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10/01/2010 - 9:36 AM

Confined space?

Confined space?I'd have gone for a tigher crop on this shot, looking at your title you recognise the cramped conditions, so perhaps a tighter frame would have worked better for you? The small knick of the rooflight and the main window down the right-hand side are distracting. Go in tight and work on detail shots so you don't have to worry about including those details. Often on consumer, and pro-consumer cameras the viewfinder crops off anywhere between 1% - 10% of your actual image, so you may not have seen these in your viewfinder, not sure what the Dynax 7D specs are. Worth chimping on the back of the camera screen as that will show the 100%
02/09/2009 - 8:16 PM


ErickaI like the crop and framing you have chosen. There are technical issued with your shot, for me it is too dark and underexposed by about 1 stop. You've already picked up about the eyes, they would be fine if the face had more light on it to balance the brightness. The splash of light on the forehead is a little distracting which I see is where the light has come from, high up and from above. I do like the natural expression and relaxed look from your subject, that helps to pull the portrait through.
13/12/2008 - 10:41 PM

Emma rocks!

Emma rocks!Like the pose and look, not keen on the post production treatment. You've 'tweaked' the white background and lost any grounding shadow for Emma, so she looks like she is floating. The selection around her is a little harsh too for my liking too.
As this was shot in a studio it is possible to set and position the lights and expose correctly so you don't have to do post production on the floor and background to get them white. Shooting full length in white takes more effort than most studio setups but is possible with a little time and patience.
05/07/2008 - 8:13 AM


TanyaLike the pose on this shot and the Tanya's facial expression. There are a couple of areas that could be improved; a shadow under her foot on the floor, this helps to ground her and stop giving the impression she is floating. The other little niggle is the placing of her folded hand on her hip and the resulting arm position, both look rather clumsy. Flattening the hand on the thigh rather than having it bent would position the arm flat against her body, this would show you a strong triangle and would improve the pose. Difficult to explain in text, hope you get what I mean. These are only minor points but would move your shot into a stronger image. Thanks for sharing.
03/07/2008 - 9:26 PM


SpotlightBold colour and simple props work well here. I would be tempted to re-arrange the model's right hand as the fingers are bunched together, compare that to her other hand. As she's wearing black gloves opening the fingers will define the hand, otherwise it can be lost in a black clump. Pose looks good, a little strained in the neck as you can see the tendon just under the chin, a shift of hair, head or your angle would have changed this. Great exposure and the red really bangs the image with punch.
20/06/2008 - 5:04 PM

seat cushion

seat cushionI like your lighting but find the model appears to be floating due to the absence of a shadow. I find this unbalances the overall image, the pose and category you've placed it in of fine art nude. There is also a slightly darker area of white just behind the model's bottom, where you've not whitened the background as much as the rest. I do love the model's pose, hair and how you have lit her. The exposure too seems to be spot on for her skin.
11/06/2008 - 11:04 PM

on his knees

on his kneesLove the pose and look, just needs some work on the exposure and lighting. Look at the side of the man's head and you will see it's overexposed, so too his underside of his foot furthest from the camera. Your front light looks about right, but the back light is too bright by comparison. Did you meter for both lights? Also watch for clothing lines on the skin, socks and underpant lines aer still evident on your model. Can take up to an hour to lose, so ask them to wear loose clothing before they arrive. As I said at the start I love the pose and look to this shot, just needs some fine tunning.
07/06/2008 - 8:37 PM

Miss Bee ascends the stairs

Miss Bee ascends the stairsYou would have been better with a smaller light behind your model the softbox is too large to be hidden behind your model. I like the effect and the expression from Miss Bee is perfect for this shot.
27/05/2008 - 10:39 PM

Talulah on the stairs

Talulah on the stairsI like the lead in here, but I'm slightly distracted by the bright area at the top left of the bannisters. Being the brightest part of the shot my eye is drawn to it, I'd suggest a little darkening of that area to loose the brightness especially on the top of the newl post. Colours work well so to the position of the model.