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Being taking photographs as a hobby 3 years now. Love it!
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  • The Student by joycetalks

    Thanks for all comments...I have learnt a lot tussling with this shoot. Will include camera setting for my next one. Going to Scotland for some landscapes...interesting!
    • 8 Mar 2015 7:53PM
  • Pollution by olamii97

    The leading lines are strong. The colour is deep and eye catching. I do agree that your title would be really fitting if there was another addition to emphasise the effects of the pollution. The dead mouse idea is perfect! Well done is a really great image.
    • 6 Mar 2015 6:38AM
  • The Museum by joycetalks

    Thank you all. The mod does look sharper Banehawi, especially on the beams and balcony detail.
    • 18 Jan 2015 5:15AM
  • the Bengal by StevenFenton

    Now here is a cat with attitude! The background mirroring the colour of the cat is unusual, I really like it. This one gets my vote for the day!
    • 17 Jan 2015 4:45PM
  • Cutie by KatieMariePhotos

    I wanted to vote on this one! I think the colour of the dog against the blues of the rug is just terrific! I would take out the ball on the right and that pink square and have him framed around in black. The expression on the dog's face is great, he is just looking up to check out if that is a biscuit he going to get!
    • 17 Jan 2015 4:33PM
  • Metal Lady by joycetalks

    Thank you all for your comments
    • 17 Jan 2015 4:28PM
  • Big eyes by Malfun

    Nice cat shot. I agree about the catchlights. Can't quite make my mind up if the cat is looking directly at the viewer? Looks like it is looking slightly to the side.
    • 17 Jan 2015 4:25PM
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