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This is a fantastic site. The acquaintances I have made here are priceless, and the creativity is inspiring.
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I am a retired nurse from Maine, USA. I live in a fairly remote area on a beautiful lake, so a lot of my photos are nature oriented. Photography and quilting are my two favorite pastimes, but I think photography gets the most time and attention.


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Fenfotos 6 33 3 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2021 2:41PM
Great portfolio. I particularly like your use of coloured frames around the lilies.
musico 5 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2021 6:06PM
Hi Joline,many thanks for your kind comments .I hope to go walkabout again soon .Love so many of your photos and your lovely cat!!
Keep safe,John
30 Mar 2021 4:05PM
Nice PF .... keep it going ...
mawinter62 16 2 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2020 12:30PM
Hi Joline

He’s a Siberian Forrest Cat. Very similar to a Maine though
Rebeak 11 1 United States
2 Oct 2017 4:16PM
Hi Joline ...you ask where my photo cloudy day was taken ... it was taken at Rainbow Pass Alaska...every time we go through there is always something new to capture there...thank you for viewing my photos
ddolfelin 10 103 3 Wales
6 Jan 2017 4:46PM
Just had an enjoyable time looking at your pictures, Joline.
A fine portfolio.
Look forward to more.
civitas 10 England
11 Feb 2016 6:25PM
A beautiful portfolio was a pleasure to view regards Pete
Bantu 9 7 1 India
8 Dec 2015 3:40AM
Very lovely captures.

10 Nov 2014 12:05PM
Lovely portfolio Joline , Eileen
RobMacormac 17 7 2 England
20 Apr 2014 11:34AM
So many of these I like so I will give the whole portfolio a big like.
akhtarkhan 20 4 United Kingdom
11 Apr 2014 6:04PM
Thank you Joline for your nice comment on my Red Tulip photo. Its there to deter those who would copy & print without permission. It will be visible as a reminder as to who the Author is. Anyone interested to buy image without the copyright will have to contact me first. Photographers deliberately include it in the images that are uploaded on public domains for viewing purpose only as its their right!
Chinga Plus
11 112 3 United Kingdom
13 Mar 2014 5:15AM
Hi Joline!
Congratulations on such a lovely portfolio!
Well done for such a wonderful & varied selection of good images.
Brest regards, Isabel
titchpics 11 7 England
1 Dec 2013 11:55AM
Joline, firstly thank you for your kind and much appreciated comments on my images. Although I have been a member for a couple of years have only just got round to uploading some of efforts.

Having, had a look at your portfolio, I will without doubt return to view some of your wonderful images.

Happy snapping

sakisuki 16 248 United Kingdom
21 Nov 2013 6:12PM
Hi Joline
Thanks again for your lovely comment. I wanted to explain my mosaic zebra to you ... I did a pink and white watercolour painting of a zebra ... Photographed it ... Then digitally manipulated it!
Sue x
sakisuki 16 248 United Kingdom
28 Sep 2013 1:10AM
Thank you for your lovely comments on my artwork Smile
I will try and post more of my artwork in the near future, hopefully you can take a peek Smile
Term 16 86 9 England
22 Jun 2013 1:15PM
Hi Joline, thanks for commenting on my recent upload, have a great weekend !
Jellyfire 10 41 4 United Kingdom
20 Dec 2012 1:21PM
great portfolio, you have a great eye for composition
10 Sep 2012 1:04PM
Thank you so very much for your comments and for giving me my first award! x Melanie
21 Aug 2012 8:10PM
Fantasztikus képek, köszönöm a kedves szavakat.
1 Aug 2012 12:52PM
your pics are fantastic. thank you for your comment on my anzacs
shanelaze 11 8 1 United Kingdom
16 Jul 2012 8:24AM
Love your PF Joline. Smile

bobsblues 12 10 2 United Kingdom
14 Apr 2012 6:00PM
Great portfolio so many styles and mix of images .
9 Mar 2012 9:14PM
great images..you have a great eye for detail...amazing work
Ozzie55 13 9 United Kingdom
14 Dec 2011 11:59AM
Very interesting mix of images; great portfolio Smile
5 Dec 2011 6:34AM
beautiful shots. great work Smile
17 Nov 2011 5:08PM
GREAT portfolio, really inspiring pictures , great colors & nice compositions. thank you for sharing Joline! Michael
bagman 11 65 United States
5 Nov 2011 3:19PM
Such an large wonderful p/f. So many inspiring quality photo,s of a diverse collection of subjects that it makes hard to decide what one fines to be the best. Appreciate all your work as i have a hard time with doing just a few even well . it must be exciting to be so talented at photography.
best wish,s and god bless.
HectorRivera 15 17 1 United States
2 Aug 2011 6:01PM
Thanks for your comments on my Photo series of Afghan children. Please help me spread the word, suggest that page to as many as you can. Let other see and read.


HectorRivera 15 17 1 United States
28 Jun 2011 4:19PM
Thanks for your award in my Dream Far to Reach. I also enjoy yoy PF.
bayleaf1 12 7 United Kingdom
25 Feb 2011 3:58PM
A very suitable title
Gypsyman 11 690 England
22 Oct 2010 12:25PM
Thanks Joline, for your words about 'Big Splash' .Your photos are great, I am a newbe, what are lensbabies ?
15 Oct 2010 1:03PM
Tanks Joline. On the outskirts of my city: Pinhal, Brazil.
wrinkles 13 351 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2010 11:29AM
See what you mean about the picture.
Are you the lady in the song?
Posey 12
26 Aug 2010 10:42PM
Hi, Joline, your photos are gorgeous.
14 Jul 2010 11:55AM
Your macro work is amazing, something for me to aspire to. Thank you for your encouragement
13 Jul 2010 12:03PM
Hi. Thank you for your kind comment on photo of my son smiling. I am only new to this and your photos are amazing. Ger
Dizize 12 United States
24 Jun 2010 5:43PM
You have a wonderful perspective and great eye....I love the way you shoot fro different angles!!! Nice, nice, portfolio!
kibp 12 United Kingdom
15 Jun 2010 1:00PM
Hi Joline, thank you for your comment. Your pictures are very nice and i really love the interesting iris shot.
mondmagu 12 75 Ireland
9 Jun 2010 1:24PM
Hi Joline,thanks for the comment on my conference center.I am told that the internal lighting is in different colors at night time.Hope to have some shots over the next week or so.
You have a nice diverse pf,I really like it.
13 May 2010 11:43AM
thanks 4 ur comment.....u have a good & exellent photos...!!!
love sunnil
Skeleton 13 4 Australia
2 Feb 2010 12:04PM
You certainly have some stunning shots, and camera skills. Keep them coming. What a wonderful part of the world you live in.
22 Dec 2009 1:48PM
Hello from Walney Island Cumbria,thankyou for your nice comment,your p/f is fantastic I love your detail.Merry Xmas.Audrey
Paul_H 12 1 England
5 Dec 2009 9:41PM
Hi Joline, I just wanted to say how much I like your port folio, especially the landscape and flower shots.

I notice in your profile that you are a fan of the movie Princess Bride, it was filmed at Haddon Hall which is not far from where I live in the UK.

Anyway, I love the pictures.

Kind regards

23 Nov 2009 11:58AM
good soft images....!!! keep it....!!
Dusan 13 Sri Lanka
28 Oct 2009 2:48PM
Hi Joline
Your port folio is stunning Keep clicking
1 Sep 2009 4:00PM
You have a stunning PF yourself Joline! much inspiration to be had from these images.
CHIPPYX1X 16 2 England
19 Jul 2009 7:14PM
Joline Thank you for the user award it is very encouraging for an amateur like me
kasv 15 1 2 Germany
6 Jul 2009 12:28PM
Hi Joline,

was just stolling around and saw you have a new Pentax. I am always interested to see what other Pentax-owners do so I looked at all you rich work. It carries in it the vastness and the quiet of the countryside you probably life close to. An it reminds me perfectly of my visits to the US.


Jekaro 13 1 United Kingdom
24 Jun 2009 12:29PM
Hi Joline.
Just found your stunning portfolio, had a quick glance, I will be back when time permits.

Regards Roy
Alciabides 13 536 United Kingdom
5 Feb 2009 10:59PM
Hugely enjoyed Shadow Play series
PattiW 17 24 2 United States
26 Jan 2009 1:14PM
Joline, what a splendid PF! Maine is a beautiful state and you have definately done it justice with your images. You are an inspiration!
God bless, Patti.
Mynett 14 142 6 United Kingdom
2 Nov 2008 11:48AM
Lovely varied pf
Ian-Munro 14 200 15 Wales
22 Oct 2008 12:27PM
What a varied port folio, i enjoyed the browse i must say. All images to me are well taken and exposed spot on, great work.

Best Regards

RAYMO 14 2 United Kingdom
15 Oct 2008 12:06PM
Glad to see you made it back to terra firma.. Awsome view and shot...

18 Sep 2008 5:07PM
Nice PF.
mjharps12 14 34 United Kingdom
23 Aug 2008 8:48PM
have a like at my gallery Smile
Simon-Gimson 16 236 1 England
23 Apr 2008 9:08PM
what a lovely colorfull profile

your use of colors are amazing

Si Smile
xanda 18 244 2 United Kingdom
22 Apr 2008 5:02PM
You have a very colourful and varied portfolio with some truly excellent images. Thanks for the comment on my pf Smile

Jwren 17
20 Apr 2008 10:15PM
Lovely portfolio. Very well done, some terrific shots.

photophantom 14 108 3 Philippines
26 Feb 2008 12:32PM
Hi Joline,

Thanks for your words of wisdom.

I love your masterpieces.

Cormy 14 3 England
4 Nov 2007 6:26PM
Another nice one .
jdanzola 15 4 Colombia
13 Oct 2007 4:00PM
Thanks a lot for you attention, lesson learned: don't push it too far with the PS processing.

You have a very nice portfolio (I love the contre-jour in your Shadow Men), I'll keep an eye on it to learn a bit more from you.

skotty 15 United States
14 Sep 2007 2:55PM
Hi Joline, I was just admiring your Portfolio. Greetings from Providence, Rhode Island.
Great Photos!
bliba Plus
16 1 2 Austria
6 Sep 2007 8:48AM
Joline,just like to say what a varied and wonderful portfolio you have!

always nice to read from you...cheers for your comments on my work Wink

keep up your good work!!!

ollie Smile
taggart Plus
18 47 15 United States
25 Aug 2007 12:09AM
Hi Joline! Welcome to E2. It will be great to view your images in the larger size-- I have especially enjoyed your series covering your trip to Canada recently Fantastic !! Jennnnnnn

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