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Hi I am Judith.

I like nature photography.

I wish to make people aware of the beauty that nature hides, sometimes in a simple small flower. We are living on such an amazing our planet and lots of the wonders of nature is overshadowed by a technology crazed society.

Nature has a way of grounding us as and making us aware of what is really important in life. A tiny insect captured though the lense of a camera reveals not only astounding beauty, but uniqueness that makes it just right for its spesific environment and task. Surely only God could have created such extraordinary things.

I would appreciate feedback and tips.
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  • Storm Cloud over Magheroarty, Co. Donegal Ireland

    • 26 Jun 2013 5:55PM
  • this is no laughing matter

    LOL haha yes luckily I had a good zoom...
    • 11 May 2013 8:46PM
  • African Sunset behind hair

    Thanks and this photo was taken in the Caprivi
    • 9 May 2013 8:59PM
  • A religious devotee...2

    very nice
    • 9 May 2013 3:52PM
  • Diagnostic problems

    • 3 May 2013 3:51PM
  • Weird beautiful flower

    Thanks (: I don't have any idea what kind of flower it is!
    • 21 Apr 2013 9:00AM
  • Open up wide

    Thanks a lot (:
    • 19 Apr 2013 2:08PM
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  • thanks for commenting on my photo! nice gallery
  • nice photos! thanks for commenting on mine
    • Posted on Chinga's profile
    • 5 May 2013 4:35PM
  • Nice photos thanks for commenting on mineGrin
  • thanks for commenting on my photo (: I love your photos!
  • Nice photos and thanks for commenting on mine!
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    • 28 Mar 2013 9:32AM
  • Nice photos
  • nice photos!
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