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Surprising Finds

25 May 2021 9:50AM   Views : 462 Unique : 329

When we demolished the shed, all sorts of things went into the skip, all carefully stored for the past 20 years or so and all totally unecessary. However, we also came across some little gems, things which might or might not be useful but which are still going to be kept safe for the next round, maybe in another 20 years. Let's have a look at what we found.

I used to work for a dental supplier called Cottrell and Company and when I joined these boxes were already highly sought after. They are solid plastic boxes that housed a dental filling material called Flint Edge Gold Alloy, they measure about 7" x 4.5" x 1.5" and they are very useful for storage. I now have two in pristine condition that I had totally forgotten about. Now I have two useful boxes I shall have to find some useful items to keep in them.

This is the original wooden handled Impregum Spatula, used to mix impression material called Impregum. I already had two in use, they make superb butter knives and general cooking implements, and now I have a third in better condition. Excellent result.

This very solid glass tray measures around 8" x 4" x 2" and is the kind of thing we might find holding items or fluids on a clinic or hospital (or even dental) cabinet. A lovely bit of glass now just awaiting lovely things to go in it.

An assortment of dental instruments, mostly scalers. Possibly useful for model making, but essentially most useful for scaling teeth.

A delightful micro-screwdriver kit, so tiny that it must be intended for watchmakers. There is a small tube with alternative tips in it, even tinier than the one found already fitted to the handle. The quality of the tips is amazing.

And finally, an old Christmas card box, which when opened revealed a selection of very old large format negatives. As soon as I saw the box I remembered what was inside, but what is on the negatives looks like a subject for a rainy day when I might find some spare time to scan them. Could be interesting.


Of course we were exisiting very well without all these forgottten items, but they are interesting and they are just the sort of thing that would slow the tidying of, say, a loft, just about to a standstill, as every Interesting Thing was examined, read, remembered fondly and then put back in exactly the same place it was picked up from. Speaking as someone who likes hoarding things, it all seems perfectly reasonable to me. Just don't tell Sue......

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25 May 2021 10:14AM
Judging by the envelope they're in those negs must predate you John Smile

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