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  • Nokia 2720 Flip - It's like an old skool mashup

    It's like a "dumbphone" for people who still want to be able to access some of the features available through the internet, like Facebook, Whatsapp, and maybe even some light Google Maps (not that it does live guided driving directions). But it's a...0


    13 Dec 2019 3:58PM  |  Read


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  • Contax i4r - Classic Digital Camera

    The Contax i4r was a "designer" or "boutique" digital camera, announced, and released 15 years ago in 2004, a unique looking digital camera, perhaps the most beautiful digital camera ever released? From Kyocera, it looks more like a perfume bottle ...0


    10 May 2019 5:01PM  |  Read


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  • Retro digital camera - the Pentax MX-1

    If you've seen / read any of my previous blogs on here, you may have noticed I like old cameras, including old digital cameras, and retro cameras and lenses. The Pentax MX-1 is a new-ish "serious" compact camera, and features brass top and bottom pla...0


    26 Sep 2014 12:14PM  |  Read


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  • 50mm f/1.4 Olympus Lens

    The Olympus OM G.Zuiko lenses are quite compact (like this 50mm f/1.4) and fit pretty well on Olympus OM-D cameras like the E-M5 :) Bokeh is nice, and the lens can be very sharp when stopped down: You can also get some interesting effects...0


    14 Aug 2014 9:49PM  |  Read


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  • Nikon D810 at The Open

    Well, today was spent at the Open Championship with Nikon and the new D810... here are some shots of some of the people I saw today (most of these have been cropped): John Barnes: Sir Nick Faldo, who didn't seem to do very well Tiger Wo...0


    17 Jul 2014 6:28PM  |  Read


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  • Gone retro again... Sony Cyber-shot R1

    The announcement of the new Sony Cybershot RX10* this week piqued my interest in the Sony Cybershot R1 again... and I went and bought one from that auction site, it arrived promptly and works very well, for a 2005 digital camera. For those that d...0


    19 Oct 2013 10:10PM  |  Read


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  • Fujifilm X10 - Graffiti, Sheffield

    There's some seriously impressive street art in Sheffield, and I just happened to drive down a street and spot this, so I thought I'd got for a little explore. I had the Fujifilm X10 with me at the time, and I'm impressed by the colours captured ...0


    7 Aug 2013 11:57AM  |  Read


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  • Some more from Scotland

    Straight from the camera - the rather awesome Nikon D7100 - I liked the shadows on this one, but it's a little "cooler" in colour than I remember. And these were pretty cool - I've no idea what they are, the look like fungus / mushroom, but we...0


    2 Apr 2013 1:43PM  |  Read


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  • RAW vs JPEG

    Took the Olympus E-1 out today, with the Industar 50/2 (50mm, f/3.5) lens with me today, I chose that lens because it made the camera fit neatly into a smaller bag. I also took another old m42 lens with me, but didn't use it in the end. The light was...0


    27 Jan 2013 10:47PM  |  Read


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  • Experimentations in Infrared Photography

    I recently picked up an Infrared converted Canon Powershot G5 - it's a bit tempramental - but for 10 I'm not complaining. I've been using some guides on the internet, but there seems to be no "right" way of converting the infrared photos (and ab...0


    24 Jan 2013 11:43PM  |  Read


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  • Travelling

    A quick snap through a taxi window of Cologne cathedral.0


    24 Sep 2012 2:35PM  |  Read


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  • Photokina 2012...

    I'm at Photokina 2012, as you may have noticed on the site ;) See: and in the forums here:


    19 Sep 2012 7:48PM  |  Read


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  • Old lens OM-D macro...

    Recently I've been trying some of my old Olympus OM and M42 lenses on my Olympus OM-D E-M5 with adapter(s), and a combination of Micro Four Thirds to OM, and OM to M42 adapter has resulted in a slight extension tube effect, giving me some extra m...0


    20 Aug 2012 5:00PM  |  Read


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  • Vignette Correction

    There's probably a quicker way to do this, but in Corel Paint Shop Pro X4, there's a vignette filter that lets you add vignette, either dark or light, so it can be used to correct signs of vignetting in photos. I used it to alter this image: to try a...0


    29 Nov 2011 3:42PM  |  Read


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  • I'm not sure about this picture...

    It took quite a lot of Photoshop to turn it into this. But the subject was quite unique so I felt I had to try something with it.0


    1 Jul 2011 11:18PM  |  Read


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