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Testing the Waters


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Testing the Waters

10 Jan 2019 11:53PM   Views : 1022 Unique : 578

Looking for three images for a camera club competition I thought it would be a good idea to gauge the reaction to various images. Where better than with EPZ - the votes/ awards given to a picture might be a good indication as to how they would do in the competition. Or not, but either way it might be interesting to see.

So first, in this blog, let's have a look at the three images that made the grade on EPZ. In a future blog we'll see how they did in the competition.

First up, bristling with 6 awards and with 33 votes is this picture of Kier, lit with just a rim light bringing out the texture of her shoulder and face. This was my favourite of the three, so I'm glad it was received well on EPZ.

A second image of Kier, with billowing hair, and this was also received well, with 25 votes but no awards.

The third image is a reworking of one previously used. I wasn't totally happy with all aspects of it, but a fair bit of that dissatisfaction relates to the dirty glass. The reworked image is better I think and I do like the concept. This managed 21 votes.

The competition is being held on Thursday 17th january 2019, so after that I'll put up another blog to reveal what the outcome was. If anybody wants to put in a guess in advance, by all means let's hear what it is!

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KarenFB Avatar
KarenFB Plus
17 6.0k 185 England
11 Jan 2019 7:12AM
A difficult one to guess at the outcome - it doesn't help that I have no idea what 'Judges' look for, sometimes I feel they are quite picky/snobby in their choices from what I've heard other people say.

For me, the dirty glass isn't a reason to discount the photo - the lady is trapped, she looks unhappy so the place she's in doesn't have to be perfect! If I HAD to pick one, then it would be the first one. She looks totally natural in natural lighting.

Good luck with the competition and I look forward to seeing how you got on! Smile
saltireblue Avatar
saltireblue Plus
13 14.5k 89 Norway
11 Jan 2019 8:03AM
As a pure portrait, the first is by far and away the best. My only niggle is the hair between her chin and shoulder. Removing that gives a cleaner, more pleasing result.
The second image is just not appealing, without being able to say exactly why. My immediate reaction on seeing it was that it was a test shot to test the light, etc. It would be better if she didn't seem to be puffing her cheek slightly.
The third is the only image that invites the viewer to interpret the situation, and is far more than just a straightforward portrait. Something is happening, as seen clearly in her pose against the not so clean glass and her expression. By far the most interesting and intriguing image.

As you yourself point out, John, it all depends on what the judges are looking for on the day.

I would choose 1 and 3, but perhaps for different categories.

All the best, and it will be very interesting to read your follow-up on this.

pink Avatar
pink Plus
20 7.4k 11 England
14 Jan 2019 2:40PM
Number 3 for me as it is different and I like the dirty glass, it adds to the story, Number 1 is ok and nicely done but I feel is not different enough, Number 2 is also my least favourite.

BTW......for what its worth I also judge photographic competitions at camera clubs (so disregard everything I have said above) Smile
johnriley1uk Avatar
29 Jan 2019 12:01AM
Well, whatever the judge was looking for it wasn't these images! Scoring mediocre 15 or 16 points (out of 20) they went unremarked and that's that. Interesting, but then in another way meaningless because one judge might not get fired up and another might. So no insights revealed by this exercise I'm afraid!

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