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danbrann 17 640 17
12 Feb 2007 9:20AM
An interesting technique.
Kim Walton 18 145 30 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 9:23AM
I think the effect makes a good image into a very good one.
LauraBeans 15 32 Scotland
12 Feb 2007 9:24AM
very interesting shot! Like it.

owp 16 168
12 Feb 2007 9:26AM
. . . excellant! . . a very effective and striking image!

12 Feb 2007 9:28AM
You've achieved a fantasic effect and a great perspective
dven Plus
16 43 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 9:29AM
An amazing image,

debster 17 693 3 England
12 Feb 2007 9:32AM
A stunning piece of work Jouko....please share your secret???

TonyA 16 11 Spain
12 Feb 2007 9:39AM
That is quite a peculiar image with an interesting effect. How did you do it Jolly?.

danmclean 15 1 Australia
12 Feb 2007 9:47AM
Great work,, you have made it into stunning shot... Very well done indeed.
AngelaR 16 155 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 9:49AM
Superb shot with an interesting technique. Thanks too for the link about the church - is the small one at the front the 1950s one they talk about?
dark_lord Plus
17 2.8k 784 England
12 Feb 2007 9:52AM
Dramatic stuff. A very appealing image, it looks more like a drawing illustration in a fairy tale book. A very well done piece of work.
JouŠo 17 56 Finland
12 Feb 2007 9:55AM
Thanks folks...

Much appreciated...

AlanBW 15 20 England
12 Feb 2007 9:59AM
A stunning image with a great lead-in, superb treatment
JouŠo 17 56 Finland
12 Feb 2007 10:01AM
Debs: NO secrecy...I notized afterwards, that I forgot to turn the ND grad filter, when taking this shot, so right side of the image is darker...then I made some "weird" arrangement in PhotoMatix Pro software...

JouŠo 17 56 Finland
12 Feb 2007 10:02AM
Antonio: See above comment...Thanks,,,,,

JouŠo 17 56 Finland
12 Feb 2007 10:05AM
Angela: No, that is a bell tower...they have biult the winter church to the other side of this a lengthening-piece to the main biulding...I´m not sure if that is the right word for it...

IanFlindt 17 740 21 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 10:22AM
Jouko doing a little HDR - I never thought I'd see the day! A very appealing piece of art work, Jouko.
Hanners 15 875 10 Ireland
12 Feb 2007 10:28AM
....and still going strong after 160 years. Great work here Jouko, I think you've done the church some wonderful justice.

martinw 16 251 England
12 Feb 2007 10:48AM
Certainly is different, but it works a treat.
12 Feb 2007 11:25AM
WOW, Jouko, you weren't kidding, this is something different.....You've captured and created a Gorgeous image!
I would think Kerimäki Church would want to purchase this.....Smile

F11 is pretty much it......Awesome!!

Hope you're feeling all better now, you take care and Lotsa Haleja's,
Suzan Smile
12 Feb 2007 11:37AM
12 Feb 2007 11:44AM
Excellent and interesting. Nice to see something different too...
didgpix 14
12 Feb 2007 12:04PM
Stunning image, very interesting, making me feel dizzy but I love it.
franken Plus
19 5.3k 4 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 12:08PM
Brilliant! Superb work.

terry_cavner 16 332 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 12:12PM
Great Work....and a Well Deserved RC
12 Feb 2007 12:24PM
Different to your normal images and very interesting. really like this one.

mickf1 15 2 England
12 Feb 2007 12:46PM
Brilliant effect, well worked, I like this a lot.
Stewy 14 103 2 England
12 Feb 2007 1:10PM
Certainly different to your usual style but equally as good.

Chant57 Plus
15 395 3 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 1:12PM
this looks like an illustration for a book, a superb amount of detail and a dramatic image. Very different for you Jouko, but the usual high standard.
JouŠo 17 56 Finland
12 Feb 2007 1:31PM
Back home again.....

Thanks folks! Your comments are highly appreciated.........

JouŠo 17 56 Finland
12 Feb 2007 1:41PM
Ian: LOL...You never know what next???

conrad 17 10.9k 116
12 Feb 2007 1:47PM
Hey, great to see a little more of your country than just lakes. And what an interesting take on this view. I like it!

12 Feb 2007 1:48PM
I love the contrast between the sky and church.

JouŠo 17 56 Finland
12 Feb 2007 1:48PM
Suzan: LOL...You are way too funny : ))

Purchase??? NEVER heard that world before, when talking about MY shots! LOL...........

You must have ment PURRRchase or something else cat people thing ; )
Atshii! ; )

Lots of h & k...................

Maiwand 14 3 73 England
12 Feb 2007 2:19PM
An incredible image.
MikeA 16 1.3k England
12 Feb 2007 2:35PM
Certainly is a departure Jouko, great treatment, await some more of the same.

pmorgan 14 217 13 England
12 Feb 2007 3:33PM
Didn't have this down as one of yours Jouko, very different for you, but equally as excellent!

12 Feb 2007 3:36PM
Really fantastic digitally work!
Very atmospheric and beautiful composition.
Like a lot Smile
Great work Jouko

Maddie 16 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 3:37PM
looks great Jouko, i would be well chuffed with this.
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
12 Feb 2007 3:44PM
Certainly is very well
12 Feb 2007 3:51PM
No, I'm thinkin' I do not have a speech impediment....Except when I pronounce Jouko, it comes out....Jookooo...LOL!

Just kidding, but I was serious for once.....You should take this in and pop the important question.....?

Stay Warm and Fuzzy.....Suze Smile
15 13 1 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 4:18PM
Wow, hits you like a truck! Nice one Jo!
JouŠo 17 56 Finland
12 Feb 2007 4:21PM
Suzan: LOL.....????????

Me not understand now?? Pop pop?? Pop what?? LOL...

AND I ment WORD not WORLD! Damn, this English of mine! One letter and it means completely different thing! Think it´s because of this flu confusing me...LOL...

You SERIOUS! What the he¤# is that WORD!???

HDR is a small step for me..........but etc...LOL

Jookoo ; )
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
12 Feb 2007 4:41PM
LOL Jouko, a side grad! This effect makes it look even colder. How cold was it here at this time? I did make it to Big Sur and got a few nice ones. But not Sat. night or Sunday morning. It rained hard both times and cleared up just a little too late. But last night I finally god some good clouds and light. Though my shot today is from a previous trip last month.


12 Feb 2007 4:47PM
OK Jookoo...LOL!!!!!

I will type slowly so you can understand..............

POP this question......"Will You Buy This Print"?

LOL......You need to lay off the meds for a day or so.....LOL!!!

Take it easy and get some rest.....hehe!

Me Smile
12 Feb 2007 4:59PM
outstanding...this has a new classic look....great manipulation...

JouŠo 17 56 Finland
12 Feb 2007 5:00PM
Hey YOU! Sloooooooooooooooowly does it... ; )

"Will You Buy This Print"??? LOL...

Think I´ll take an Alka-Seltzer or two...LOL...

JouŠo 17 56 Finland
12 Feb 2007 5:03PM
Patrick: Those are same boooooooooring clouds as HERE , but taken one hour earlier...Only -12 C when taking this....

rikewoo 18 347 1 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 5:10PM
Excellent digital work, Jouko. Looks almost like a lithographic engraving. Beautiful photo.

dazzaman 15 631 England
12 Feb 2007 5:20PM
i love this one
iy looks surreal

12 Feb 2007 5:28PM

I am so glad you caught on.....Hey, I can hear the bubblies from here.......
(I am typing slow now......When I say Bubbies, I mean Alka Seltzer), Just in case you thought I meant Champagne...LOL!!

I am off to sleep...U take care and don't drink too much of the bubbly stuff, ya lush!

Me Smile
chase Plus
16 2.2k 582 England
12 Feb 2007 6:03PM
Wow,this is certaily a deviation from your usual images Jouko,so very different & so very appealing..I agree,go ask them if they would like to make a purchase of this one!
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
12 Feb 2007 6:04PM
Boring? There are better than our clouds most of the time! I hope we get more clouds before the dry season starts in April. I have to build up my stockpike of shots (with clouds in them) to last me through the EPZ summer!

shortski 15 3 1 England
12 Feb 2007 6:18PM
gorgeous, a change from your glorious sky's and landscapes, love the light and colour in this...jojo
phototime 15 8 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 6:27PM
Wow! Fantastic work here,beautiful colours and lovely light,wonderful shot.

ColouredImages 17 47 35 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 6:48PM
That's one hell of a good movement away from the usual "Jolli" shot. Love it Jouko, very dramatic indeed
colin 17 697 5 Scotland
12 Feb 2007 7:09PM
Wow! This one jumps out, slaps you on the face and then screams - LOOK AT ME!!!
Very dramatic, Jouko.
kinfatric 17 550 9 Scotland
12 Feb 2007 7:21PM
good work Jouko
Malc_V 15 England
12 Feb 2007 7:32PM
Brilliant, very effective. Great perspective.

Nice one.

Wooooooo !!! This is art Jouko.
Buffalo_Tom Plus
15 2.3k 21 Wales
12 Feb 2007 8:28PM
Expertly done Jouko,you have a great talent.
Derek3755 14 4 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 8:33PM
Very Nice! I Like your creative touch!
Nigel_95 Plus
15 262 2 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 8:34PM
Impressive buildings Jouko, and interesting grad use! It seems an offshoot of some HDR images is that they appear 3D. This one certainly does.

GillyB 16 317 8 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 9:26PM
Lovely image Jouko!

G73photography 15 417 15 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 9:29PM
very effective and eye catching, G
alyismad 15 9 Wales
12 Feb 2007 10:01PM
Brilliant effect must be one of the best I have seen this is Wow

gajewski 17 10 9 United States
12 Feb 2007 10:01PM
This is a great composition with a very interesting effect applied. AND -- I love the clouds. -=Walter
12 Feb 2007 10:04PM
Very eye catching, almost like a painting. I like the style.
Nick-T 15 45 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 10:59PM
Fantastic, treatment. Looks great!!
Snapper_T 17 867 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2007 11:18PM
Interesting treatment Jouko. Strong perspective.

uggyy 15 2.1k 9 Scotland
13 Feb 2007 12:41AM
Nice one, taken the tone map to the extreme but suits the subject spot on...

13 Feb 2007 1:47AM
Excellent Jouko. Photomatix?

wamp 15 276 8 England
13 Feb 2007 7:33AM
Nice shot with loads of impact

thorn 17 124 2 Scotland
13 Feb 2007 6:24PM
Hi Jouko,
This church is so beautiful,i think its amazingly made and the information with it is brilliant thankyou for the info.
Genius shot.
catcha in the next one my friend,AnnSmile
JouŠo 17 56 Finland
13 Feb 2007 6:31PM
Thank you VERY MUCH!!

JouŠo 17 56 Finland
13 Feb 2007 6:40PM
Colin: Thanks! Your HDR is much better!

glazzaro 16 70 23 United States
13 Feb 2007 8:00PM
Wow, this is excellent, great shot and good digital skills! Spot on! Click!!!

ESP 15 26 England
13 Feb 2007 8:31PM
As the 99th person ..I would just like to agree with all the above......

You're just wonderfully talented !!

anthhope 15 1 England
13 Feb 2007 9:12PM
Joline Plus
15 37 59 United States
14 Feb 2007 12:30PM
This is fantastic....whatever you did with it, it worked!!!!
GregorP 16 4 Slovenia
14 Feb 2007 10:10PM
Stunning shot and work! Love it !!!

davidbailie 18 457 7 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2007 4:29PM
Great Graphic feel

Sezz 16 619 15 England
15 Feb 2007 11:26PM
Great feel to this one Jouko!

Sez Smile
VintageRed 15 15 1 United Kingdom
16 Feb 2007 8:25PM
Very dynamic. Great result.
sputnki 17 10 Canada
16 Feb 2007 11:47PM
Lovely job you've done here. I like the accidental nature too. Had the ND grad sideways, sounds like something I'd do!

hayleyk 16 56 England
19 Feb 2007 10:13PM
Lovely treatment Jouko.

20 Feb 2007 11:34AM
Very surprised, I saw this church recently in fact my first trip to meet my future in laws. Wonderful work curious how you manipulated the sky.
Tosi Hyvaa
TommyStr 15 9 3 Norway
1 Mar 2007 5:57AM
Fab ...

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