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johnriley1uk's Blog


I hope you enjoy browsing the images in my Portfolio - all comments are welcome!
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  • ADAPS Year Book 2018-2019

    Yes, it's that time of year again and the eleventh ADAPS Year Book has been done, printed and delivered via Blurb Books. Since I started doing this it has certainly become easier and quicker and now a book can be assembled within a long day, from 8a...


    23 May 2018 2:29PM | Read


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  • To Filter Or Not To Filter? - Part Two

    Last time I looked at comparing the resolution (sharpness) of images with and without filters. What about flare? was the question, so this time I've run another quick (as time allows!) experiment to look at flare with and without filters and with and...


    19 Apr 2018 11:07AM | Read


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  • To Filter Or Not To Filter?

    That is indeed the question. Argument 1: Why spend a fortune on a carefully computed lens just to add a piece of inferior glass in front of it? Argument 2: We need to protect the front of the lens in case it gets damaged. Better to replace a filter t...


    15 Apr 2018 2:34PM | Read


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  • 12 Years - A Glimpse of Progress

    One of the places I frequent is the Lancashire Mining Museum, formerly known as Astley Green Colliery Museum. In recent years I have used it extensively for lens reviews, for two reasons. It is local and it is a very varied outdoor site that offers h...


    29 Jan 2018 9:54AM | Read


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  • Take Two Girls

    I had three or four lenses to review over the Christmas break and the revamped ADAPS studio needed a run through to check everything was OK and so I decided to ask NeilWigan if he could organise Charlotte and Phoebe to do a session. We discovered a f...


    17 Jan 2018 11:52AM | Read


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  • Archive 4 - Lost Techniques

    In the days before colour photography was commonly used ways to produce colour were utilised with pencils, paints and other chemical methods. I know that there were early colour processes that have a real charm to them, for example the delightful Aut...


    28 Nov 2017 12:33AM | Read


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  • Archive 3 - The Bourne Revelation

    Quite often when collecting books and images, we find that someone has cut the images out of a book. This might be an old copy of AP where the nudes are quite often missing, or an early collectable where the images are actually proper photographs. So...


    25 Nov 2017 3:39PM | Read


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  • Archive 2 - All In The Family

    One of the potential problems with digital photography just might be a huge black hole where there are no family pictures at all. They will have been taken, published on social media, seen by more people than any old print would have been. But in one...


    24 Nov 2017 10:48AM | Read


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  • Archive 1 - Into the Depths of Time

    Today, I'm looking into some of the items in my print archive. These are images that I've collected, not that I've shot myself, and all way, way out of any copyright issues. Collecting old images is an interesting pastime and gives a bit of insight i...


    23 Nov 2017 10:34AM | Read


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  • Canons to the left of them, Canons to the right...

    Into the ADAPS Studio rode the three models and two photographers. Sunday was the day. neilwigan's renovations of the ADAPS building had reached a point where the studio space, enlarged and modernised, was ready for use. All that remained was to test...


    14 Nov 2017 11:08AM | Read


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  • Places - British Ironworks Centre

    This is near Oswestry and is a good destination for maybe three or four hours exploration and photography. It's a reasonably large site, with a handsome collection of metalwork statues. Entrance is free, although a 1 optional donation is asked for....


    5 Nov 2017 3:03PM | Read


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  • From Dinosaurs to the Duck Billed Platypus

    Manchester Museum was our destination today, armed with our Pentax MX-1 compacts as we took the opportunity to travel light. The museumdoes have some interesting exhibits, but I did find it a bit too untouchable. Almost everything was behind glass. T...


    12 Oct 2017 11:51PM | Read


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  • Mushrooms with Fungalpunk Dave

    Today was a trip over to Arley Hall, and at last Sue and myself had managed to go on one of their Mushroom Walks. Previously it has clashed with holidays and other events for the last eight years or so. 11am saw our group assembled for the intro talk...


    8 Oct 2017 9:57PM | Read


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  • Monochrome at High Force

    We are a long way now from the days where we all shot black and white film. Colour was too expensive, and also too complex to process and print for most of us. We are even further from the 1910s, where some local authorities added extra rates to the ...


    28 Aug 2017 11:09AM | Read


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  • The Bustling Bristol Balloon Bonanza!

    We have just spent a very pleasant weekend in Sunny Britstol. We drove down Friday morning and met Mark (Brother-in-Law) and Di (his wife) at Slimbridge. Then on to Riverside Lodge in Camerton to stay for two nights. The Saturday saw us at the balloo...


    14 Aug 2017 10:33AM | Read


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