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Hi everyone,

I have just rewcently made my own website for the best photographs i have take in my life time so far.
Those of you who wish to have a look:
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  • Posted on WindowonWildlife's profile

    What an ammmmazing fantastic best portfolio i have ever seen in my life!!!
    • 8 May 2010 8:56PM
  • Posted on albi's profile

    This is thee best pf i have seen on epz!! Well Done!!
    • 2 May 2010 5:31PM
  • Posted on Steve_S's profile

    AMMMMMMazing PF!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • 22 Mar 2010 7:56PM
  • Posted on Tom-Melton's profile

    P.S. What camera do you have!
    • 5 Mar 2010 5:24PM
  • Posted on LukeParkinson's profile

    I love ure PF it's amazing!! Where do u go to take the Kingfishers!
    • 23 Feb 2010 9:11PM
  • Posted on romansnumber7's profile

    Hi Paul,
    just have got to say what an amazing portfolio you have got and most of all the Nuthatches you have got!
    • 8 Feb 2010 8:12PM
  • Posted on KarenFB's profile

    Hi Karen,
    those are really good images you have got there! Wink Smile
    • 2 Feb 2010 7:37PM
  • Posted on jonah794's profile

    Hi Jonah,
    you really are coming along!!! Wink Smile
    Your'e photos are outstandingly clear unlike mine, but hopefully they will all start getting better one i get my hands on th p90!!! Wink Smile
    • 2 Feb 2010 6:59PM
  • Posted on MrsS's profile

    Hi Fran,
    encredible photos you've got here, by the way i bought some black sunflower seeds for bullfinches, i am just hoping they will come!
    • 12 Jan 2010 7:40PM
  • Posted on Angi_Wallace's profile

    I adore your'e portfolio!
    P.S Do you have any Leopard Geckos cause i do, by the way were do u get all your'e Reptiles from!
    • 12 Jan 2010 5:50PM
  • Posted on woollyback's profile

    Wow bridie,
    what some incredible photos you've got there Smile
    What camera have you got!
    • 6 Jan 2010 5:59PM
  • Posted on KBan's profile

    Hi KBan,
    your'e file is incredible!
    Where do you go to take such awesome photos!
    • 6 Jan 2010 10:11AM
  • Posted on somnathchatterjee's profile

    Hi Somnath - You have a really great PF and I am surprised you have no awards yet! So many of your photos deserve them...
    • 30 Oct 2009 11:18AM

Limited to latest 30 results.