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I hope you enjoy browsing the images in my Portfolio - all comments are welcome!
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  • One Man

    Emptiness can be a powerful thing, it exaggerates the isolation of a subject, and when applied to people says something about their relationship with the world. This one image is the most extreme example from my pictures, showing just one man potenti...


    30 Sep 2020 6:51AM | Read


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  • The End of Civilisation?

    Plastic. No, not the prevalance of plastic, but the death of plastic. I read in this morning's paper that work was progressing on enymes that eat away plastic, which in the right context might be a great idea. All that plastic in the oceans could be ...


    29 Sep 2020 10:56AM | Read


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  • Models - Clare

    It's a while since I've seen Clare, but she was one of our models for ADAPS shoots around ten years ago, always happy to follow direction and always impeccable in appearance. I'm picking out now a few images of Clare as from time to time I plan to fe...


    28 Sep 2020 11:16AM | Read


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  • The Year That Never Was

    Like many photo societies, ADAPS has been having weekly Zoom meetings and it's been a great way to keep things alive over 2020, the year that never was. Likewise, after a while I have relented and started to do competition judging over Zoom. It does ...


    27 Sep 2020 11:16PM | Read


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  • Restoration

    We used to do a fair bit of photo restoration, both Sue and myself, although I think Sue has much more patience with it than I have. I think a fair objective is to repair an image just far enough and then stop before its basic character is lost. Here...


    26 Sep 2020 3:05PM | Read


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  • Reliving the Past - The Black Country Museum

    There are a number of living museums around the country and one of them is the Black Country Museum, situated in the Black Country in the Midlands. It's nice in that there's lots of interesting stuff to look at and photograph, and generally the peopl...


    25 Sep 2020 5:37PM | Read


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  • Doors, Doorways and Portals to Beyond

    A door (and I'll include all portals in that) is a barrier, but also an invitation to our persons and to our imaginations. What lies beyond the green door? What lies beyond the battered doorway into some derelict property? What lies beyond the small ...


    24 Sep 2020 9:46AM | Read


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  • Compacts at the Ready

    The poor compact camera, squeezed on the one side by the mobile phone and on the other by ever smaller mirrorless cameras. One by one, manufacturers have given up on compacts........and yet, maybe they still do have a place. In my jacket pocket is a ...


    23 Sep 2020 9:41AM | Read


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  • Slip Away.....

    So many cameras, so many lenses, all slipped through my fingers on the way from collections (mine and my clients) to the great eBay in the ether.....The trouble is that when you agree to sell a camera collection, for a commission of course, there are...


    22 Sep 2020 5:29PM | Read


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  • 110 Months On for Project Decay!

    Well, who could have guessed that over nine years ago I started my project Decay, selecting a non-functional Pentax MG and popping it out into the garden to see how nature might make it its own. In the event, it tells us instead that plastics don't d...


    21 Sep 2020 12:24AM | Read


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  • Those That Survive

    Backups. When we used film, in those halcyon days at the dawn of time, we didn't worry about backing up our images. We might not even have kept the negatives, although I always did. Ironically, the only damaged negatives I ever had were my Four Seaso...


    18 Sep 2020 10:31AM | Read


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  • Vintage Vehicular Views

    On our way to Sizergh Castle we pass the South Lakes Motor Museum. This is a great place to visit, to see again all those old cars, all the smaller artefacts and even the posters on the walls. It all reminds me of when I was growing up in Irlams o' t...


    17 Sep 2020 8:27AM | Read


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  • Places - Muncaster Castle

    Apart from a terrible temptation to call it Munster Castle, Muncaster is a gorgeous house in extensive grounds. There are woodlands to explore and as a bonus around 4pm dozens of herons descend on the trees around the main building. When we visited t...


    16 Sep 2020 4:33PM | Read


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  • Secrets of the Tower

    It's always great to arrange access to places where people don't normally go, and it's not particularly difficult to do. It needs a bit of negotiation with the right person and, of course, a reason for the whole thing to happen. A camera club is idea...


    15 Sep 2020 11:11PM | Read


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  • Advanced Coronation Techniques

    We need go no further for our advanced education on the techniques for shooting coronations than the AP issue dated 12th June 1911. In this case we are of course meaning the coronation of King George V. The first good advice is that we should not ere...


    14 Sep 2020 11:42AM | Read


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