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I started photography in April 2008 when in China. Currently addicted to clicking away. Thank you for all the advice, inspiration and votes. - Jonathan
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  • Quote:Its amazing how information is dripped in. Wink

    It's being dripped in because I was asking for an opinion about which camera to buy and ended up with loads of questions I didn't anticipate, and some comments that weren't welcome....and a lot of helpful advice too from generous folk.

  • Quote:Mike, anything and everything will wear out.

    The entry-level camera bodies and kit lenses aren't designed for heavy or prolonged use. This is why we professionals pay a lot more for our "professional" lenses and bodies!

    Well yes, my thinking too......I have a Canon 50D with a Tamron 18-270, I had a Sigma, but somehow lost it.

    Camera is 6 years old, 50,000 photos taken, 90% of its life in the tropics, mould issues, dust issues, sleeps the night in a dry box (mostly)......

  • Quote:Much easier now that what you are going to be shooting is apparent.

    What lenses were you using before? You mentioned Tamron.

    You can probably solve the autofocus issues and image quality issues just by getting some better faster glass.

    A 24-105L for situations where you don't want to change lenses. A nice fast prime lens for gorgeous portraits when things are more relaxed, or a nice wide angle for landscapes and cityscapes, busy markets etc

    For speed and for toughness also consider a 1 series camera, depending where you travel it might be possible to buy a lot cheaper than UK price. There are some used bargains in camera shops (with guarantees) they are built like tanks

    Um...the Tamron Lens I bought came highly recommended 18-270 with a piezo drive Di II. The Camera is 6 years old, has spent most of its time in the tropics (I don't live in the UK, and will buy my new camera somewhere in the Far East). It lives in a dry box, but on extended treks it has had mould issues etc.

    I'm quite happy with my 50D, however I have a love of B&W Street Photography and plan to make a book of photographs and poems.

  • Quote:If you tell us what you want to photograph and what your budget is perhaps we can give some guidance.
    Each manufacturer has FF bodies which are very good at some things but not as good at other things.

    Similar to what is in my profile already - street photography. Looking for faster AF. My budget, up to $2,500 for the camera, plus lenses.
    Looking for a very versatile lens as making frequent lens changes is a challenge in many of the places I travel too - lots of dust and/or very high humidity.
  • Thanks for the comments about cameras guys. Some of you have asked what I like to shoot. Well, I'm about to spend 3 months traveling in India again, going to many of the pilgrimage sites, some at dawn, to get both landscape and my usual people shots.

    I've wanted to upgrade as the auto-focus on my current camera after 50,000 photos is no longer up to scratch, despite regular maintenance by a professional cleaning and maintenance camera shop.

    Additionally, I did a small expo on invitation and sold some photos, however, the clarity of many of my images was not suitable for larger prints. Thanks.
  • I'm about to switch from my third Canon camera in 8 years to finally going for a full frame camera. My Tamron lenses won't be compatible with either brand, which is a bummer.

    How do I choose? I'm not technically minded so sometimes wading through spec lists is just mind boggling. Niko seems to be jumping ahead but i have brand loyalty to Canon. Advice? Opinions.

    If I am going to spend a lot of money, I want it to be the right purchase. Thanks.
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Starting to wander
  • Bin Laden? Oh my! Is he working as your local dustman now then? Er...sorry.. Environmental Services Consultant....tsk, must remember to be more PC....well, I'm sure it has better prospects than blowing up things...
  • I remember gathering around the radio to listen to the BBC world service, listening to the chimes of Big Ben announcing the time in London, then listening to The Archers...I was 8 and living in Malaya at the time...I can still hear the voice of the announcer....' This is the BBC World Service coming to you from London'..the news was so dry and factual....
  • There's only one thing worse than people talking about you behind your back, and that's people not talking about you behind your back - Oscar Wilde
  • Having a............think
  • bugger, that was four words...oh dear, it's getting worse..
  • and three large leeks

  • Quote:
    its not written in english,they wrote it in Gaelic as to not offend peopleSmile

    So Gaelic speakers are not people? Is that the conclusion? Smile
  • Yours in not to seek love, but to seek the barriers you have against it - Rumi, Sufi Poet
  • Hi Pete,

    Sorry to do this, but I have an unexpected trip to India to organise in addition to leaving for Dubai on Monday, I'm up to my eyes in visa applications etc....I am unable to fulfill my obligation this week. Great pity, although I do have time today and tomorrow, Friday - Sunday look impossible...

    My apologies,


  • Quote:Sorry yes, 13 to 19th is the full week so that's fine.

    Cool, so sign me up...I look forward to the bashing for awarding 'unworthy' pictures etc,etc..... Smile

  • Quote:Needs to be full week to be fair. Let me know which one would be better.

    Isn't 13th - 20th a full week? That's 8 days by my calculation?
  • Yes, 13 ok, except I will be flying on the 20th to Dubai, so my last day would be 19th?
  • Hi,

    I'd be interested in having another go at GE, second week off February would be good for me. My last GE stint was Dec 2010.


  • Quote:Hi i need your help please as i believe i am a fairly good photographer but since being on this site i have seen what in my opinion has been really bad work regularly get more votes than my work, So i am beginning to think that i may be deluding my self??????? Please be honest Smile

    I've been a member for three years and have seen my work improve...however, I've rarely had more than 30 clicks, never had an EC or GE, I did once get a Photo of the Day, about 2 years back....

    I'm aware of the click clique...some really, really mediocre work getting 40 - 70 votes and some first class photographers getting totally overlooked, even by EPZ staff....Sadly, I think some of the really mediocre people actually think that they are good photographers because they get so many votes...however, that is not to say that everyone who gets a ton of votes is mediocre, many of them truly deserve 70 - 100 clicks..

    I tried being a GE for a week a year ago, got fried here in the forum...apparently I gave too many votes away according to some.

    In general the genres that get votes are:

    Clique photos

    When I was a GE I learnt that there are some really, really good bird photographers here...I had previously not given them much attention as it was not the genre of my interest.

    It is not the clique that bothers me so much, but the fact that some really, really excellent work is overlooked for the EC selection and I think that is because their work is not shortlisted for consideration by the clique click crowd, so that is a hole in the system....some people here have had their work published in magazines and barely scrape by with 8 votes and not recognised by the EX team either...

    I'm here for the love of photography and even though the click clique still irks m at times, I'm more or less over it...mediocrity seems to abound everywhere, not just in the world of photography.

  • Hi,

    I use a Canon D50 with a Sigma 18-200 lens. Both are 2 years old, have taken 7,500 images to date with the equipement.

    I'm wondering if anyone has had a problem with degredation of the autofocus? When I first bought the camera my images were pin sharp, now, not so. Does autofocus degrade after a while? Is the the lens or the camera? Are digital cameras supposed to be taken in for a 'service' once every 5,000 pics or so? I'm furstrated...sometimes it works, other times, no so.

    Any tips appreciated.

  • Quote:
    I did find something on here very disturbing tho and think I should bring to staff/Pete's attention...

    I was about to award a GEA to BURNBLUE, but after reading is bio i decided against, this is why, to quote is own words....

    Well, I thouht it was photography we were voting on, not whether or not we like a person or their opinions....I think you'e just proven BURNBLUE's point!
    So you don't give an award because you didn't like what he said?? That's biased and not based on photography and it clearly puts you in the camp of overlooking excellent photography because you like other people more....

    'He doesn't desrve it' ......well, in my opinion he is a first class travel photographer and his images could easily be on the front cover of National Geographic...

    Just another opinion,

  • I discovered my love for photography whilst travelling in China in 2008. I kept on borrowing my travelling companions camera so often that he got so annoyed by this and bought me my first camera when we left China via Hong Kong. I'm now on my second camera since then. - Jonathan
  • Ok, job done, but unfortunately not complete. Tremendous problems with power cuts and failing internet connections, stayed up until 0300 twice to try to plough through them all. Sorry for not looking at 100% of the pitures. However, it has given me a new refreshed view at e-photozine, lots of talented people out there, man of whom barely scrape by with 3 or 4 clicks on superb photos (imho). I enjoyed the bird photogaphy, totally new for me. Best wishes to the next GE - Jonathan
  • Goodness what a week, what with power cuts, the internet going down once every couple of hours.....staying into the wee hours just to get the job done, trying not to skip over images....I agree with a previous comment, there are a LOT of really good bird photographers on this website, I just didn't know how many. I am bored with the snow pictures. Unseasonably cold here in Mexico too, should be 30c, but was only 21 today, the locals are wearing jumpers and scarves...poor things...Jonathan

  • Quote:I do feel that the current Guest Editor is taking the piss and devaluing the whole system of awards on this site.Already today his awards approach the 20 mark
    There is no limit. If the GE feels they're valid they could give out 100. One of the criticism I receive is that I don't give out enough or I don't give them to the right ones. No matter what anyone does there will always be a too many, too little, too biased, etc etc opinions...lets just respect the GEs' choice.

    Thanks for the response here Pete. If you feel the need to give me any feedback, please do so...but I appreciate your support. As mentioned above, my criteria is 'does the image hold my attention' do I keep on wanting to look at it. This GE opportuntiy has been a real blessing in having to look at all images, as I've seen some images in detail that I perhaps under normal circumstances not click on - there is a great deal of good work out there IMHO, I'm enjoying it. - Jonathan

  • Quote:Dear Pete,I did last Weeks GEA's and took it quite seriously.I was particularly impressed as always by the very high quality of the bird photographers and feel that I could have given a few extra GEA's.However in the interests of sanity and to make the Awards I gave have some value I restricted the number I gave each day to about 5.I do feel that the current Guest Editor is taking the piss and devaluing the whole system of awards on this site.Already today his awards approach the 20 mark.

    This almost suggests that I'm not taking this seriously, and quite the opposite, I feel I am adding value to some of the great work out there. We simply have a different perspective and I don't believe I'm 'taking the piss' at all - quite the contrary. We simply have a different criteria perhaps - Jonathan
  • Wow, I didn't expect anyone to complain about too many awards. I stand by each picture I've awarded, each held my attention for different reasons. Tomorrow may be different.