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Hi and welcome to my gallery. I'm always pleased to receive comments on my work - but please make criticism constructive!
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A quick view of johnp's recent activity.

  • Natasha

    Thank you for your votes, award and comments. Happy New Yeat to all. J
    • 1 Jan 2019 9:45AM
  • Bodyscape With Droplets #2

    Thanks for your kind comments!
    • 31 Dec 2018 5:40PM
  • Bodyscape With Droplets

    Thank you for your comments!
    • 31 Dec 2018 3:50PM
  • Withstanding

    • 21 Mar 2018 7:46PM
  • The Perfect Housemaid

    Thanks, dudler! I've had the idea floating around my mind for years but this was the first time I was able to try it. It had the model in hysterics when I told her my idea.
    • 28 Feb 2018 9:21AM
  • 100 Year-Old Hands

    Thanks! I felt they said far more than the far-away look on her face.
    • 7 Apr 2016 10:14AM
  • Emma

    Oops sorry I forgot I'd posted it already. Hangs head in shame
    • 15 Sep 2015 10:46PM
  • Wow! I've just looked at your work and I absolutely love it!!