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I am the Technical Editor at ePHOTOzine.com - if you have anything you would like to see featured on site, or have any feedback or thoughts on content, please let me know.
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  • In my experience, selling the body and lens separately always generates a better selling price when selling on ebay. (and if you want to buy a lens, it's often cheaper to buy it with a camera body and then sell the body). Look out for ebay weekend offers, where you can sell for 1 final value fee - this is MUCH better than the normal 10% they take.
  • The camera could be struggling with the water when taking panoramic shots.
  • Are these Panoramic images taken while panning the camera? Or do they appear in normal photos as well?
  • Hi,

    I can't seem to find anything that charges more than two, but this seems like a good deal:

  • If you're leaving someone elses version of Windows on there you might also want to use something like:

    Spybot S&D

    Plus disk cleanup (built in to Windows) to remote any unnecessary temp files etc

  • In excellent condition, boxed with original box

    With Leica 64mb SD card (will take up to 2gb)
    AC CHARGER connects to camera and charges battery in the camera
    Manual, Screen protector, Av cable
    includes genuine Leica leather case (boxed) in excellent condition as well

    Will include 2 batteries 1 genuine Leica 1 newer
    Lens is mint but slow to zoom as is the case with older lenses. Lens sounds fine however.

    165 inc postage

  • Hi Raith,

    Welcome to the site

    We've got the P20 Pro, and 2 XL (and S9 Plus) here, and have access to an iPhone X, so we should be able to do some comparisons Smile

    We've also reviewed the 1020, and original Nokia 808.


  • Quote:Not a technical person but why would adblockers prevent you from uploading images to epz?

    We're not 100% sure but just know that it has caused problems for some people with a particular browser as Euan65 has suggested above.
  • Hi,

    People have been having problems uploading photos to the site, and we've found out that for some people this has been due to the use of adblockers.

    Whilst we can understand the frustration some may have with adverts on the internet, at ePz we try and keep the number of adverts to a sensible level. The number of adverts displayed on ePz are much fewer than many other websites and are less "spammy" than others as well.

    Therefore we'd really appreciate if we could ask people who do use adblockers, to disable them for www.ephotozine.com - this way you are supporting the running of ePHOTOzine, as well as getting the best experience of the site.

    You'll also benefit from seeing fewer adverts by being logged in to the site, another benefit of being a member of the site. Being a member is free, but if you want to support us directly, you can sign up for e+

    Plus, if you follow a link to Amazon from this website, then it supports ePHOTOzine, without it costing you anything extra.

    Thank you,

    Josh (and the ePz team)
  • Hi Ian,

    The best thing to do is create a report:

    Then we can look in to it for you, please include as much detail about the Mac desktop as you can,

  • The Epson is 429

    Fuji X-A10 279 with lens, X-T2 1199 body only.
  • There were quite a few offers on printers (and cameras). The Epson SureColor SC-P600 was on offer. I'll have a look when I go in today to check the price.

    Some of the deals I can remember:
    Nikon D3400 (refurb) 299 with VR lens
    Olympus OMD EM1 II: 1249 body only

    There's also money off Zeiss lenses, and reduced price DJI drones.
  • Hi Sadie,

    What kind of creatures? Birds, or wildlife / animals, or close-ups of bugs etc?

    I'm guessing wildlife / animals?

    You can get a number of different attachments and the X is the number of times it multiplies your focal length. So for example, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 26mm (equivalent) lens, which is quite wide-angle. A 5x telephoto lens attachment, would times that by 5 and gives you an equivalent to 130mm. A 10x telephoto lens attachment would give you 260mm.

    Manufacturers of these lenses seem to use telephoto / telescope interchangeably. They are basically the same. A monocular is a more compact form of telescope.

    Be aware that they are manual focus, and you'll most likely need to use a tripod with them.

    Hope this helps,

    PS - Welcome to the site

  • You can set the camera to continuous shooting, and simply "stacking" or merging images in Photoshop can get you a sharper result:

  • I would say yes, but others in the office said no Smile
  • Seems like a good idea, however, seems to be for USA shipping only:

    Quote:Unfortunately Greentoe is only available to people within the United States. We are currently working with our retailers to setup international shipping capabilities. If you would like to be notified when that becomes available please go to the contact us page and let us know.
  • Hi,

    I've seen on www.pentaxuser.com that people are posting their best shots of 2017. So I thought I'd shamelessly steal the idea, and see if you wanted to post your best photos from 2017 here.

    Show us what you've got! Smile

  • Hi,

    welcome to the site Smile

    What camera, lens, and shutter speed are you using?


  • Clean up to ISO25600

  • Quote:GH5 s hands-on review here

    Any idea what min ISO is when using Vlog 2 profile?

    ISO200 in Low Dual Native ISO setting (or Auto)
    ISO800 in High Dual Native ISO setting
  • Hi mkgeorge,

    Unfortunately, we do not have the LW/PH figures for our old reviews.

    However, all of our new lens reviews show the LW/PH figures, plus the text describes the sharpness as "Excellent, Good, Fair" etc. So that it is possible to know how a lens performs, and these can be used as a guide in comparison.

    In regards to directly comparing one lens review to another, when using LW/PH figures, you will need to bear in mind that this is only possible when the lens has been tested using the same camera (eg both lenses tested on a Fujifilm X-T2) or same family of camera sensor (ie Fujifilm X-T2 and X-Pro2).

    With the MTF figures, it lets you know the performance of a lens and camera system, so for example, when testing on a higher resolution camera you should be able to see how much additional resolution you can get compared to a lower resolution camera system.

    Hope this helps,
  • If you could get exactly the same features in a Mirrorless camera, as you got in a DSLR (and vice versa), but the mirrorless camera was smaller, and had an EVF, which would you choose, and why?

  • It's around $1950* (US Dollars), and uses a number of smartphone camera units (16 in total):


    * The price seems to have gone up!

  • Light has released a number of sample photos taken with the Light L16 here:



    High-res at the bottom of this page:

    Light say the L16 is designed to give DSLR image quality. What do you think of the sample photos so far?
  • Print quality is average, and doesn't match the quality (or contrast) that you get with Instax film. It also doesn't help that it's been used with basically rubbish cameras:



    The instax printers produce better results.

    As Zink has the ink built in to the paper, I imaging, as Phil has said, that producing larger sizes of paper would be expensive, and inefficient, imaging an A4 piece of paper filled with ink, just in case you wanted to use it, vs, an A4 piece of paper that uses just the ink that it actually needs.
  • Is Lens Modulation switched on or off?
    Are you shooting raw, raw+JPEG, or JPEG?
    Have you tried resetting the camera settings?

    Also, it could be worth checking the contacts are clean on the camera body and lenses.
  • So who uses Lightroom, and if you do, what version?

    Adobe announced that Lightroom is moving to a subscription service:
    https://www.ephotozine.com/article/lightroom-is-now-completely-subscription-based-but--includes-new-tools---better-speed-31537 ( read our review here )

    At roughly 10 a month (it also includes Photoshop CC).
    If you're on the subscription, you now get a choice to install Lightroom CC (Cloud):

    The previous version, Lightroom 6 is available for around 110 as a one off fee.

    So what do you think? Will you continue to use Lightroom 6, or switch to the subscription service?

    If you do use Lightroom 6 - Adobe say updates for this will stop at the end of 2017! Sad

    Edit: Adobe have answered some questions on the new software here:

  • Quote:Can a search field be added so you can search either by brand or by equipment type - ie lens/flash/camera/ etc?

    You can find the price tracking information for any product, using the normal site search. Then on the left as long as it's come up with a result from the Equipment Database, just click "Check Prices" and you'll get price tracking information for that product, eg:


    We'll be developing this feature further, so that browsing by category will be possible.