GB Sports Photographer & The Panasonic LUMIX S1



Welcome to my portfolio! Smile I have a passion for wildlife, but in particular you may notice that the animal I adore most all is the Hare! Smile There is just something so mystical and magical that draws me to them, and always will do! Thanks for looking! Smile John
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A quick view of JohnoP's recent activity.

  • I found the Easter Bunny (==>> read Hare)

    Really well done Austin on all the awards, and especially POTW! SmileSmile John
    • 13 Apr 2015 11:01AM
  • Spring !

    Top class work Brian......divine! Smile John
    • 3 Apr 2015 7:26AM
  • Male Pintail Drake

    Beautiful in-flight capture Mike! Smile John
    • 3 Apr 2015 7:23AM
  • Weed Dance

    Well done you Mike.....fabulous! SmileSmileSmile John
    • 3 Apr 2015 7:21AM
  • Bearded Tit

    Beautiful work! Smile John
    • 31 Mar 2015 7:58PM
  • Jackdaw

    Fabulous image Jason....just beautiful, what a gorgeous bird! Smile John
    • 31 Mar 2015 10:17AM
  • Underneath Monach

    What a fabulous image John...just love it! Smile John
    • 31 Mar 2015 10:16AM
  • Fabulous portfolio here John...a joy and inspiration to view! Smile John
    • Posted on fishiee's profile
    • 27 Aug 2014 12:24PM
  • Quite simply an inspiring portfolio.....always a joy to view! Smile John
    • Posted on csurry's profile
    • 26 Aug 2014 6:24PM
  • Lovely work here Ed, which is a joy to view! Smile John
  • Always a pleasure to view your portfolio Fred.....such excellent work! Smile John
  • Stunning work here Yung...a pleasure to view your portfolio! Smile John
  • Fantastic portfolio.....really enjoyed viewing! Grin John
  • A portfolio to be very proud of John! Grin John
  • Your portfolio is an absolute delight to view Bill. John
    • Posted on bill33's profile
    • 2 Feb 2014 9:00PM
  • You have an exceptional talent Brian and your images are consistently outstanding! Always a pleasure to view. John
  • A nice variety of quality images on your portfolio Gary, which I very much enjoyed viewing. John