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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Walt Disney Concert Hall by ihlphotography

    top photo.
    • 12 Jun 2010 11:39AM
  • Spurn Dawn by youngwooly

    nice and balanced composition and exposure. possibly clone out the lights in the distance.
    • 8 Jun 2010 3:20PM
  • Cwmtudu Cove v.II by mitchy81

    i like it. nice and minimalist. not sure about the modification though doesn't really do anything for me.
    • 8 Jun 2010 3:17PM
  • Golden morning revisited by jimbo_t

    nice colours good comp. nice exposure. forground interest. click
    • 10 Mar 2005 11:42AM
  • Empty Reflection by kinfatric

    good photo. im curious what is digital ND2, neutral density filter?
    • 10 Mar 2005 11:35AM
  • Goldfinch by karenpics

    good shot. the head to me seems a little soft. i would prefer to see the bird more on the right of the frme giving it space to point into.
    • 1 Mar 2005 1:29PM
  • Harbour Sunset by mcsimeyb

    this is overexposed. but excellent reflections.
    • 20 Feb 2005 9:49AM
  • squirels free food by minporth

    nice and sharp, natural background.
    • 20 Feb 2005 9:06AM
  • Glen Etive by trusth

    nice. bound to get
    • 20 Feb 2005 2:31AM
  • The Hunter by zippie

    lovely and sharp eyes. shame about the log it really lets the photo down.
    • 20 Feb 2005 2:26AM
  • Water lily by TonyA

    you just have to love this image.
    • 20 Feb 2005 7:09AM
  • Shooting The Sunrise by Paul_Barr

    there is your RC award. well doen .
    • 20 Feb 2005 9:38AM
  • Daffodils repost by richcollin

    good shot. i think that the main problem is that the front flowers aren't sharp. i think this photo would be better shot with a smaller aperture.
    • 25 Feb 2005 11:42AM
  • Sunset, Heads of Ayr by jimPat

    nice photo, nice colours. flare well controlled.
    • 18 Feb 2005 12:20PM
  • Windswept by Consulo

    i really like this, i think turn it into grayscale and add a bit of contrast and it will look superb.
    • 25 Feb 2005 11:46AM
  • Water Graphics by icafe

    i like ti. very graphic.
    • 20 Feb 2005 2:30AM
  • Trees in flower by TonyA

    mmmmmmmmm, i think that this is a scar on your otherwise excelletn portfolio.
    • 20 Feb 2005 7:09AM
  • Shadows by TonyA

    i like ti. nice warm colours.
    • 20 Feb 2005 7:10AM
  • Tala by killington

    very strong lines, spot on exposure, should have more clicks.
    • 25 Feb 2005 11:44AM
  • Bosham Harbour by Pete_g

    good shot. i think you have tried to include to much int he this photo. i personally would of used a longer lens and went portrait. to get 4 lines the grass harbour church and sky.
    • 20 Feb 2005 2:28AM
  • To the Sea.. by U4eA

    good shot, im curious what is velvia action?
    • 30 Jan 2005 12:36PM
  • What the Hell? by perplex

    considering you were in a 48 binging session this is a well composed shot.
    • 18 Jan 2005 9:26AM
  • Island Light by toonboy

    good photo, but lacks impact, good composisiton.
    • 18 Jan 2005 9:11AM
  • rosy-fingered dawn by itsasetamendi

    just fabulous.
    • 18 Jan 2005 9:12AM
  • dream by toad38350

    good photo, and you need new camera gear, i'd love a D70. some people are just never content lol.
    • 15 Jan 2005 3:02PM
  • Hoverfly by hockeygod262

    nice and sharp, maybe a bit tight on the crop, but overall a good shot.
    • 15 Jan 2005 1:41PM
  • Craters by Fran

    yea inside a washing machine definetely.
    • 15 Jan 2005 1:39PM
  • The Gherkin by starstriders

    mmm, a subject much photographed, and done in an unoriginal manner. good use of light though.
    • 15 Jan 2005 1:47PM
  • Cuban Ladies by Amcie

    not a bad first post, mine was worse, but we got something to work on here. well spotted but more attention to detail could of been put in. the window at the top should of been cropped out.
    • 18 Jan 2005 9:21AM
  • Arty Scribe II by jakabout

    nice a nd vibrant.
    • 15 Jan 2005 3:04PM