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Activity : Photo Comments


Hi everyone,

Here is my portfolio of my wildlife, nature and macro photos as well as a few others I have taken throughout the past year. Enjoy them!

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  • Siskin

    Excellent shot josh!!

    • 4 Feb 2012 11:55AM
  • Starbucks Coffee

    Fantastically composed! Smile
    • 20 Jun 2011 5:49PM
  • Starbucks Coffee 2

    I find it great how an uninteresting object can be portrayed as dramatic and exciting simply through a picture. Wonderful work well done! Smile
    • 20 Jun 2011 5:49PM
  • The Gerkin

    Great shot from one of my favourite places in London!
    • 20 Jun 2011 5:48PM
  • Wild Barn Owl

    Thanks everyone! Grin
    • 21 Mar 2011 10:32PM
  • Hot or not

    You've focused it very well so that even though the colours are similar (maybe thats just becuase im colourblind Tongue) the depth of field makes it stand out~!

    WEll done Smile
    • 20 Mar 2011 8:26PM
  • Dramatic Guitar

    I like the lighting and depth of field well done! Smile
    • 20 Mar 2011 8:26PM
  • Glide

    Thanks Fran Smile
    • 20 Mar 2011 8:18PM
  • Neon scissors

    It's very nicely done! Smile
    • 19 Mar 2011 9:44AM
  • Tower Roundabout

    A great attempt at light streams, well done! Smile
    • 18 Mar 2011 9:51PM
  • Underwater golfball

    That's a ver interesting shot well done!
    • 18 Mar 2011 9:51PM
  • The Jetty 3 - Mono

    This is a fantastic shot full of great exposure! WELL done really love it Smile
    • 18 Mar 2011 8:57PM
  • Snow Day

    It's a lovely shot, seems very ghostly and angelic almost Smile
    • 18 Mar 2011 8:56PM
  • 2012 olympics

    Its a great piece of work James, you should send it to the committee! Wink
    • 18 Mar 2011 8:56PM
  • Sunset

    The light and colours are brilliant! Well done Smile
    • 18 Mar 2011 8:55PM
  • Tick

    It's a great shot the colours are good and the depth of field brilliant! Looks nice and professional too Wink
    • 18 Mar 2011 8:55PM
  • Redshank

    Great shot you got thsi one MUCH better than I did!! Smile
    • 18 Mar 2011 8:50PM
  • The Money Pool

    This is a great shot! Fantastic shapes Grin well done!
    • 29 Jan 2011 10:13PM
  • Willow Tit

    This is a stunning shot! The perch is great and the quality is high, as usual! Well done Smile
    • 14 Jan 2011 5:38PM
  • Frosty Branch

    This is a very interesting composition and is effective. If you have photoshop or Picasa 3, you should have the cloning feature... which sould be able to remove the distracting branch at the top, other than that, fantastic! Smile
    • 14 Jan 2011 5:37PM
  • my cat

    This a great capture.. a few tips on how to improve it:

    It looks like the face is quite blurred, the best way of improving this is trying to keep the cat still (which i know can be difficult) and making sure the camera stays still as well, either by resting it on a table or tripod. Or just with a very steady hand Wink...
    • 14 Jan 2011 5:37PM
  • Sweet boat Light...

    The lighting is very nice on this! Although it would be nice to see the whole boat Smile
    • 14 Jan 2011 5:35PM
  • Got it and i'm coming

    I think it's a great shot as it is too.
    • 14 Jan 2011 5:35PM
  • Unicorn

    The lighting is nice indeed, but the focus point is a little out. For best results try and focus on the eye Smile Still, very nice
    • 14 Jan 2011 5:35PM
  • Eye

    The colour is brilliant, well manipulated! Grin
    • 14 Jan 2011 5:34PM
  • Long Tailed Tit

    This is a great sharp shot! Smile
    • 14 Jan 2011 5:33PM
  • Robin V

    Fantastic pose, the colour is nice! You're lucky to get him on such a perfect perch Grin Well done! Smile

    • 14 Jan 2011 7:44AM
  • Magic Tree.

    The shapes are very nice, colours vibrrant too! Smile
    • 14 Jan 2011 7:43AM
  • Morning shine...

    This is a fantastic shot! Love the colours Smile
    • 13 Jan 2011 6:01PM
  • Winter Walk...

    A great shot, the footprints lead the eye into the photo well done! Smile
    • 30 Dec 2010 2:46PM