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Slip Away.....


I hope you enjoy browsing the images in my Portfolio - all comments are welcome!
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Slip Away.....

22 Sep 2020 5:29PM   Views : 560 Unique : 363

So many cameras, so many lenses, all slipped through my fingers on the way from collections (mine and my clients) to the great eBay in the ether.....The trouble is that when you agree to sell a camera collection, for a commission of course, there are so many beautiful things it's criminal to let them be sold. It doesn't matter what make, age or type of equipment, when a pristine example arrives then it's time to fall in love with it. I have had some really gorgeous lenses as well as cameras and even some accessories can have an appeal. But sold they were, so here's some pictures of a few that hurt to see go.

K Series Pentax bodies from 1975



SMC Pentax-M 20mm f/4 lens, very compact but masses of barrel distortion

Nikon FM2

Baldaxette II, 1938

Newman's Patent Shutter

Nikon F2 Photomic with 35mm Nikkor

Thai Knives, Forks and Spoons



Olympus Pen F



Photo Sniper Outfit


Imperial Meter

Voigtlander Bessamatic

Rollei 35

As you can see, not all those items were photographic, but they were all very, very nice.

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GeorgeP Avatar
GeorgeP 16 62 26 United States
25 Sep 2020 5:39AM
I think I recognize that 'sniper' lens. It looks just like a Russian one I have upstairs - the one that is never used because the screw/PK adapter won't focus at infinity. Sad. Great collection of images. BTW,

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