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I am here specially for photography and for the pleasure to share about photography, places, people and culture
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A quick view of joseluissc's recent activity.

  • The rough and the smooth by dudler

    love the grain... never tried t-max p3200. actually never tried another one than the double-x / 5222 which I love as well, but no grain.
    love the skin tones / complexion
    very nice pose and mood
    • 17 Nov 2022 9:11PM
  • Low Key Queen by dudler

    are we talking about the same (model, yes) studio, same light of the late insight?
    • 17 Nov 2022 9:06PM
  • Shadows, explained by dudler

    I like the shadow.
    nice insight!
    • 17 Nov 2022 9:00PM
  • choices by joseluissc

    Hello Chase and thank you very much!
    (side note, love your portfolio)

    >Deer Antlers
    everything was that pale, ground included. thus, I worked a bit on the heavy side to make it darker. perhaps because of that, i didn't went to a darker, richer, humus alike tone I'm used to.

    Totally agree on a step further exploring the highlights. As I wrote, I am learning darktable and I guess I have found the right tool for the job. Nevertheless, despite I consider myself someone who usually takes editing a bit further, I still think as well to the conservative side for the so called local contrast and sharpness (these 2 are a good job for the lenses).

    Yes, composition was tough given my position. if I was able, as the trunk of the tree had broken at the root, with a better angle and less trash around the root, would be excellent, but in the midst of beasts it would always be unfeasible, and I would also lose something (I am in a higher place than usual)

    What I don't particularly like and I think and that I think that no critique has refereed is that shadow in the left side that I would like it to have a bit more space, ending more at the bottom.

    the point, do you think even so would be a keeper?

    Thank you so much!

    Quote:Hi Jose and welcome back to the Critique Gallery.
    Is there anything in particular you would like critique on ?

    At first glance I thought this was a set of Deer Antlers until I looked closer Blush
    Great shapes and some nice shadows on the ground.
    Would possibly have liked to have seen the whole branch, as it is the branch is cut off at the top and the right but, I guess from your description space was at a premium.
    I think you could have gone a little further with your processing and really brought out those highlights on the wood.
    I will try a modification.

    • 15 Nov 2022 7:20PM
  • Mesmer Eyes by dudler

    grain lover here ; -) kudos to you, Dudler.
    I wonder what film did you used?

    love the look of her, mesmerizing eyes, well said!
    • 15 May 2022 8:32PM
  • the look by joseluissc

    Quote:Hello Jose, I have been aware of your portfolio for a long time but I'm not sure that you have ticked the critique box before? I hope that you will find it useful.

    In the Critique Gallery we do ask that uploaders supply all Exif data, and it's not being picked up here. I'm guessing that you used Save for web, which strips the data from the file. Could you please add it, either by editing the upload or as a note here in the Comments section?

    You understand how black & white works, and you have a good eye for strong composition. I would like to know how you see this, what it says to you. Are you satisfied with the result?

    I have one criticism, which is that I wish you had turned the camera a little to the left. The wall on the right gives meaning to the lady's direction of gaze but I don't think that we need to see so much of it, and meanwhile her hands are cut off - we need more space on the left. Cut-off limbs always look accidental, awkward...

    Did you take any other frames that would include those hands? (Or is this cropped down from a larger file, in which case can we see it please as a modification??)

    Hello Moira and thank you very much for this unexpected quick critique.

    exif data:
    well, I can give you for all the information for sure, but take it as a simple snapshot. there's no such a thing on a street / candid picture. anyways, breaking the "rules", I have the aperture fully opened at f4, and this was taken at 24mm fl which I'm not that used to. I am more a 50 / 28 / 20 / 16 mm "centric" and usually I use a very old, but very good 28mm manual lens at f8 mostly hyper-focal.
    more exif will be a simple aperture priority auto, with auto ISO between 800 to 3200. F4 just because of the shadow side (those 2 stops made a difference).
    actually I don't like the auto-focus of this camera... lately I am getting a bit more used to.

    well, this is a heavily modified picture in post, despite just a slight crop (sort of adapting it for the 4/5 format).
    dodging and burning, mostly, as well playing with the tones (skin complexity, which was like the colour of the stone framing the door (the vertical of the "Z" shape).

    talking about that, I know it's very subjective, but asking for critique was exactly about composition and timing, there's another aspect I could edit; that spot over her head. do you think is distracting?
    I do love the look of the lady. it's deep. rich, profound. maybe combining it with a very low angle make it stronger for you, which I like it as feedback.

    about the edit:
    I usually try to explain my "practice" like creating a tension line (in terms of luminance) towards my subject, thus, my take to a heavy editing (the opposite of "flatness"). attention was taken on the emphasis of the "Z" shape too.

    other frames?
    I think this is where the finger should be pointed at.
    no, there's not. let's say, I would describe myself as a hunter, not a fisher. so, usually there's not a second chance. I have a "rushy" walk, stopping just if interacting with people (which I do a lot). but the moment is gone after interaction, so, take it or leave it for the best and for the worst.
    for me, is all about the expression and the face. but I reckon that body language and expression is a very complex matter. what I like is exactly the bigger negative with her face in the corner. the doubt remains for me, anyway.

    So, what do you think, should I take it or should I leave it?
    Thank you very much Moira!

    • 1 May 2022 6:49PM
  • Irene by joseluissc

    Quote:Nice portrait and I do like the wall art...
    Isabel GrinGrin

    muito obrigado Isabel! Wink

    It was a happy coincidence. will manage a meeting next July so I can give her a print!

    • 1 May 2022 5:07PM

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