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Before the Big Bang
There are so many galaxies in the sky and the nebula, stars, black holes, dark matter, planets, asteroids. Our universe is about the time, space and matter. Everything is the product of Big Bang. What happened to cause the Big Bang? There are 11 dimensions. One opinion is that our universe is the outcome of the collision between two parallel universes moving into the 11th dimension. Nearly 13.7 billion years ago big bang occurred and that was the birth of our universe. Was there something like brains or membranes? This is the video from BBC explaining by looking back in to the time about the things happened before the big bang. The big bang, parallel universes and the creation of time, space and matter.
What happened before big bang? Why this big bang occurred? What is time and space? Which are the 11 dimensions? Who live into the parallel universes? We are in search of answers to all of these questions.
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10 dimensions
So what are the other 10 dimensions? Yesterday I found video explaining about the first 10 dimensions in a very simple manner. The first three dimensions are x, y and z and the fourth dimension is time. These first 4 dimensions are very simple to understand. The next 6 dimensions are little bit difficult to understand. Watching this video is the simplest way to understand about the 10 dimensions. Imagining the tenth dimension is the video within 2 parts. With the help of graphics 10 dimensions are explained very well. This will help us to know more about the 10 dimensions. Let's have a look.
Who lives in the eleventh dimension?
And now there is an 11th dimension. So who lives in this 11th dimension? The theory of the parallel universes is really intrusting and exciting. The string theory, M-theory now explaining our universe which is beyond our imagination. This is the documentary from the BBC World about the 11th dimension. This documentary may help you to know more.


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