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  • The Templar Knights of Cressing

    It's great to stumble upon something that inspires the Inner Photographer and such a place is Cressing Temple Barns in Essex. Great barns from the times of the Templar Knights that show a fascinating style of architecture in wood. Fantastic, plus all...


    18 Sep 2018 11:23AM | Read


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  • Places - Lavenham, Suffolk

    Lavenham is a Photographic Feast for sure. Starting at the old market square with its ancient Guildhall and then exploring the town's main street and the church, everywhere we see gorgeous half timbered buildings in a multitude of colours. Add to tha...


    14 Sep 2018 12:09AM | Read


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  • On the Trail of the Suffolk Poets

    My Great Uncle William Ernest FitzGerald was Medical Officer for Health in Southport in the 1940s, but he had a more famous relative in Edward FitzGerald, the Victorian poet whose most popular work was his translation of the Persian poet Omar Khyyam....


    11 Sep 2018 3:08PM | Read


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  • Places - The Colne Valley Railway

    This last week we have been in Essex, staying in a cottage just next to Hedingham Castle and the Colne Valley Railway. I was trying to lighten the load by taking the Pentax K-3 II and lenses rather than the K-1 as I have been suffering from some neck...


    9 Sep 2018 7:38PM | Read


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  • My Little Waif and Stray

    Last night ADAPS booked the Lancashire Mining Museum for a private shoot. At 6pm the heavens opened and the rain was torrential. At 6.30pm it all cleared up and we had a gorgeous end of day, with all the sun that we get when travelling home from a ra...


    24 Aug 2018 4:11PM | Read


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  • Heaton Hall Open Day

    Heaton Hall is an immense Grade I listed building in Heaton Park, Manchester. There is currently some refurbishment going on, and today there was the opportunity to look inside on one of the infrequent Open Days. It must be 30 years or more since we'...


    12 Aug 2018 10:12PM | Read


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  • My Carniverous Plant Moves House

    I like my Venus Fly Trap and it's been doing quite well this year. So far it must have had almost 10 flies and other assorted insects, probably helped by the green bin only being collected every two weeks. It's part of the offensive against flies, al...


    24 Jul 2018 3:07PM | Read


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  • Real Women Wear Mud

    They do indeed, especially when taking part in a Muddy Run in support of cancer research. The scene is Heaton Park, the time today and still going on as the ladies start their obstacle runs in waves. Sister-in-law Diane started this morning and niece...


    14 Jul 2018 4:58PM | Read


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  • Two Victorian Schoolgirls

    Well not quite. Sue was dressed in costume and Chloe was in modern clothes, but I thought I would shoot a sequence with them both in the pictures. The location is the untouched top floor of Dam House, where there is still an authentic Victorian schoo...


    7 Jul 2018 12:36AM | Read


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  • Arley Hall Garden Festival, 23/24th June 2018

    We went yesterday to this annual event, and what a splendid day it was. Great weather, lots of stalls, demonstrations, displays and plenty to entertain the offspring and offsprings' offsping as well. It was handy that we've just replaced our car with...


    24 Jun 2018 11:20AM | Read


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  • St Andrews Botanic Garden - The Butterfly House

    The botanic garden is easy enough to find and for an extra 2.95 we get access to The Butterfly House. Oppressive heat, excellent light and a mass of gorgeous butterflies to photograph make it all very worthwhile. The butterflies can be a bit of a ch...


    18 Jun 2018 10:19AM | Read


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  • Scotland's Secret Bunker

    Just follow the signs to the Secret Bunker and you'll arrive at a house. Under the house is the secret cold war bunker that was to house Those In Charge in the event of nuclear war. Of course, officialdom can't resist putting up signs, so I wonder if...


    15 Jun 2018 5:02PM | Read


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  • We Meet the Laird of Balgonie Castle

    There are some places that hold a certain magic and it's truly wonderful to stumble unexpectedly on one of these rare treasures. But such is the nature of Balgonie castle in the Kingdom of Fife. We stumbled across this remote place and found ourselve...


    14 Jun 2018 7:14PM | Read


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  • Carr Mill Day Two

    Yesterday was the powerboat racing at Carr Mill, today we returned to explore the footpaths around the site. First up was the path into the Sankey Valley Way. This led past various ponds full of damselflies, dragonflies and birds. This will be well w...


    27 May 2018 7:46PM | Read


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  • Powerboat Racing at Carr Mill - the Return

    A really gorgeous day, and the perfect opportunity to have some more practice at shooting powerboats at Carr Mill. I've pulled a back muscle, so decided to travel lighter than usual and used the Pentax K-3 II, coupled with the SMC Pentax-DA 55-300mm ...


    26 May 2018 6:10PM | Read


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