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Monday 27th May 1907


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Monday 27th May 1907

18 Aug 2020 12:19AM   Views : 460 Unique : 302

I have a few old photographs that I have accumulated over the years. Some probably came from family as we have connections from Siam to Scotland to Wales to Ireland to the Potteries to Yorkshire....and beyond. So perhaps it's not surprising to find in my collection this image, Primitive Methodist Centenary Meeting, Jubilee Chapel, Tunstall, May 27th, 1907. It's a grand sepia image, measuring 11.5" by 10", and the chapel is full.
When I see a picture like this, all those faces, all those people who are no longer with us, it makes me pause for a moment and just wonder who they all were, what their ambitions were, who their descendants might be and how many people alive today would actually have some connection with someone in that packed chapel.
In terms of technique, clearly this is a large format and there is plenty of detail, but many faces are blurred so the shutter speed must have been quite slow. The photograph was shot by Mr T H Pemberton, and I shall be checking him out on the internet in due course to see if he was a local professional photographer. As for the Primitive Methodists, it was indeed their Centenary and by the looks of things at this time they were a thriving religious community, no doubt integral to the social structure of Tunstall.
And here they are, recorded for posterity and brought by me to the internet.


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altitude50 Avatar
altitude50 19 24.1k United Kingdom
18 Aug 2020 3:58PM
John. About 30 years ago I was given a small photo album of high quality photos. The subjects were all from the South East of France and were obviously taken in the Winter around 1910 on a road trip in an open car which is in 3 of the photos. There were handwritten notes on the card mounts in pencil, which were not distinct and in some cases misleading. At the time I photographed the contents with a film camera, made notes and rather stupidly sent the whole lot off to Grenoble Town Hall for their historical records. I think that they were taken on a large plate camera because of the high level of detail.
In the last few months I had plenty of spare time and went through the images again. Some of the locations were easy to find, towns with good clear names. Others for example a ruined castle was described as 'Ornuz' I spent weeks trying to find the castle on Google Earth and with a good map. Due to nearby steep slopes I thought that it was in the Alps, but it eventually was found as 'Cruas' on the River Rhone, now opposite a nuclear power station. I could find exactly where the photographer stood to take the picture. I wrote to the tourist office at Cruas, sending them a p[rint and they very kindly replied with a guide book and some useful photos. I have now found most of the locations, some by luck, but two or three are general landscapes.
I now think that the car came from Hampshire and two of the photos include electrical installations so I am guessing that it was some sort of fact finding mission rather than a holiday. There is also a wonderful picture taken in Nyons town square of two men leaning on a lamp post watching two girls crossing, a crop of this has a real Cartier Bresson feel. I could load it into this blog if you don't mind.
johnriley1uk Avatar
18 Aug 2020 9:14PM
That's just the sort of wonderful find I had in mind. I'd love to see the picture.
altitude50 Avatar
altitude50 19 24.1k United Kingdom
19 Aug 2020 11:04AM

The square is still there and the buildings are recogniseable. There is also a plaque under one of the arches a memorial to Dr. Bourdoncle. Martyr of the Resistance 1944.
altitude50 Avatar
altitude50 19 24.1k United Kingdom
19 Aug 2020 2:20PM

This is about 100% of the original, edited to show detail in the buildings. Overdone, but this is a copy of a copy. The original was about 4" x 5" possibly, and slightly sepia toned......
johnriley1uk Avatar
19 Aug 2020 2:33PM
That's great, thanks, and a good example of why we still need prints.

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