great image in this set, although not sure this one quite has the impact as the last one. I think its because there is more going on in the image, more to see, more to take in. The last one was very focused on her face and the rest of the image was there to frame it. This time, the whole frame is the image and its a little less cohesive. Still a cracking image mind and I still really like the off focus and the stillness of the water, but I just preferred the last one. Keep them coming! Stunning stuff!
10/01/2010 - 9:02 AM


_|_I couldn't disagree more about the skirting and the wall. She is in a ROOM.....and the things that are there give it placement. She actually looks like she is sitting in the corner of a room, whereas shopping the skirting and the wall would make this look like exactly what it would be.....a photoshopped image. And I don't think that is the purpose of this image at all. Context is everything and just having the colours of the walls instead of making it actually look like a room would completely take away the impact. Leave well alone I reckon as Gernot clearly knows what he is doing!!!
07/01/2010 - 10:03 PM

s t a r l e t

s t a r l e tHi Diana

Not sure about this. Sorry, I don't want to sound like I am tearing it to bits as your PF (and my previous comments) show you have quite an eye. But this one does look a bit like she has been cut and pasted onto a background somehow. I know, in essence, thats kind of whats happened, but I dunno...its hard to put my finger on it, but just doesn't quite look "natural" enough a blend to work for me. Its so very nearly there with the model, the light, the pose and even the background works, but it still does just look a little bit like two images stuck together....hope that doesn't sound bad as I am not skilled enough to give ideas on how this could be changed.
20/12/2009 - 1:00 PM

singing the country tunes

singing the country tunesI think you mentioned it yourself. It looks just a tad washed out, but not a lot. Maybe a bit more contrast or maybe some recovery or a tiny reduction on exposure in post and this would be wonderful. As it is, still a cracking image. I can totally see what you are trying to get at, but think toning down the light might give you the warmth you are trying to achieve.....almost perfect. Lovely shot
20/12/2009 - 9:52 AM

Peach4 by Klitz

Peach4 by KlitzOh and one more thing....again, only if you have PS but aren't using it.....

I would crop the top bit so you don't have the bit of wall creeping into the image at the top right. I would also have been tempted to have had her doing the same pose, but without the support under her back. That detracts from the image looking a bit more natural...

Sorry, these aren't criticisms as I like them. Just a couple of suggestions. I hope you don't mind...
20/12/2009 - 9:51 AM

Peach4 by Klitz

Peach4 by KlitzYou mean this hasn't had any photoshop done or you don't have it? If it hasn't, then some extra contrast would do this a great favour as its a lovely idea and nicely lit, but a tiny bit flat. If you don't have PS, then I still think, straight out of the camera, this is very nice....
19/12/2009 - 5:31 PM


GenerationsLovely, lovely shot. But I think (my humble opinion) a high contrast mono conversion on this would be really lovely. And a slightly higher crop, but other than that, really lovely