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A quick view of JoshuaKell's recent activity.

  • Rockford Common

    Thanks for all the kind comments guys Smile
    • 11 Oct 2012 8:45AM
  • Doyle & the Fourfathers

    thankyou thats a very nice comment. And am completely agreed I ummed and ahhd for ages before I thought the in-motion hand suited it!
    • 25 Jan 2011 8:12PM
  • New Forest Pony

    thankyou for your comments Smile
    • 24 Jan 2011 7:20PM
  • Kimmeridge Bay

    thankyoou Smile
    • 22 Jan 2011 2:28PM
  • Dales Days End ...

    brilliant image, lovely colours and very impressively captured with the subtle light
    • 19 Aug 2010 8:54PM
  • Dunamaise Castle

    • 19 Aug 2010 1:57AM
  • Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet

    good light, did you use flash?
    • 2 Nov 2009 7:30PM
  • hii gary, sorry havnt been on in ages, just dusting off my PF. the courseowrk went great, i submitted it this week. i wrote one slide on the basic process you use to get your style of images then one slide on the wishing arch. i absoloutley love that one Smile
  • thankyou for replying, id never thought of that!
    i will give that a go! im not too fond of the HDR thing, id prefer to do most of it in camera so thats relly helpful!
    thankyou Smile
  • hi!
    just wanted to say how much i enjoyed looking at your photos, they really are stunning!
    theres something im struggling with i hope you can help?
    ive noticed youve balanced the sky and foreground lighting very well in dark conditions so i assume you used an ND ? however on objects that stray through the horizon into the sky they arent darkened?
    how do you manage that?

  • thanks for your helpful comments on my portfolio Smile
    ill be sure to take what you said into account and use it in the future

    • Posted on looboss's profile
    • 17 Aug 2008 11:11PM
  • hi!
    thanks very much for the reply on my post!
    i only have one grad filter and was facing the sun as thats where the best sky detail was, id hopes the filter would balance it. i may invest in more of them soon.
    one more question, in PS elements, where would i go to adjust the curves?

  • HELLO!
    just wanted to say thanks so much for your replies to my post about histograms, out of everything ive read in digitalslrphotography or whatever else that has been the most simple. im gonna pay close attention to that from now on
    thanks again, and i love your most recent two images!

    • Posted on dp's profile
    • 17 Aug 2008 10:58PM
  • hey there
    i just wanted to say your photos ar4e some of my favourite ever and have really been inspiring me to progress in my photography
    i always refer back to look at your images in digitalslrphotography
    because i just love the look and the style!
    keep up the fantastic work!
  • your portfolio is unblievable
    have you been shown in digital slr photography before?
  • ah brilliant!
    thankyou very uch for clearing that up for me Smile)
    • Posted on harrattp's profile
    • 27 Jun 2008 10:06PM
  • hiiya!
    first of all thanks so much for your comments on my photos!
    ive just got back from the beach but it was way to windy and too wet so came home.
    i was wondering if you could help me, what do the votes actually mean/do?